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Upcoming events in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Great Restaurants, Observations on the Absurd and Trash Talking RJ among many other things for inquisitive minds only. Knotheads are Not welcome.

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7-2-13 Today is the first time this year we have had three straight days where the dew point has been above 55 degrees. That means the Monsoon Season really begins today! Now, maybe we'll get some rain and clean all this dust out of the air! BootieChoke!


6-26-13 Hot. It’s going to be really hot starting tomorrow folks. Not BootieHot (that’s a good thing), just plain over 110 degree. Specifically, up here in BootieLand, 113 Friday and a balmy 111 Saturday. Stay inside. Ask Daddy to put an ice cube in your water bowl… How hot? I’m glad you asked!


·         You learn a seat belt makes a pretty good branding iron.

·         When the temperature drops below 95, you feel a bit chilly.

·         You experienced condensation on your butt from the hot water in the toilet bowl.

·         The 4 seasons are: tolerable, hot, really hot, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!

·         You get a sunburn through your car window.

·         Hot water comes out of both taps.

·         You realize that asphalt has a liquid state.

·         You can say 113 degrees without fainting.


I checked out the new restaurant where Renegade Canteen use to be. It’s now Renegade by MOD after the chef that turned Kai’s at Wild Horse Pass into Arizona’s only 5 star / 5 diamond restaurant. It had only been open for about 2 weeks when I went. It should have stayed closed. Save your MadMoney (after Madison… hee hee). The food was OK, but the service was Maddening (starting to get the hang of this….). First, a long wait for the food despite not being busy. Then the entrées came out before the appetizers! I sent them back, natch, but then my entree came back out 10 minutes before my date’s! Jeez! Big time apologies, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I expected world class service and instead felt like I was at the Arrogant Butcher (see my review of that disaster in the BootieFoodie section…) I give it *PAW for now. I’ll try again in 6 months if it’s still in business…



6-8-13 Bootie here, channeling all of my BootieFriends from on high. And when I say from on high I mean Really on high. For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know… I passed over the Rainbow Bridge back in February. The big “C” (and I don’t mean crumb cake). Bummer… but I’m in a better place now (all the ice cream and pie …. Mmmmmmmmm pie I can eat). And if you’ve seen my pictures you know I can eat some ice cream and pie! Anyway, I have a protégée named Madison taking care of my website back home and she’s a real piece of work. Cute little kitty though I have to admit. One year old, long legs… (I always was a leg man) and a tortie (look it up…) Gee, it’s like having my own intern! Get your minds out of the Bill Clinton gutter, though she is very cute… hummmmm… NO. Besides, with me up here in PussyCat Heaven and Madison in Scottsdale learning how to do things the BootieWay, well, what’s the old saying? Never the twain shall meet, or something like that.


So much to catch up on. I’ll get to that over the days and weeks to come. No time now… to many things to do today. Don’t worry about me. Everything’s Purrrrrrrrrfect and Bootie’sBack! Watch out RJ (not that that doggie does anything anymore than eat, go to Kierland and sleep… hee hee!



12-16-12 A Lesson not learned by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery:


1. Egypt overthrew its leader, Hosni Mubarak, because he wouldn’t listen to his people.

2. Libya kills its leader, Muammar Gaddafi because he wouldn’t listen to his people.


Montgomery said he intends to ask the Arizona Court of Appeals to block a lower court ruling that our state’s medical-marijuana law is constitutional. Bill! The voters voted to make this legal in Arizona. It passed by a wide margin. Wake up you dumb ass. It is NOT your place to try to negate a law passed by a majority of voters in this state. You are a public servant. Serve the public! The Voters Have Spoken Bill! Get it???? Do you really want to be impeached? What right do you have to circumvent the will of the voters of this state. Who appointed you God? You will not be in office after the next election. You’ll go the way of former (and good riddance to) Attorney General Andrew Thomas and be out looking for a job soon. You’re a real piece of work. You’d think after the Republican’s got their butts kicked, in an election they should have walked away, with because they tried to tell everyone how to live their lives that you’d have got the message. But then why should I think you, an Attorney, should have any common sense… You make me want to puke! BootiePuke!? Hey, I'm sick. I have a stomach ailment! I need some Medical Marijuana!!! Yeah, that's the ticket! Fire up a fat one for the Bootster! Now we're talking!


Q: What's the difference between a lawyer and God?
A: God doesn't think he's a lawyer.


Q. What's the difference between a jellyfish and a lawyer?
A: One's a spineless, poisonous blob. The other is a form of sea life.


Q: What do you call 25 attorneys buried up to their chins in cement?
A: Not enough cement


Bada bing bada boom!


12-15-12 For a change we in Saguaro Estates led the metro area rainfall totals last night and early this morning with 1.20” of rain falling in my back yard over the past 24 hours. Our heaviest rainfall occurred for about 20 minutes at 1:40AM today, falling at a rate of 2.55” per hour. That’s really coming down! We’re in for more rain later today and tomorrow. Since the rain didn’t really start until 9:05PM yesterday we still have over 12 hours to add to our 24 hour rain total! Yes, that did deserve an exclamation point as we at are Weather Wonks (we being me and BootieCat). Check out the weather here in Saguaro Estates by visiting this website often. There’s a lot more than just weather info here with a live lightning strike page (click on the graphic at the bottom right of the home page), restaurant reviews (click on BootieFoodie) and Bootie’s ramblings (click on BootieThoughts). Have Fun! And Happy Holidays!!!


Saguaro Estates Yearly Rainfall Totals


2010                     13.83”

2011                      8.50”

2012 (so far)         5.46”


YTD rainfall at Sky Harbor Airport                           3.69”

YTD rainfall at Scottsdale Airport                            2.92”


Average yearly rainfall at Sky Harbor Airport          8.37”


12-3-12 I’m Back….. having snapped out of a BootieFunk over the results of the election for Prez. Now, what are we going to do about the Fiscal Cliff? I suspect the Fools in the House and Senate (you know… basically the same crowd that was there before the election) are going to posture and pontificate for the next 28 days and then cut a deal hours before we’re about to go over that cliff. I predict a 2 percent raise in taxes instead of 4 percent for households making more than 250K and a reduction / cap on the amount those same folks can claim in deductions. The big BootieQuestion is (drum roll) what will those pusillanimous rabbit dunderheads do about entitlement reform. That’s where the real savings have to come from if we’re working to balance the budget. All they have to do is delay the eligibility age for those under 55 a little bit based on the year of birth  Just like the age you can begin collecting full benefits under Social Security eligibility is based on your year of birth. Push it back a little, and base Medicare eligibility the same way and like BootieMagic, bam, we’ve made both entitlement programs solvent for the next 50 years. Do you really think they’ll do it???????????? NO… they won’t fix it, they will do a few cosmetic things and kick the can down the road for a short period of time so we can do this all over again. Those spineless dunderheads!


10-4-12 BootieFine! That was Mitt Romney’s performance in last night’s debate. Finally the Mitt we’ve been waiting to see showed up! He positively Smoked Obama! He was sharp, full of facts, spoke in specifics, made his points elegantly and clearly stated is position on everything discussed. In contract President Obama looked like his programs and positions; failed 1950’s socialism… very tired and washed up. Clearly ill at ease debating someone with facts on his side Obama stuttered his way through the debate. He really looked like he’d been rode hard and put up wet. Romney looked and sounded Presidential. Now Mitt needs to press forward and further refine and detail his positions. That will keep Obama back on his heels playing defense! Gooooooo Mitt! Yeah, BootieFine.


