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RJ's Corner





6-15-12 I think I need a new secretary. I keep coming up with positively brilliant thoughts that never seem to make it to my blog. For instance, I think it would be a nice idea to change my feeding schedule. The current paltry plan I’m on (that can barely keep me at a substance level of nutrition) goes something like this:


Breakfast (Dry and moist dog food mixed with Boars Head turkey breast)

Breakfast #2 (Whatever I can beg from Mommy while she eats her breakfast)

Breakfast #3 (The treat I get for pooping outside in the morning)

Lunch (Mommy will feed me whatever she’s having throughout her lunch)

Treat (A dental bone)

Appetizers (California celery, artisan carrots, Rembrandt cheese, turkey breast)

Dinner (Dry and moist dog food mixed with Boars Head turkey breast)

Dinner #2 (Grilled Rack of Lamb bites, BBQ’s Rib Eye pieces, Rotisserie Chicken – whatever Mommy & Daddy are having for dinner)

Desert (a treat for going poo poo outside)


The new schedule could go something like this:


Feed me non-stop all day long, and no complaining about it!


Sounds reasonable to me….


4/24/12  Well, my personal assistant, Mommy, got a little worried about my considering other candidates for her job, so she finally decided to update my column and share a few of my latest adventures.  The trip to Long Island and New York City was aA Bootie BLAST!  So much to see, and sniff.  I’ve been to Long Island once before, but this time I got to spend a whole afternoon touring in Planting Fields Arboretum and  a beautiful old Mansion, the former estate of William Robertson Coe and Standard Oil heiress, Mai Rogers Coe.  409 beautiful acres; part of the GREAT GATSBY ERA!!  I LOVE Scottsdale, but I think that I could fit right in at that Mansion; my British ancestors would certainly approve!!   


In New York City we stayed at the Lowes Hotel right on Park Ave.  Mommy and Daddy got me a BEAUTIFUL SUITE.  As a Rock Star, I’ve come to expect luxury when I travel.  We did a lot of walking around the City, and spent time visiting the MOMA, (Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art)   I am happy that I went, so I could “Round Out” my art knowledge, but I do prefer walking thru the Scottsdale Galleries to get my Art fix.


Oh Yeah!  Almost forgot to mention that the BIG Attraction on Long Island was meeting Chloe.  She is Laura’s four month old adorable baby girl!    Laura was my first LOVE as she helped Mommy get me trained when I first came to live with her when I was only 4months old.  Sooooo…Laura practiced on me and I sure turned out Great; so will Chloe when she stops crying….


Since I have been home from my trip I have been hitting lots of shopping boutiques with Mommy.  Of course, I still love Kierland, and all the places where “everybody knows my name,” like Tommy Bahamas  and The Black House White Market, but my new favorite is Diva Devine.  This little Boutique is located right at Scottsdale Road and Pinnacle Peak, next to Safeway.  It has adorable clothes, and costume jewelry which Mommy LOVES, but most important of all the people who own the store have TWO ADORABLE YORKIES!  Their names are Coco and Gucci and they are both in LOVE WITH ME!!  We have such fun running the store while Mommy shops.  What a Great discovery  …


Well, It is time for dinner…I really have to go .  Mommy promises to do better next month and write MUCH MORE


Kisses to all!!!




4-18-12 It doesn’t appear that my social secretary, Mommy, is performing her required duties. I mean, how long has it been since she updated my page? It’s not like I don’t dictate content to her almost daily, whether it be about that rotten cat Bootie….OK he’s really not a rotten cat, but if I say too many nice things about a CAT I’ll have my membership in the TOP 10 Yorkies In The World revoked faster than Bootie dives under the bed when the door bell rings!

So, unless Mommy Gets On the Stick I’ll have to replace her. Won’t be hard. I get quite a few resumes each day from Highly Qualified girls applying for the job!


A few weeks ago I flew (first class, natch) to New York City on vacation. I sat on Mommy’s lap the whole way there and back. Not a single bark escaped my lips, though if I didn’t have such good breeding I’d have let the gate attendant that questions my Service Dog credentials have a little nib on the butt. She was positively rude and condescending, quoting requirements that applied to therapy dogs and not to Service Dogs! Next time I’m traveling with a copy of US Airways own regs, downloaded from their website, in my case! Anyway, the trip was great and I even got to eat at a restaurant on the Hudson River and took a boat cruise to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather, RJ the 1st, landed after traveling from England many years ago… More on the trip later, if Mommy gets with the program!

10/27/2011    Well, it sure has been a long time since you have heard from me.  I have been very busy, and must apologize to all my fans for not updating you on all the doggie happenings. Sooo…where should I start? 


I spent some time in August honing my therapy dog skills.  Mommy had some surgery and I was by her side every day in the hospital and during the weeks she was recovering at home. She is all better now, and I know I really helped cure her with the power of DOGGIE KISSES.


More recently, I have been making my rounds at some of my very favorite spots.  Fashion Square, Kierland, and Sherry’s Boutique in Ashler Hills.  Mommy has been shopping for some new fall clothes and I have a very good eye for picking out the latest fashions.  Well actually, I spend my time greeting anyone who crosses my path and spreading joy to all that come by to pet me.  Of course, most of these stops include a dining experience.  In the past few weeks I returned to two of my favorite restaurants, Tommy Bahamas and Modern Steak, Great spots for a Doggielicious lunch.   While I’m on the subject of restaurants, I must mention one new favorite, JJ’s Deli, in the Safeway shopping centre at the corner of Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Road.  Great Pastrami sandwiches and outstanding grilled cheese.  There is a patio that is very pet friendly; my Yorkie buddy, Zack and I had a nice play date there recently.  Keep it in mind for Breakfast or Lunch.  


Almost forgot to mention that I just got back from a week in San Diego.  We stayed at our favorite resort, The Grand Del Mar.  If you haven’t heard of this place you need to check it out on the web.  Looks like a Tuscan Villa. One of the highlights of our trip was a tour of 6 amazing homes on Coronado Island.   It cost $25.00 per person and the proceeds went to Power Paws of Coronado.  At one of the homes we got to meet the author of a book called THE PRIVLEDGED POOCH, LUXURY TRAVEL WITH YOUR PET IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.  Since I am all for luxury, I encouraged Mommy to buy the book and check out all the spots.   The author, Maggie Espinosa and “co-author” Marcel, her doggie companion personally autographed our copy of the book; what a treasure.   By the way, The Grand Del Mar is the very first resort listed….Of Course!


I think that most of you know that I am a member of a wonderful Pet Therapy organization called Pets on Wheels.  Our mission is to visit nursing homes and hospitals throughout Scottsdale and Fountain Hills and bring the power of kisses and healing to all who see us.   By the way, they do welcome Cats into this program, but most of them are not social enough to do this.  My buddy Bootie runs under the bed when the doorbell rings, so don’t ask him to get out in the real world and visit strangers…he really is a scardy cat!  This is the beginning of a very busy season for Pets on Wheels with lots of events.  Last weekend was the Blessing of the animals which took place at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Paradise Valley. In addition to the Blessings, there were lots of pet adoptions and vendors.  Mommy, Daddy and I were recruiters at the Pets on Weels table, and I am sure that we will have several new members thru our efforts.


Upcoming events that include Pets on Wheels  ………


This Saturday October 29th Cave Creek Wicked.  Pet activity area, Pet costume parade, Chili cook off and other activities for kids, adults and Doggies.  www.cavecreekwicked.com


November  12th Macy’s shop for a cause day.  Tickets are $10.00 and are immediately redeemable for $10.00 off on any purchase of 25.00 or more.  Proceeds go to Pets on Wheels.  RJ and Mommy will be greeting folks on Saturday afternoon so come out and join us.


December 3rd Holiday Pet Fair, West World Scottsdale….More to come on this event!


OK….That is it for now. I think its time for some treats and if I can find that sleepy cat, Bootie perhaps I can give him a head butt!