On another subject, very close to my BootieHeart, Chef Michael Mina has started an Excellent, free cooking website, and what a website it is! Each week he features videos showing you course by course how to cook a restaurant quality meal in your own kitchen. He makes it look so easy! I’ve never seen anything done this well. Really. If you like to cook, want to learn to cook or want to learn how to cook better (there are plenty of techniques explained and tips given) you’ll definitely want to check out his site!


9.17.12 It’s officially NOT official and that’s just BootieStupid! What’s that nutzo PussyCat talking about you might say! Well, it’s official in BootieLand that the Monsoon Season is OVER!!! Yea! But it’s not official at the National Weather Service. Why? Well, here’s the 411. It used to be that the monsoon season began when we had three days in a row where the dew point was above 55 degrees and ended when we had three days in a row when the dew point was below 55 degrees. Then in 2008 it was decided that we were all Too Stupid to grasp that concept so the changed things. They threw out the idea of actually looking at the weather pattern and just picked two arbitrary dates and said the monsoon season begins on June 15th (whether we’re actually in the monsoon weather pattern or not) and ends September 30th (whether weather conditions say it’s over or not… ) Too BootieDumb! So what all this means is that the Monsoon Season is Really Over (the dew point was below 55 Degrees Friday, Saturday & Sunday all day) but by the new Official (dump) definition, we aren’t! Really, all you needed to do was go outside this weekend, feel the dry cooling air and breathe a sigh of relief to know that Happy Days are Here Again! BootieYeah!


BTW, Arizona Restaurant Week is in Full Swing right now! If you haven’t made reservations, DO. It ends this coming Sunday! Don’t know what I’m talking about (is so, you’re new to this blog…), then check it out at


9.8.12 Daddy went on a Whitewater Rafting trip down the Snake River September 2nd. Right off the bat I can think of several reasons why I would NEVER do that. Number one: Whitewater. Why would anyone in their right mind want to voluntarily get wet? No – make that get Soaked! I polled 532 of my closest PussyCat friends and not a single one wanted any part of getting in any form of water what so ever, much less roaring, rock strewn, 59 degree white water! Second: Did you catch the name of that river in Wyoming…. The Snake River? Excuse me… I’ll have part of any geological feature reference by the name “Snake”. I mean, if it was called Electric Eel river would you hop in?  Do you think they called it Snake River because it was full of Catfish? Hummmmm? I thought not. Snake River.  Three Hair Balls on that! Disgusting! Of course if they called it Catnip River……


Anyway, he came back all pumped up, feeling all macho. I think he ate some raw meat or something. Said he had a fantastic time. Go figure. Sigh. You can see a picture of him half drowning in the Bootie Pictures album on this site titled “Weather, Wildlife and Other Bootie Buddies” if you must. He also went to Yellowstone National Park and didn’t see One Pussycat the whole time he was there. Serves him right, leaving me at home! Mommy was all afraid she was going to be eaten by a Bear. Hee hee… They took R.J. I guess he scared all the Bears away… with his scent! He did look more like a Dorky Yorkie when he got home and had a decidedly gamey odor about him,..Yeah! … As Yogi used to say; that BootieCat is smarter than the average bear! He got that right!


9.7.12 Are you better off now than you were a year ago? How about 6 months ago? I mean, when you look at how many PussyCat treats are set out for you each day, is the number more or less than you use to get? If your treats were dependent on the number of Jobs created in the last 6 months you’d be on a Treat Retreat!


Over the past six months, the economy has added an average of 97,000 jobs a month. At this time a year ago, the six-month average was 136,000, meaning the economy was growing 40% faster than it is today. For the whole year, the economy has added an average of 139,000 jobs a month. That's better, but still worse than a year ago when that figure was 143,000. You have to add at least 200,000 jobs a month to begin to reduce unemployment. Sucks Huh?


Don’t get me wrong… I think Barack and Michelle are very nice people, and they have great family values. He just doesn’t know how to get people back to work. That’s Romney’s specialty. He’s a business man.


Romney use to take over and save companies (despite all the Democratic propaganda to the contrary), creating jobs. Yeah, there were some companies that couldn’t be saved – you can’t win them all when you’re talking about companies that are ready to go bankrupt. Those were dismantled and sold off to the betterment of the shareholders (BTW – most shareholders are people like you and me.) But by and large he saved companies and saved those employees’ jobs. And as the companies grew stronger they hired more people and so on and so on. Isn’t that the kind of President we need at this particular time in history? Barack had four years to get us out of a big mess. He didn’t. Time to give someone else, someone with a lot of business experience, a chance. We’re talking about getting America back to work! Don’t Quit…Go Mitt!


8-24-12 I got a little BootiePissedOff at my rain totals from the past few days. Then an hour ago we had a huge downpour for about 15 minutes and nothing showed up on my stats. I went out in the back yard, hiked over to the weather station and peered into the funnel shaped cylinder that is the rain gauge and, to my bushy tailed surprise found the reservoir half full of water. The high winds had blown some small pebbles into the small opening at the bottom of the funnel and plugged it up! BootieSpit! I popped them out the water descended through the devise and registered about ½” of rain. That’s more like it… Sorry about that BootieBuddies, but that’s the way the catnip crumbles sometimes…


8-16-12 Two words. Bourbon Steak. Sigh…. I’ve been talking kind of bad about this place for a couple of years. I wasn’t crazy about the minimalist interior and the pricy steaks. But all that changed last weekend when I was blessed by the Beef Gods with a 8 oz American Wagyu Rib Eye Cap. All BootieFoodies know the Cap is the most tender, flavorful, part of a RibEye steak. BTW, do you eat the Cap first or last? Write me and tell me why. The person with the best email gets two catnip treats! I was Purrrrrrrring at the first bite and still sounded like a 5HP outboard at the last. Fork tender, rich beefy flavor, perfectly cooked to medium rare plus…Oh my! The cynic in me (who me, a cynic at times… who’d have guessed) might say at $78 a steak,  it should be great. Well it was. Purrfectly paired with the ala carte Truffled Mac & Cheese $9 (fresh pasta and a just right blend of cheeses that didn’t overpower the pasta) and a basket of tasty breads, it was just TOO Delish. So I take it all back and say channel your inner endorphins, make reservations at Bourbon Steak and enter a state of Beef Nirvana! At the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, 7575 East Princess Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Tel:480.513.6002


Want a little tip? Buy the Preferred Restaurants dining card for $55 and get one entre free (the less expensive one) when you pay for an entre at a long list of the best restaurants in the valley. In this instance that one steak (all four of us ordered that steak) more than paid for the card. See


8-11-12 OK... Unfortunately I Have To tell Everyone "I told you so" But unlike most in Government I then Offer a REAL SOLUTION to our Fiscal Crisis and the pending bankruptcy of our Social Security and Medicare Systems.. So please read this repeat ofmy 7-16-11 BootieRant written, obviously a little over a year ago.


My BootieFur is standing on end. I’m sick of  Rightwing (wrong wing) and Leftwing (fool wing) politicians preening, posturing and posing. I think I'll cough up a big hairball and mail it to them. Yeah! The debt ceiling crisis, and it is a crisis, presents an opportunity to do something historic, and the fact that some think it’s OK to play loosy goosy with my financial future really has me BootiePissedOff! Man Up you wimps! Do a gut check and do what’s right for the Country for once in your lives. Have the guts to fix the huge entitlement program mess and (ugh) raise taxes a little on everyone, not just the “rich” (who already pay a much higher percentage of their income in taxes than anyone else, and a much high gross dollar amount than anyone else…jeez – just what more do you want from a PussyCat you gutless little weasels… ). Oops. Well even a BootieCat can get carried away, but at least I BootieKnow that neither side can get everything it wants and still arrive at THE BIG DEAL, and anything less than THE BIG DEAL is a cowardly pile of BootiePoop. We need that to fix our budget, fix Medicare and fix Social Security. Don’t you understand???? If you don’t give up some things (let taxes go up a bit, insist on cuts in the budget and fixes to the entitlement programs like delaying the full retirement age to 66 or 67  for everyone younger than 55) these program will cease to exist! Be like Paul Ryan (R –Wisconsin) he’s a BootieHero. He’s got it right. Both sides need to BootieUp.