Promise to write again soon


Kisses to all…RJ


 7/20/11  It’s time for an update from RJ….Daddy read me a VERY Interesting article that was in this week’s Arizona Republic, it was called “Dog’s Sense.”  We all know that Doggies have a SUPERIOR sense of smell; far better than any Kitty, but even I did not realize how amazing we doggies are!  Think about this, people have 65 square inches of nasal membranes, while dogs have 900 square inches. A person has about 5 million nasal receptors. I have about 225 million! Now, when a dog marks, it isn’t just to do pee pee.  Dogs have anal glands that release a distinctive scent.  When another dog sniffs the marking spot it can determine the other dog’s sex, age, status, whether it’s neutered or not and even its mood. A dog’s scent is like fingerprints; no two are alike. We can even determine another Doggie’s mood, and we can determine your mood! It’s true! And yes, we can distinguish the scents of individual doggies! A dogs scent is like fingerprints, no two are alike. And the really amazing thing is that all those scent messages go to different parts of the brain, where they are stored for life! 


So who do you think is BEST suited to distinguish scents and flavors when it comes to food me or Bootie? Perhaps  Bootie Foodie should be renamed DOGGIE DINING!


It’s time for dinner and I smell rack of lamb.  Gotta go!


Kisses to all


 7/11/11  Hi RJ fans!  Today’s date is kind of special; some “lucky” numbers.  If you like to gamble, perhaps you might want to make a quick visit to a Casino…7/11/11 sounds like some good numbers for roulette!   Speaking of casinos, last weekend Mommy and Daddy made a trip to Las Vegas…without me!  I told them that I am WELCOME EVERYWHERE, but Daddy said that Vegas is not for “kids” or little Doggies so I didn’t get to go on the trip….Too bad for them, because everyone says I am a “LUCKY DOGGIE” which means that I  probably would have won lots of money….While they were on the trip I got to stay with one of my favorite people, Kim.  She took me to her house and I got to spend time with her VERY BIG KITTY named Dupree. Bootie didn’t get to go to Kim’s house.  He is not very social, especially with other Cats…Not sure what his problem is! 


This past weekend was pretty busy.  As most of you know we had a BIG DUST STORM here in Phoenix, somebody called it a funny name like Haboob?  It got th cars very dusty so I helped Daddy out by going to the carwash with him.  As usual I made lots of friends on the trip.  After that it was back to Kierland for a visit to the Black & White store.  They really missed seeing me (and Mommy of course) as we hadn’t been there in several weeks….


Not too much going on today.  Maybe I need to get to the casino before 7/11 is over!


Stay Cool!   Kisses



 6/26/11   Happy Sunday!  It is HOT out there; too hot for little doggies and for my delicate paws, so I am not planning on doing too much in the way of outdoor activities.  Perhaps I will do a little floating on the pool raft; treats are usually served on the raft so it is kind of like a mini CRUISE.


Last weekend I had a really cool adventure. I spent the weekend in Sedona with Mommy and Daddy.  We stayed at a resort called Poco Diablo.( Little Devil…When I was a younger doggie a few people called me that)  Our room overlooked the golf course, so I had plenty of lovely grass for roaming.  The views from the restaurant where we had breakfast were “BOOTIEFUL”, green grass and Red Rock Mountains!  Sedona is a Mecca for artists and there are lots of art galleries.  It seems to me that Mommy and Daddy felt it was important to see ALL of them.  I have been trolling the galleries with them since I was a puppy, and I do appreciate the art, but I REALLY LIKE ALL THE ATTENTION I GET.  Everywhere we went I heard, ”OH HOW CUTE’  which of course was for me, not the ART.  Mommy and Daddy finally found a glass object of some sort that they had to have; they are in love with it.  I was hoping to find a Doggie Store, but we didn’t, so no new toy to commemorate my trip!.


Of course no trip would be complete without some Doggielicious meals and we had several.  First was lunch at a favorite spot of mine, The Secret Garden at Tlaquepaque.  The patio has lots of pretty flowers and the food is perfect for BOOTIE FOODIES.  Bootie, no doubt will write about it sometime soon.  The Other restaurant I got to enjoy was Ken’s Creekside Café.  Mommy and Daddy went there for Dinner on Saturday night, while I was resting from my big shopping afternoon.  Mommy had the MOST DOGGIELICIOUS short ribs, I know first hand (paw) how good they were because they brought me back a nice tender portion of them for a treat.  The restaurant was so good we all went there for lunch the following day and dined on the outdoor deck overlooking the trees and mountains.  What a spot.  By the way Ken’s is friendly to all doggies…even has a K-9 menu. Tell your friends!  