The Report of the National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform got it right. Exactly right. The commission was made up of Democrats and Republicans, courageous, smart men and women who put politics aside and after months and months of hard work came up with a very specific plan that spells out what we need to do to save our country. Because it sugar coats nothing and calls for unpopular cuts and sacrifices to be made by Everyone, not just one group or one party, they arrived at a plan that will work and won’t really hurt that much if it’s adopted now, before it’s too late. They issued their report December 1, 2010. We should swallow hard, do a gut check, and adopt it in its entirety! If you want specifics here they are! You owe it to yourself to read this plan. I know it’s a little long, but it’s our future we’re talking about. I won’t apologize for being BootieBlunt. Don’t get your information in sound bites from the TV or from radio talk show hosts who’s job depends on keeping you all worked up. Do the hard thing and inform yourself. Here’s a link to what I think is the most important, well thought out, specific plan every created since the Declaration of Independence, to rescue our Country. Please, please take the time to read this and then, I hope, advocate for it. This is the hard truth and the path to fiscal sanity.


Do you remember the Air Traffic Controllers strike back in Reagan’s days. They just had to have it all. They dug in their heels and wouldn’t budge. They knew the government was over a barrel and would give in. And All of the them got Fired. Every stinking one of them. Taught them a good BootieLesson and they were never ever rehired! Well, just don’t compromise and we’ll all be in a world of hurt just as they found themselves. Do it now. Yes some of the radical elements of each party will be all pissed off. Too BootieBad! And some good Americans will be mad. BootieTough. They will be equally mad at each party, so it will all even out. Those people are knuckleheads. It’s their way or the highway. If you listen to them and we default on our debt the stock market will tank, our bond rating will go in the litter box, our cost to borrow will skyrocket, the most stable currency in the world (our T Bills), where the world parks their money will no longer attract the funds we need to operate and if you think what we’ve been through for the past three years is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet! We’ll really enter a recession. It will be  catastrophic! And that’s not a word I use lightly, being a Cat. So again, Congress, seize this historic moment to fix our countries financial house.


Make THE BIG DEAL. Better still, adopt the recommendations in the Report of the National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in its entirety. You will go down in history as a Men and Women just as BootieBrave as the those Patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence 235 years ago. And to those knuckleheads in both parties who are playing around with my financial future, I will work as hard as I can to see you’re voted out of office the next time you’re up for election. You are small little people with myopic vision, in it only for yourselves and not for our Country. BootieShame On You!



8-11-12 BIG BOOTIE ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m pulling out of the race for President (despite my overwhelming lead in the Polls) and throwing my support behind the Republican ticket. Why now??? Well…for the first time in a long time there is a sane voice in the political arena, a voice a PussyCat can believe in. Paul Ryan! I’ve written about Paul Ryan a number of times in this blog. He’s the chairman of the budget committee in Congress and authored the only budget plan that can save America from financial ruin. A link to that plan can be found back about 8 months ago in BootieThoughts. The plan requires some sacrifice from all. We all have to grow up and get out of this “take from everyone….except me” and “cut everywhere, just don’t touch me” mentality. If we don’t fix our fiscal house now we will be Greece in 10 years and slip from World relevance into financial ruin. Perhaps the campaign motto should be Get some Balls, vote for Mitt & Paul! Yeah! BootieFine!


7-28-12 Don’t you just BootieLove the Olympics! I could be out there I bet. No, not swimming. You know how PussyCats feel about water. It’s fine as a chaser, but keep me OUT of it! I’d be great at Badminton though! Swatting birdies, yeah.. now you’re talking. The Birdie is officially called a shuttlecock. I think whoever named it that had some serious issues!  I’m not going anywhere near that one! No sir… well…. OK, maybe a little near. According to Wikipedia’s equipment rules, To test a shuttlecock, “use a full underhand stroke which makes contact with the shuttlecock” … and continues on to say “the shuttlecock shall be hit at an upward angle….” Oh my…  and “A shuttlecock of the correct speed will land not less than 530 mm and not more than 990 mm short of the other back boundary line”. Ouch!


It just doesn’t stop. Under the serving sections it says “The server hits the shuttlecock” I tell you what. That server isn’t getting anywhere around My shuttlecock. Not unless he want to look like Freddie Kruger just tore into him! “At the start of a match, the shuttlecock is cast and the side towards which the shuttlecock is pointing serves first.”  Disgusting! This reads like a porn novel. We obviously need to explore this just a little more, hee hee. The article clearly states “Badminton offers a wide variety of basic strokes” and “All strokes can be played either forehand or backhand.” Interesting… “The choice of stroke depends on how near the shuttlecock is…”  Makes sense. “In the rearcourt, players strive to hit the shuttlecock while it is still above them, rather than allowing it to drop lower.” OK… a little BDSM, I understand..? “When the shuttlecock is near to net height, players can hit drives, which travel flat and rapidly over the net into the opponents' rear …” I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up! “Beyond the basics, however, badminton offers rich potential for advanced stroke skills.” Well, I do believe one should continue to learn throughout their life…. Ahem… “The choice of grip allows a player to increase the thickness of his…” Yes, yes...I see ...


Enough of that. There are other sports to explore. Hummmm… I see there is something here called Ball Badminton. OH NO…. OK just a quick look. Well the Wikipedia article says “ball badminton was an attractive game for rural boys” OK! Jeez! That’s enough! I just might start a campaign to ban Wikipedia from the internet! What a smut site! BootieRules! Prudes drool... If you’re a prude you’re on the wrong site. Beat it. Oops…. There I go again. I’d write about Volleyball, but I understand  there's a “Hooker” on the USA Girl's team. Sigh…



7-21-12 There’s a move afoot to DeKook the State Capitol (see It’s a great idea, but if we do will there be anyone left there…. not that that’s a bad thing. I was a moderate Republican and I want my party back! I want the Kooks out. I want politicians that care about our Country and not about what someone is doing in their own bedroom. Or whether or not they take birth control. Or if they’re gay or straight. Get out of our personal business!!!  My problem is that some of the people supporting the movement are as Kooky as those they want to kick out. BootieFools one and all! Still there are some real Kooks up there that just have to go. Here are a few that just make me want to BootiePuke every time I hear their names.


Sen. Russell Pearce makes my list for a number of reasons. He’s a bully. A real #$%^&* bully. While Senate President, before he was kicked out of office a year  ago, he threatened his own fellow republicans saying he’d run candidates against them if they didn’t vote for the Kooky bills he wanted passed. Bills like the one to allow people to carry guns into bars at night (I mean, what could possibly go wrong there…duh). Or the bill to carry concealed weapons without getting a permit or any training on how to safely use a weapon. Or his famous HR1070 that has cost us millions of dollars to defend and flagged us as a State full of racists. We ALREADY had the Employer Sanctions bill on the books. That bill, if enforced would end illegal emigration in our State because no one wants to come here if they can’t get hired. He didn’t have the balls to enforce that law because he was afraid business folks wouldn’t vote for him. Well, Mr. Pearce, you’re wrong. I’m a business owner and I’d love it if that law was enforced. I don’t like it when I play by the rules but my competition cheats, hiring illegals, and under cuts my costs. Or how about when he promoted a Neo Nazi for a post in the Republican party. You know the guy. The one who earlier this year killed his family and then himself. What’s that they say about telling the worth of a man by the friends he keeps. I could go on and on but I feel a big hairball coming up… Just don’t vote this pig back into office. Even his fellow ultra right wing republicans can’t stand him.


Sheriff Joe. OK, I’ve been a big Sheriff Joe fan for years. But the guy must be a couple years into Adult Onset Dementia. His Birther Agenda has made Arizona a laughing stock. Mainstream Republicans like me feel he’s destroying our party with his Kooky antics. And that purely Political Jihad he and former Attorney General Andrew Thomas launched against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, you know the one… the one that got Andrew Thomas disbarred, give me a BootieBreak! It’s  costing the us payers millions in restitution to those he hounded and hunted. That really stunk! It’s time for him to retire. Really!


Lori Klein. The one with the cute little raspberry pink Ruger.  The one with no safety, the one she pointed at a reporter last year. If the state Capitol is Crazytown then Lori Klein is its Reigning Queen. Last year, the Anthem Republican brought us nullification, her proposal to grant the Legislature the power to ignore any federal laws it doesn't like. This year, she stood up for the rights of the individual, pushing a bill to allow dogs to run free as long as they have liability insurance. Great. Can’t wait to meet up with a Rottweiler running full till straight at me and RJ, our Yorkie. That liability insurance his owner is suppose to have will be of great comfort I bet… She has Lost the PussyCat Vote! Then without breaking stride she stood up on the Senate floor and read a letter from a substitute teacher who wrote that Hispanic students refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because they hate America and are more interested in being gang members than in getting an education. This without verifying that it was true. (It wasn't.) Kind of shows where she’s coming from, huh? Glad you’re focused on the really important issues Lori…. Uh oh, here comes that hairball again.


The last day to register to vote in the Primary is July 30th. If you haven’t (jeez… why?) you should… Early voting in the Primary begins August 2nd. Most races will be decided in the Primary. Put in a good moderate Republican who will work to get things done and not just say NO to EVERYTHING. If we don’t get it right pretty quick the Republican party will forever be marginalized cease to influence politics in this country. That will leave things in the hands of the Socialists. IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?        



7-8-12 Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge is located upstairs next to the IPic’s Theatre in the Scottsdale Quarter and just as the uber upscale Dominique’s Steakhouse in the same center does, ups the cool quotient for the entire center. The BootieChic crowd this Sunday afternoon sipped Champaign, Cosmopolitans or any number of other libations while listening to the live band. The Weekend Brunch (Saturday & Sunday 11AM – 2PM) features Bottomless Bubbles for $10 per person. If you don’t want Champaign forget the $10 and order your favorite from the fully stocked bar.


The Brunch menu features over 10 inventive omelets, but we skipped that and ordered off the lunch / dinner menu (it’s one and the same). The Bruschetta (select three types, 2 pieces per type for $15) features ample portions of fresh sourced ingredients. Our three choices included the Black Fig with marmalade, goat cheese & bresaola bruschetta, the Artichoke Tapenade with roasted tomato  & parmesan Bruschetta and the Chicken Salad with roasted chicken, apple, & cheese spread. All three were off the latch, with my favorite being the Chicken Salad. It had a tang that just perfectly played off the tender chunks of chicken. That on dish was enough for two, but of course we couldn’t stop there. Other delish sounding Bruschetta were the Brie with sour apple, local honey and pistachio, the Egg Salad with fresh dill & cucumber and the Tomato Confit with buffalo mozzarella, basil & aged balsamic. There were more, but space doesn’t permit…


The On The Bun portion of the menu had one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted, the N Burger (sirloin, manchego cheese, tomato, pickles & mayo) with a side of fries $13. We ordered it Medium Rare + and it came out perfect! The bun was oh so soft and tasty, but perfectly able to hold up the burger. The meat was melt in your mouth tasty….you BootieBetter try it! Too bad we didn’t get a chance to try the six others from that part of the menu. It featured some real possibilities that will have to wait until our next visit (and there definitely will be another visit. Here are just a few… the Big Chicken (roasted peppers, caramelized onion, manchego, mayo) $13, Chicken Salad Panini (cheddar, Dijon) $10, and the Buster Sandwich (bacon, egg, greens, tomato, manchego, mayo) $9 Mmmmmmm….. Or maybe you’d like to try the Cobb $11, Chopped $11 or Caprese $12 salad. You’re not going to go broke here. Great service, well, it’s all good… Enjoy it as a restaurant or go after 10PM and dodge the paparazzi as it morphs into one of Scottsdale hottest night clubs!


Bruch Saturday & Sunday, Closed Mondays, Open at 4PM Tuesday – Friday and it turns into a nightclub at 10PM! 15257 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Phone 480.588.2244.  **** ½  PAWS


7-5-12 Despite what you may have heard, the Monsoon doesn’t really start until we have three straight days where the dewpoint reaches 55 degrees or more. For us in Saguaro Estates that date was June 27th. It’s started because the conditions are right and the winds have shifted and are coming out of the South and bring with them moisture from Mexico. Still, we’ve had a grand total of .02” of rain since the start here in Saguaro Estates and that happened yesterday. Speaking of July 4th, wasn’t it a gorgeous day! We had some BootieFriends over for a little BBQ, yum! And at Judy’s suggestion took turns reading the Declaration of Independence out loud. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I don’t think I’d ever read it. Sure I’ve read the constitution a number of times but never the Declaration of Independence. It’s really something! If you’d like to read it here’s a link:


We spent the last week at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego. That meant blue skies and 74 degree weather while back home (here) the temps were pushing 113! I’m so sorry we missed that… NOT! We found some BootieFoodie good casual places to eat out there and I’ll be sharing that with you here and in BootieFoodie over the next few days.


The BootieBest news is that the NexStorm NGX live lightning detector is up and working on this site. Just click on the big Live Lightning Strike map in the bottom right of the home page to get to it. Then track lighting strikes and storms in real time across the State and Zoom In using the scroll wheel on your mouse to watch the strikes in the immediate vicinity. BootieCool! Yeah!


6-21-12 If you get a message asking you to upgrade your Flash player DON’T do it. There is a bug in the latest version that makes lots of things in your browser not work right (pictures). One of those things is the StormVue NGX Lightning Map on BootieWeather. If you’ve already updated I’d wait and update again when the next prompt comes along as I’m sure Adobe will fix it fast. There’s a lot of BootiePissedOff People on the internet right now as it’s screwed up a lot of people’s Browsers. It’s especially bad on FireFox and Chrome.


In the meantime, you can launch the Live Lightning Strike page by clicking on this link: Remember, the map can take up to 2 minutes to load the first time you click on the link. After that it will load in about 6 seconds! Be sure to set the “strike age” at 60 m (minutes) so all the Lightning Strikes for the last 60 minutes display on the map. Check it out in a few days when the storms roll in! Click on the map and using your scroll wheel ZOOM IN (or just click on the zoom arrow)! If you click on the Blue Question Mark on the bottom left of the screen you'll get complete instructions on what all the controls do! BootieCool!!!


 6-19-12 I have a BigBootieAnnouncement today! Hummmm, that may not have come out exactly right…I’m not saying I’m big (though Daddy did just weigh me yesterday). I came in at a svelte 17 pounds. He used a suitcase scale. Hum. Anyway..