Well, I have to get busy on the rest of the day.  Think I will find Bootie and give him a friendly head butt!!


Kisses  RJ



6-16-11 Hi RJ fans! It’s time for another update on the adventures of RJ. First a comment about my buddy Bootie. I’m sure that you read all about how he killed and then ATE a fly. Now, of course we were all very happy to be rid of that disgusting bug, but think about this, how can he call himself a FOODIE if he EATS BUGS? 


In case you are wondering, my knee has healed and I’m back to chasing Bootie and running on all fours. Mommy did get me some very nice steps to help me get on and off the bed, and I’m finally listening to her wishes and Not jumping off the bed  (Well most of the time)


I have had a busy month of dining, shopping, and picking out new toys. A few weeks ago Mommy and Daddy took me to Scottsdale Quarter. In case you don’t know that is a group of restaurants and shops just across the street from my VERY FAVORITE place, Kierland.  We had fun walking around by the square and the fountains and the best part the nice GREEN GRASS.  We had lunch on the patio at Parc Central. Mommy gave me some of her grilled cheese..DOGIELICIOUS! I also got to return to one of my Very favorite spots, Tommy Bahamas.  This time we ate upstairs in the dining room. Since I am such a good service dog I’m welcome at all fine dining establishments.  (Kind of like the AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD) The waitress was sooo happy to see me that she brought me my own plate of chicken tidbits!


Last Saturday, I went to Fashion Square and ate at the very trendy MODERN STEAK….They had a luncheon special on HOT DOGS  (FRANKFUTERS is the term I prefer). This past Tuesday I had a lunch/ play date with my good Yorkie buddy, Zack. We went with his Mom, Julie to City North and had lunch at the Kona Grill.  Mommy had a Margarita Pizza that was way to big for her to finish, and as my buddy Bootie would say, “Bootielicious”


Hmmm…sounds like I’ve been doing quite a lot of dining this past month…I did have a weigh in and luckily. I am still a svelte 7lbs 15 oz, but I probably should cut back for a few days on my treats, or perhaps join Daddy on the Atkins Diet! Promise to write again soon..Kisses to all..


5-17-11 Guess it has been awhile since I have written to my fans in Bootieland.  It seems that the PussyCat has much more time on his paws then I do, so he writes about EVERY LITTLE THING that pops into his "LITTLE BRAIN" hoping that some of it will be interesting.  Well, who REALLY CARES what a PussyCat thinks??!  What does he really know about restaurants and travel and happenings in town?? He just sits in the house and sleeps, while I actually go out and experience first hand many of those adventures. So forgive me for not writing sooner, but I have been out on several adventures, gathering material to share with my readers.  SO...Here is the Yorkie Report on the happenings over the past month....    


OK, First I must set the record straight about an injury that I sustained in the "LINE OF DUTY" You will recall that last month we had visitors from Long Island staying at our home.  Well, just prior to their arrival I was helping Mommy in the bedroom when I heard a very loud noise at the other end of the house.   I quickly jumped off the bed to protect the homestead and injured my rear left knee.  The injury was very painful, but gradually with the help of medication and rest I am able to walk on all fours and even on occasion RUN on the bad leg.  Mommy and Daddy are taking great care to keep me from jumping, so they pick me up often. Bootie seems to think that I am doing this for EXTRA ATTENTION, but I know it is just to help me heal! (Jealous Kitty)


Well, despite my injury I had a wonderful time with our house guests, Andrea and Jon.  We all went on a road trip to San Diego and I was able to show them some of MY favorite places.  We had a couple of Doggielicious meals at the famous Del Coronado Hotel, and at my very favorite resort the GRAND DEL MAR. Also did a little sight seeing in La Jolla and Downtown San Diego.  It was a short visit , but I PROMISED that I would return again soon; perhaps in time to pick some winning horses during racing season!