I’ve been very busy installing a new lightning strike program that lets you zoom in on the map so you can get a much better picture of where the strikes occur. It has lots of controls the users can manipulate. Here are the instructions. I haven’t got them on the Live Lightning Strike page yet, but the page works great so check it out. The link is to the left or you can click on the Live Lightning Strikes map on the bottom right of the home page.  The strikes appear in Real Time!! Have fun this monsoon  season!


The  Map may take up to two minutes to load the first time. Be patient, it's worth it! After the first time it will only take about 6 seconds to load.

Date and time. Shows your local date and time.

Strikes per minute counter. A counter that shows how many strikes are detected per minute. The counter will display different values in the different display modes.

Lightning statistics information.

Strike type categories


Positive polarity cloud to ground strike


Negative polarity cloud to ground strike


Intra-cloud strike, any polarity


Expanded statistics


The percentage of total detected strikes for this strike category and the currently selected time frame


Shows how many strikes in each category has been detected for the currently selected time frame


Trend arrows indicate how the strike rate trend is changing over time. If the strike rate for a particular category is increasing then the arrow will point upwards, if it is decreasing then downwards.

If there is no significant change in the strike rate then the arrow will point right.


This is the trend change in numbers for the currently selected time frame.

The Strike Rate Graph visualizes the trend for the currently selected time frame and for each category of strikes

Display mode is an indicator showing the currently selected mode. To change mode use the Declutter button. control panel allows you to change certain items relating to the map display.

Strike age controls how much old strike data is shown. The available range is 5 to 60 minutes. Default setting is 15 minutes.

Map zoom lets you zoom in and out on the map. You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom. The available zoom levels and the unit of distance measurement (kilometers or miles) will depend on how the web site owner has configured his StormVue NGX system.

Declutter button cycles through different display modes. The currently selected mode is reflected in the Display mode indicator.

Declutter display modes


All strikes are shown


Only strikes that are determined to be part of a well defined storm cell are shown


Only cloud to ground strikes are shown

C-G Clusters

Only cloud to ground strikes that are determined to be part of a well defined storm cell are shown

Storm Cells

Only well defined storm cells are shown. If a new lightning strike related to a specific storm cell is detected, the storm cell on the map will alert you of this by briefly flashing a lightning bolt.

This display mode is available in real-time only!

User options panel contains three buttons that will open certain windows when clicked.

Report window contains the current TRAC report which is generated by NexStorm. This is a text only report containing detailed statistics about each thunderstorm that is currently being tracked.

Alarm window enables you to set up your own criteria based alarm

Status window displays information about the data feeding system and date and time (local time) of last data update. control enables you to replay the last 60 minutes of lightning data. Replay is not available in Declutter mode 4 - Storm Cells.

Network panel displays the status of network communications between StormVue NGX and the server hosting the data.

RX R/T consists of two indicators. The first indicator will flash briefly in blue color when StormVue NGX attempts to read data from the server. If there is an error the second indicator will indicate this by turning red for approximately a second. Occasional errors are normal but frequent errors could indicate a problem on the server or with your Internet connection

Stale time shows the time in seconds since the last data update. The amount of staleness will depend on how the web site operator has configured his StormVue NGX data feed. If the feed is continous real-time then Stale time will seldom be more than 10 seconds. If Stale time exceeds 300 seconds (5 minutes) this indicator will instead show "OFFLINE", indicating that there is no ongoing data feed.

Symbol legend panel reflects the information drawn on the map, in other words which category a strike drawn using a specific symbol belongs to and which symbol represents storm cells.

CG means Cloud to ground while IC means Intracloud. The signs preceeding the abbreviations indicate polarities. UNK are strikes of unknown type.



6-9-12 If you want to graduate from a BootieFoodie Wannabe to a True BootieFoodie you have to know your Beef. Here’s a short primer. There are three Beef retail grades, Prime, Choice and, yuck, Select. Primes the best.


There are five grades below Select but you don’t want to go there….,  there’s Standard & Commercial and at the bottom of the barrel, Utility, Canner & Cutter…. The lowest grades, cutter and canner, are used in disgusting things like potted meat and those meat sticks you find in the gas station.


The grades are based on two main criteria: the degree of marbling (intramuscular fat) in the beef, and the maturity (estimated age of the animal at slaughter). The more marbling and the younger the age of the beef the higher the grade.


USDA Prime beef

This is the grade of beef that contains the greatest degree of marbling. It is generally sold to finer restaurants and to some selected meat markets. It is significantly higher in price because less than 3% of the beef graded is Prime.

Prime grade beef is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Prime Rib is a USDA Prime rib roast for example, and many top steak houses serve only Prime cuts. Here’s an example of a Prime cut with heavy marbling.


USDA Prime Beef


USDA Choice beef

Choice grade beef has less marbling than Prime, but is still of very high quality. This is the most popular grade of beef because it contains sufficient marbling for taste and tenderness, while costing less than Prime. Just over half of the beef graded each your earns a grade of Choice. Choice cuts are still tender and juicy. Here’s an example of a Choice cut.

USDA Choice Beef


USDA Select beef

This is generally a lower priced grade of beef with less marbling than Choice. Select cuts of beef may vary in tenderness and juiciness. Select has the least amount of marbling, making it leaner than, but often not as tender, juicy and flavorful as, the other two top grades. About a third of beef graded falls into this category. Here’s a sample.


USDA Select Beef


There are three sub-grades within each of the Prime, Choice and Select grades. They aren’t advertised but are used by the wholesalers and retailers so they can specify exactly what they want to purchase. In general, the more marbling and the younger the beef the higher the quality within each grade and the higher the price. I find Costco purchases a higher grade (quality) “Choice” steak than Frys or Albertsons. They pay more and get a steak that is almost grades out at Prime.


When you select your beef at the grocery store look at the fine flecks of fat (marbling) in the beef, not the big layer of fat around the outside, and if you’re buying a Choice steak buy the one with the most marbling in it. At Costco I compare the different Choice steaks in the case and find a Choice steak that has almost exactly as much marbling as the Prime. That means I get a steak that is graded “Choice” but for all intents and purposes is really a Prime grade steak at about half the price of the Prime steak! You can too with a little practice. Too BootieCool!!!!!


5-31-12 If you’re looking for some laughs (literally) this weekend one of the funniest men in America will be in town. Terry Fator, the winner of America’s Got Talent, season two is taking time out from his permanent home at his own theatre in Vegas at the Mirage to play Talking Stick Resort this Sunday evening! This Cat is one funny guy. He blends maybe a hundred puppets with his ventriloquists talent and a nonstop spiel that will have you howling (err… purring??) all evening long. I saw him last year and he has the best comedic act I’ve seen in years. Go see him. Seriously… go see him. You won’t be sorry! 8PM Sunday June 3rd, Talking Stick resort, 9800 Indian Bend Rd, Salt river Reservation. $65 - $150 and worth every cent. 480-850-7734


If you don’t want to spend the money to see Terry but have a couple of hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket Dominick’s Steakhouse in the Scottsdale Quarter would be glad to take it off your hands, and by the time the check comes you will be in such a nirvana comatose state you won’t mind forking over about $100 per person (appetizer, entrée, desert, drinks an tip) for dinner at the finest steakhouse in the valley. There’s live music in the bar and upstairs on the roof. The place is always packed (in the bar – loaded with beautiful people – and Pussycats!) and in the upstairs and downstairs dining rooms. Just dining in the second floor dining room, poolside (yes, there is a pool up there) under the retractable roof sets this spot apart from any other in the Valley. It’s really ultra cool NYC, if you know what I mean. The service is friendly and knowledgeable with the staff giving you just the right amount of attention. The ala a carte steaks (particularly the Ribeye and the Porterhouse) are the best in town. Pair that up with a side of Mac & Cheese or Loaded Mashed Potatoes (yum!!!), finish with the warm butter cake covered with caramel and yes, you will be in that self induced coma of pleasure you won’t want to awake from for hours. It will cost you about $100 per head to do it right, so pick the right occasion and book it Dano… (hint, they only take reservation on the roof before 6:30PM and after 8PM. Michael Dominick’s Lincoln Avenue Prime Steakhouse, Scottsdale Quarter, corner of Scottsdale Rd and Greenway Haden Loop, 480-272-7271


5-24-12 It’s Crazy Time here in Arizona… Must be the heat. No, that’s not it because a bunch of folks out here (including most of the Arizona House and Senate) are equally crazy in what passes as “cold” weather out here. Wait a sec while I put on my tinfoil hat…..there.. Just a few days ago our Secretary of State, Ken Bennett catered to the Birthers. OMG, shoot me. Then Sheriff Joe (who obviously is getting a little senile, poor old coot..) sends a kook from his Posey (really? A Posey.. in 2012?) to Hawaii to “investigate” Obama’s birth certificate. Then a day ago he sent two Deputies (since Posey members aren’t real lawmen… I guess they’re really just a bunch of old racist farts or Matt Dillon wannabees..) to Hawaii, at our expense to protect the old fart. Oh please please, just shoot me.. All this shortly after Russell Pearce’s buddy J.T. Ready shot and killed 4 people he was tied to before doing the first sensible thing in his life,… shooting himself dead. Yes, that’s the same Russell Pearce that was our Senate President before being kicked out of office in a recall election last year, and the same Russell Pearce that wanted the tax payers to give him $261,000 to reimburse him for costs incurred in the recall election he entered to try to get back the job he had just been kicked out of. And he almost got the money! Bootie led the charge against this outrage earlier this month! Is that enough CRAZY for today? If not let me know. There’s plenty more CRAZY out there folks… OK, one more. An 81 year old Whitmann woman AGAIN faces charges after the Cat Police (yeah.. go Cat Police!) found her hoarding 64 feral cats. And that was two years AFTER Deputies caught her with 104 Cats! The lady, Lucienne Touboul, told deputies that she used the dead ones to make Soup. Agggggg!


On a much brighter side… it’s going to be drop dead Gorgeous this Memorial Day weekend! What are you going to do? I had a great time last weekend at the AZ BBQ Competition and picked up some BootieCool tips on cooking a Port Butt (or Pork Shoulder… same cut of meat and if you wonder why it’s called a Pork Butt read further down (much further down) in BootieThoughts where all will be made clear!)


Are you going to Comicon this weekend? Maybe a better question is: Just how big a Geek do you have to be to dress up and go to Comicon? Pretty big is my guess, but you can bet there will be Plenty of Geeks on hand! After all, they have not one but two sessions on Friday and Saturday of Geek Speed Dating (3PM and 6PM each day)! I bet the lone girl who signs up will be pretty beat at the end, hee hee! William Shatner will sign your whatever for $100. It costs $45 to get in and runs this Friday and Saturday. More at


Sunday it’s Bark in the Park! So, what’s that about! How about Meow in the Park. Yeah! Fans and their Doggies can enjoy the day at Chase Field as the Diamondback and the Brewers get it on at 1:10PM. There are plenty of events before the game. Things start at 11:30AM. I’d write more about it, but it’s an event for DOGS. Ugg! $20 for you and $20 more for Fido. Lots More at


5-17-12 Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know. I haven’t written for awhile. We had guests in from out of town for the past week. Nuff said. I enjoy writing the updates, and it’s a BootieBummer when I’m not able!


There are two Big Story you’re probably aware of (unless you’re like RJ who "don't know nutten" cause he can’t seem to get his face out of his food  bowl….. that Doggie is such a, well, Doggie!) First Big Event... Restaurant Week! It starts this Saturday and runs through the following Sunday! Hope you made some reservations. If you’re having trouble deciding on a spot you might want to look over the BootieGood list in BootieFoodiesee the link to the right …(it’s down a little bit on the page) and pick one of those. You really can’t beat getting a 3 course meal at a great Chef Driven restaurant for $30 or $40!


The Other Big Event this weekend is the Arizona Barbecue Festival where over 80 teams from around the Country will compete for $40,000 in prize money. Those who know me well know I LOVE BBQ, and those that know me even better know I have a Traeger Smoker and smoke my own Que… as in smoked ribs, pork butts, chicken and brisket. I’ve only been doing it about 5 months and, of course, am no match for these Pros… but you know how persistent I am and I’m going to get Great one day! So, I’ll be prowling around and stealing a few secrets from the Pros! And eating some Que! Yum! Next year, after I get better (and I’m already Not Bad…) I intend to enter the competition! I need a name for my team, ( also need a team... details...) so if you have any ideas email them to me at If I use your suggestion you’ll win 6 pounds of delish pulled pork and a quart of my homemade BBQ sauce. It’s oh so good, if I do say so myself… I’m thinking of calling my team "The BootieQ’ers" or how about "The BBQ Booties", or the "You Bet your BootieQue"? Bet you have some better suggestions (wouldn't be hard, huh...) so please send them in!


At the festival they'll serve pulled pork and chicken, brisket and ribs. Some will have hot links, wings and sides, such as corn, beans and slaw. Some say "the barbecue you get from a competitor tends to be better than what you get in a restaurant.” I love barbecue in restaurants, but restaurant barbecue tends to be created for ease of production and repetition on a daily basis. In competition barbecue, you're talking about family recipes.


The cook off, sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, moved this year from the Scottsdale Waterfront to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, a much larger venue. They also added a day to become a weekend-long festival. Parking is free.


Food samples, $2 each, are guaranteed to be available. More than half the competitors will serve samples (yea!) and they'll be grouped separately from those who won't offer samples(those swine!). Tickets are required for samples.


You’ll be able to catch  bands perform throughout the weekend, pick up tips at the demonstration stage and buy barbecue equipment at the marketplace. If you’re 21 or older you can sample and learn about whiskey and bourbon at the Whiskey Row tent, open Saturday with a $10 admission. Sunday, the tent turns into the SoCo Cherry tent, sponsored by the liqueur Southern Comfort. And while your kids can’t party in the Whiskey Row tent they can party in a large kids zone with a bounce houses, a zip line … I like zip lines… and globe riding (what in the BootieWorld is Globe Riding”? The activities there cost a few bucks.


It's a backyard barbecue on a 5-acre scale! Arizona Barbecue Festival, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Loop 101 and Indian Bend Road, Salt River Reservation. $12 for one day, $20 two-day pass, $100 VIP, $175 two-day VIP. Details: 480-270-5000. More at:


5-9-12 Good thing I wasn't in our back yard at 4:11 this afternoon! I probably would have been doing a Dorothy impression without the red shoes! We had a wind gust of 44 MPH that blew one umbrella in a very heavy base into our pool, and completely tore up an 11 foot umbrella. Ruined it. Our yard looks like RJ went through it after a treat, and the gardener had just finished making it pretty for prowling four hours before. BootiePuke on that! And no rain…. Jeez. Hope you fared better…


5-5-12 OMG! Went back to Citizens Public House AGAIN for dinner last night and had one of the best dishes I’ve ever wrapped this PussyCat’s whiskers around! But first, just so you’re warned, this place is on the loud side. We changed our table when we first sat down to one further in the back and found a modicum of quiet so we could enjoy good friends company. Of course it’s on the  loud side because it’s packed and has a vibrant bar scene with lots of 30ish folks having a really good time. THE FOOD for the most part was Outstanding. What wasn’t Outstanding was Very Good. I started with the special, Halibut Cheeks, lightly fried in a crispy crust. I’ll give that one a very good. I tasted Mommy’s DUNGENESS CRAB CAKES with smoked red pepper aioli & celery root slaw $15 and was back in Outstanding land. My entrée was the APPLEWOOD SMOKED DUCK (* GF) … Maple Leaf farms duck breast, creamy rosemary millet, spiced pistachios, with sautéed greens $24 and found myself in OMG OUTSTANDING Land!!! One of the top 5 dishes I’ve drooled over this year. I finished with the “DONUTS & COFFEE” Bourbon glazed donut bread pudding, vanilla sauce, cafe au lait ice cream and brown sugar streusel $10 and I’ll tell you that was $10 Well Spent. Others at our table loved the Short Ribs… I was too busy enjoying my Duck to pay attention….We’ve been there 7 times in the last year. Nuff said! You really have to try this place **** ½ PAWS!