After our trip to San Diego, Gram and Alex came to visit. Gram has always been a Cat Lover, but now that she has gotten to know an ADORABLE YORKIE (me, natch) I think that she has had a CONVERSION..YORKIES RULE Being a good host I made sure that we hit a couple of my favorite Scottsdale attractions....Kierland Commons  (especially the Black and White store) and the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)  If you haven't been there yet, you really must go.  Gram, played the Steinway Piano and it sounded so good the visitors at the museum thought she was doing a show...If only I could learn to play the piano!  


It is getting late...I need to head into the kitchen and check on the preparation of my dinner. Chicken.... MMMMM!!!  RUFF!  Promise to fill you in on more adventures soon...Kisses to all... 


4-18-11 Good afternoon RJ FANS!  Thought I would give you a quick report on my fun weekend.  Bootieland weather was purrfect...Too bad Bootie spent most of the weekend doing what he does best, SLEEPING...I was out walking and greeting my public.  Stopped in at Tommy Bahamas' and helped Daddy pick out a great new shirt.  Best of all, we dined on the patio, great burger, and lobster bisque.  I passed up the soup, but enjoyed several pieces of the burger, NO FRIES, since I am watching my weight!  Speaking of weight, you should see what that Kitty, Bootie has been eating lately!  He is chomping down on some new food, emptying his bowl ALMOST as fast as I do... Looks like the BOOTIE BELLY will be getting a bit bigger!


Mommy tells me that we will be having guests later this week. Cousins from Long Island will be visiting.  That means Party Time...I love people and Parties; extra treats and plenty of attention for me.  Just have to figure out how to keep Bootie away from cousin Andrea.  She is a Cat lover (has one of her own named Phoebe) I sure don't want her paying more attention to Bootie then me!  (By the way, Phoebe's photo is on Bootieweather under Bootie's other buddies..take a look...cute if you like cats!!)   


Guess I will be helping Mommy the next couple of days as we shop for our guests..I will fill you in on the fun...Kisses RJ

4-7-11 BOOTIE OUT!!  That is what I say (well BARK) when that Cat sticks his nose in where it doesn't belong...like the Master bedroom and RJ's Corner....He is not welcome in either place.  I will admit that I have been sleeping a bit more than usual, I am very sensitive to spring allergens and the allergy medication makes me tired...Perhaps Bootie needs to do a better job with his weather forecast and include ALLERGY ALERTS?!  When it comes to sleeping, however, Bootie is the WINNER...I am sure that he sleeps 23 hrs a day...


Things are slowly getting back to normal around here.  The family room construction is finally finished and I can now go back to my favorite spot on the back of the couch.  TV watching is much more fun on the BIG SCREEN...I need to check out ANIMAL PLANET..  Mommy's knee is getting better and soon we will be able to go for our rides in the car, and I will be out greeting my adoring public.  BootieWeather is predicting rain this weekend, but I hope we can still get some shopping in at Kierland...Just have to wait and see.    

Check out my corner again in a few days and hear about the weekend adventures.  Maybe I will even shop for more DOGGIE TREATS..Mommy says we are running a little low on my favorites, "Belly Rubs." Kisses to All....              


4-6-11 Hi! It's me, Bootie! I snuck into RJ's corner to see what's going on. A big fat nothing! That's because he spends all day and night sleeping! And if he isn't sleeping he's eating! See my place, Bootie Thoughts for a harrowing tale of what I was doing last night while he slept....hee hee!


3-24-11  Well, Here I am, back again....Bootie has been blabbing on and on  the past few weeks, but he is home all day long and has nothing better to do. 


First, let's get something straight I NEVER want to be a CAT!! I don't need to leap up on counters and window sills because I am very happy being civilized and sitting politely on a chair at the kitchen table or dining on a restaurant patio. That puts me in a position to clearly listen to the conversation, and to allow Mommy and Daddy and all my public to appreciate how adorable I am.  It also makes it much easier for them to share treats with me.  


My BIRTHDAY Party was a Great success....My friend Zack and his Mom came to visit, Zack brought treats and a new toy to add to my collection!   Later in the week the neighbor's dogs came by with more Birthday wishes and TREATS!  THEY WERE DOGGIELICIOUS!... 


Daddy and I took Mom to the Nail Salon a few days ago, of course I was a big hit there.  I would not be surprised if they asked me to do a photo shoot and perhaps become the Salon Mascot!  I will wait and see what kind of offers I get.  Through ALL this Bootie has been doing a fine job of SLEEPING and Pretending to Watch the Weather! Doggies RULE!!!    



3-13-11  It has been quite awhile, but I AM BACK!  For the past few weeks I have been very busy with some important therapy work.  Mommy had knee surgery and she needed me by her side at the hospital!  I was a big hit there.  Patients, nurses and doctors came from all over the floor to see me.  They couldn't wait to bring me meals on a special tray, although I must say the food was not up to my expectations...No roasted chicken, or prime filet..hardly worth eating!  Since Mommy has been home I have had to take care of her; keep my eye on the construction crew working on our family room; and most importantly, KEEP THAT IRRITATING CAT, BOOTIE AWAY FROM MOMMY'S ROOM....Quite a lot of responsibility!


Yesterday, we had some fun, a short trip to my favorite shopping spot, Kierland.  I am sure you can imagine how happy everyone was to see me after a two week absence.  My adoring public at the Black and White Store, and the surrounding shops came running to greet me.


NOW THE REALLY BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK...TOMORROW IS MY 5TH BIRTHDAY.  I have invited a few of my buddies over for lunch, "Little Caesars" and Chicken Breast, along with some nicely cut carrots and orange and yellow peppers will be served. Of course anyone wishing to bring more treats will be most welcome.   Well, almost everyone, not sure if Bootie has received an invitation to the party....Perhaps, I should let him join in the fun, but only if he shares his treats with me and the other doggies!  I will have lots more to report after the big day. I plan to celebrate ALL WEEK, so if you haven't yet bought me a present you still have PLENTY of time.    



2-20-11 It is Sunday morning and I am resting up from what has already been a VERY BUSY WEEKEND! Mommy and Daddy had a lot of shopping to do and of course they needed me to help with All the major decisions. That lazy cat slept all day while I  had to brave all that wet and windy BOOTIEWEATHER ! Because of the rain I didn't get to visit my favorite stores in Kierland, (too much outdoor walking)  Instead we went to Home Depot, Fry's Electronics, and The Great Indoors....I got to ride around in a special shopping cart while dozens of people paid homage to me, exclaiming how cute I am!  Kind of like a KING riding on a float in a parade.....  Mommy got a new 23 inch monitor for her computer.  I suggested that she get the larger monitor, the better to capture and read all my adventures right here in RJ's corner. 


Oh, by the way, that Bootie is really starting to get on my nerves.  Not only has he been making sarcastic comments about me, but he has been invading my space! The other night he headed right into the MASTER Bedroom and tried to hang out with Mommy and Daddy and me.  He is NEVER allowed in there because he leaves a "trail" of pussycat hair. How RUDE! Well, I gave him several head butts and quickly showed him the way to the door. Don't expect to see him trying that again...RUFF!!  Bootieweather is calling for NO MORE RAIN today. Well, of course that is wrong, since it is raining right now. If only that silly cat would get off the bed and actually stick his nose outside he would KNOW what is really going on with the weather.  Don't know what we have planned for today, guess it will depend somewhat upon, you know what, THE WEATHER!  I'm sure something fun will happen.  If not, I guess there is always time to head butt Bootie again.      


2-15-11 Well, Well, Well...I did it!  Bumped Bootie out of the limelight.  That Pussy Cat is no Star, I am the star in the family and DESERVE to have my own special spot on the website.  Soon it will be RE-NAMED RJ WEATHER.  What does that pussycat know about the weather anyway? He almost never goes out the door.  Spends ALL DAY sitting under the bed!   Mommy and I know what is happening OUTSIDE, since we take lots of car trips and  walks.  I also, have the scoop on all the good shopping.  Keep checking out this corner, as I will be sharing my shopping and patio dining adventures. Things are a little slow today.  Think I will go "headbutt" Bootie just for a little fun!!    



 2-11-11 Ah Ha! I finally found a way to get onto Bootie's website! Blackmail! (I have pictures of him sneaking into Mommy's closet)! Now that PussyCat better watch those smart little comments he's been making about me! Thinking about all the not so nice things he's said about me makes me want return the favor! Stay tuned! The fur (his fur) is about to fly!