 5-3-12 The State Legislature is set to consider giving that Neo-Nazi loving scumbag Russell Pearce $261,000 to reimburse him for his failed campaign to avoid being recalled as our Senate President. You know the that Neo-Nazi that just killed 5 people in Chandler yesterday? Russell Pearce endorsed and sponsored him for a position in the State Republican Party a few years back. I saw a documentary that showed video of Pearce with his arm around that guy having a grand old time. Don’t you Dare give him that money!!!!!!!!!! DON’T YOU DARE. BootiePuke all over him!!!


5-2-12 So I was working away on my Booter Computer (yes, PussyCats are computer literate, though I'll admit typing without opposable thumbs can be challenging...) this morning when word came in that the inexplicably delayed event, long anticipated by BootieFoodies worldwide, well, perhaps not worldwide, but Country wide,  alright, OK  maybe not country wide, but at least here in BootieLand…had launched! The Springtime version of Restaurant Week was indeed going to happen! Yeah… BootieFine.


For the uninitiated, Restaurant Week usually occurs late in September each year here in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Over 200 restaurants participate, each offering a prix fixed 3 or 4 course menu indicative of their normal outstanding fare for less than half what you would normally spend. Most restaurants charge $30. A few very high end places don’t think they can present a fair representation of their menu for that and instead charge $40. WOW… it'll be the best deal you get thie month, but you BootieBetter make your reservations FAST as the best nights at the best spots fill up quickly. Here’s the 411… Restaurant Week starts Saturday May 19th and runs through May 27th. For a full list of participating restaurants and their Restaurant Week menu go to and read all about it! Then Book It Dano! Try out some spots at a fraction of what they normally charge. Don’t have reservations about it, Make Reservations! Several. Don’t be like that Yappy Yorkie RJ and lie around all night….Take your significant other out! I bet you’ll Get Lucky in return!



4-30-12 We went to Tucson for a beautiful memorial service for George, a close BootieBuddy. He’s above now,  preparing a place for us one day. We love you George. And, getting all the sad news out at once, Fred, also in Tucson also passed on to a better place. We love him so. Losing two that were so close to our hearts in 45 days really BootieSucks! Sigh….


4-25-12 Oh please! Come on! Exactly what does it take to get rid of Russell Pearce? That neo-Nazi uber embarrassment to our State is on the national new and the front page of the Arizona Republic defending SB 1070 at a Congressional hearing. Really! Is he the best we can do? Just looking at the picture of that Recalled fat slob makes me want to puke. His district booted him out of the Senate in a recall election last year and now he’s back, like a bad cold, in the news and running for a Senate seat again. BootiePuke on Him!


We ate at Relish Burger at the Phoenician last weekend. Great Burger, lousy service. 10 minutes before anyone came to the table for our drink order, 10 more minutes and no drinks,  the waitress showed up at took the drink order Again! 10 more minutes and they finally showed up with the server asking “who had the …. And who had the ..”. My Milkshake came in a plastic “to go” cup instead of their normal glass soda fountain glass. When I asked why the server told me the glasses were all dirty. I told him to wash one out and bring back my shake like it should be served. He did… the dinner finally arrived and once again the servers asked “who had the ….. and who had the …..”, you know, at a four star resort like the Phoenician that sport world class restaurants like J&G’s Steakhouse and El Terrazzo you’d think the servers would KNOW who ordered what. You’d also think they’d know not to bring the entre when we’re still eating the salad. And you’d also think they’d know not to start clearing away the dinner dishes when someone at the table was still enjoying their dinner. Great burger, great shake, pretty good onion rings, crappy service. I give it 2 PAWS.


4-23-12 I’m on my BootieBox today, sick and tired of our Congress! Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes," he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

 Here are some other ideas, not from Warren Buffet, but from others, that are just common sense and make me scratch my head wondering why this isn’t already the way our Congress works.

1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.

4-19-12 This weekend is going to be BootieFull, nice and toasty, about 97 in our sandbox. Sooooooo what do you have planned? The BootiePick of the week is a no brainer (that should work just fine for the Doggie, hee hee!) It’s the Great Arizona Picnic! That’s part of the Scottsdale Culinary Festival goings on. This year the folks putting it on have refocused on the food after things drifted to far towards the alcohol  in the past few years, not that there’s anything wrong with a little hair of the dog that bit you… WHAT, wait… of course there’s something wrong if a Doggie  bites you.! I speak for PussyCats everywhere when I say: What a stupid saying! Anyway I digress… the Picnic takes place on the huge grassy area at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Here’s a link to a map of the area and some parking  though really, I’ve seen better maps. RJ could draw a better map with his tail, and his tail is less than an inch long …. Unlike my BootieBIG 10” tail. I know. Don’t swoon…


Unlike your family get togethers, the Great Arizona Picnic also offers the opportunity to listen to great, live music on three stages, explore five specialty areas, a VIP area and see two national celebrities, Adam Richman of Man v. Food and Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods.


So, this Picnic is really something. There will be over 50 food vendors from various restaurants around town represented. You buy tickets for $1 each and then spend the tickets on small samples of food from the vendors, letting you eat some of everything that looks good to you. Most things go for 3 or 4 tickets. The grounds are gorgeous, there’ll be 3 stages with live music, the days beautiful, and the crowd full of BootieFoodies.


New This Year:


The Epicurean Experience – All sorts of gadgets and stuff  

Shows:Adam Richman & Andrew Zimmern from The Travel Channel

Courtside Cullinary – part of the NBA experience

VIP Experiences (3) for extra money, natch


So there’s no excuse not to have LOTS of fun this weekend April 21st and 22nd. The Picnic is Saturday noon – 9PM  and Sunday from noon – 6PM at the Scottsdale Civics Center, 3939 North Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. $10 to get in. More at


 4-18-12 No, I have not forgotten about all of you. In fact, I've been going crazy getting my site moved (to inmotion) so I don't have anymore downtime and can properly serve you, my BootieWeather fans the way you deserve to be served. Moving the site went pretty well, but figuring out how to write on the page has been a real bear. And bears are very scary to pussycats! Anyway, I've mostly figured it out so you can expect to start seeing regular updates on these pages from now on. Here's today's's going to be hot!!! Not HOT !!!!!!, just nice and toasty. About 96 degrees out in this part of Scottsdale. Nice POOL Weather!! Why don't you go eat at A Different Point of View this weekend. The food is sooooo BootieYummy! Much more soon!!! So glad to be back!!!!!! BootieFine!!!


3-31-12 Ows: I’ve so had it with GoDaddy, the company that hosts BootieWeather. Yesterday the server that hosts this site was “down” because some other company on the same server had used too much space. How is that my fault?????????????? I pay to have BootieWeather up 24X7, not 22X6. BootieSpit (or something that rhymes with that, use your imagination…) on them. Their ads are great but their product so sucks. I’m moving the site to another, more reliable, host! I’ll let you know when that’s been done.


Meows: What drop dead Gorgeous Weather we’ve been having, huh? Daddy let me out in the back yard with him yesterday and I spent an hour sniffing around and just enjoying the afternoon. I particularly enjoyed sniffing some Rosemary that grows in a few planters out back. Then this morning I prowled the Courtyard for about 45 minutes while Daddy read the paper and drank some coffee. He has a Herb Garden out there full of Basil, Mint, Dill, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary and Sage. I love to sniff them all! Blue skies, no humidity, warm temps, Mmmmmmmmmmm, wonderful, just wonderful! We do live in Paradise!


Lots to do this weekend. Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock (the blond) has a one woman show at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts Virginia Piper theatre tonight. Should be great. There’s a big Rodeo in Cave Creek all weekend and an art walk on Mill Ave. in Tempe. Or, how about taking in a ball game. The last Spring Training games are in ball parks all around the City today. Last chance… go have some BootieFun!


3-26-12 Meows or Ows? The Meow: A BootieBig Burger Battle of the buns and everything in-between makes its debut at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival in 2012. The Burger Battle is a competitive cook-off between the best chefs and restaurants in the Valley.  Held on Thursday, April 19th from 6-10pm at the Scottsdale Stadium, there's no holding the pickles, lettuce or catnip here (OK, no catnip…. just wishful thinking… hummmm) The no-holds barred battle will have fifteen exhibitors competing for the coveted titles of best burger including People's Choice and Judges' Choice.


BootieFoodies who attend the burger bash will have the chance to sample, savor and cast a vote for the burger with the tastiest kibble. The winning restaurant of each category will take away a shiny trophy, not to mention unlimited bragging rights. With entry, guests can indulge in all the burger samples they can eat, enjoy live entertainment from The Walkens, and sip on Leinenkugel's beer, soft drinks and water. The burger tasting giving away doesn't have to end once the night is over. Char-Broil will give away a professional grill to one lucky guest so they can battle with burgers at home!


The Ow - Now if only there was going to be some Gelato there….. Tickets are $55 per person. Grab your tickets today at


3-23-12 So I was saying to Daddy today, “I sure could use something Sunny in my BootieTummy today. How about Dottie’s True Blue Café he teased while doing duty stroking my back. “Not funny” I shot back in a snarky little tone, knowing that Dottie’s is in San Francisco and He and Mommy spent 2 hours 38 minutes in line on Valentine’s day waiting to get in a few years ago. And Daddy said he’d do it again! It’s NOT NICE teasing a BootieCat especially when it comes to his stomach and off the latch food! Then he told me Dottie’s opened their first remote location in Scottsdale a month ago. I feigned surprise (though I did write about it a month ago just before it opened… hee hee) and he promised to take me there forthwith. Or Fifthwith, or maybe it was Sixwith…  doesn’t matter and I can’t remember. Anyway, we piled in the car and purrrrrrred away…


The original Dottie’s has 10 tables, seating only about 30 people or so. The line is always at least 45 minutes long and no one in it minds. Thankfully the new one is at least four times as large, with a beautiful patio (where I sat natch..) overlooking the corner of Marshall Way and E. 3rd Ave. in Old Town Scottsdale. The have two other room, a good size dine in one and another “breakfast bar / internet café” kind of room. They’re sleek and inviting.


There was plenty of room there at 10:30AM as word about Dottie’s hasn’t spread yet. That will change soon. Service was quick and friendly. They have an extensive Breakfast (their specialty) menu and a pretty good selection of goodies for Lunch. But BootieFoodies will want to check the blackboard inside for the daily specials. I did, of course, and found my first meal on it. Cinnamon Bun French Toast! Now Really! How BootieCool does that sound? Of Course, you know me... I couldn’t pass That up! Note, I didn’t say cinnamon bread french toast, I said Cinnamon Bun French Toast and I wasn’t disappointed. When it came out it looked like someone had made two cinnamon buns, flattened them to about 3/4th of an inch high and then made French Toast with them. As everything there is homemade and fresh baked this french toast was to die for, hearty, melt in your mouth sweet cinnamon bun flavors that make you want to order a second helping before you take the  second bite of the first. I resisted, though just barely. The dish came with a small pitcher of real maple syrup and a side of mixed fruit. The fruit was good, not great. Nothing to write back to the Pound about… but that wasn’t why I ordered the dish was it? The French Toast gets 5 Paws. The Service gets 5 Paws and the atmosphere, leisurely brunching on the covered patio in 78 degree weather drinking in the street scene with blue skies and fluffy white clouds as a background gets 5 Paws too…. I remember reflecting that this is what life is all about. My big disappointment was that they didn’t have their coffee cake today. It comes and goes and if you think the French Toast is good, you would gladly give up one of your 9 lives for the Coffee Cake! Remember… order off the black board if you can. While the regular menu is great, they don’t take the time to write their specials each day on the board for nothing…


I’ll review the lunch menu (Burgers, Quesadillas – such as the one with pico de gallo, sour cream, pulled pork and jack cheese, Mmmmmmmmmmmm) another day after I’ve gone there for lunch but take it from this PussyCat, everything at Dottie's is Delish! Dottie’s True Blue Cafe 4151 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, AZ., 480-874-0303. Open 7:30AM to 3PM. Closed Mondays. ***** PAWS


 3-20-12 Let’s see…. what are those Perverts over at out State Legislature up to now? They’ve high jacked the Republican Party you know…. Well, in all their infinite wisdom they’ve decided they want to force women to have to tell their employers why they want birth control if it’s to be covered by their health care plan. My my my… that’s sure to endear women to the Republican party, don'tcha think? Since when did the Republican become the party of choice for voyeurs? Come on old men… can’t you get your kicks some less sick way? Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Glendale, said her bill has been widely misunderstood. Right. Remember her at election time and vote her little butt out! Makes me want to BootiePuke! Jeez...


Speaking of wanting to BootiePuke, that Neo Nazi lover and Bigot Extraordinaire Russell Pearce just won’t leave us alone, will he? He was BootieBooted out of the State Senate, where he had ruled like a despot, last November in a first of its kind recall election of a sitting AZ Senate President. I sort of thought the trash would stay in the dump. Wishful thinking I guess. "I know my duty," Pearce said as he formally announced his run”. If he really did he’d enter the Alzheimer’s ward at his local retirement home. He’s obviously forgotten he was kicked out in a recall election (not a regular election) last November when the voters in his own district finally had enough of his sickening ways.

The Great American Barbeque and Beer Festival is this Saturday! It’s the third year for this festival that will double in size, which means there are about twice as many food and drink vendors, too. Nearly 50 barbecue teams will serve pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken. Did you know that I’m into BBQ? By that I mean Smoking, not Grilling (well, I like to grill too, but that’s really not making BBQ in my BootieBook. BBQ is done Slow and Low, like for 12 hours or more many times in a smoker at around 225 degrees). I have a Traeger Smoker  and it’s tooooooooo cool! Valley breweries will pour craft beers so you can get your buzz on while tasting some competition grade Que (that’s what we Bootie BBQ connoisseurs call BBQ, hee hee). Visitors can compete in a, OMG, pie-eating (I so have to be there….), wing-eating (yes yes, I love wings too!) and bratwurst-eating competitions. Face to Face, Goldfinger, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Buck O Nine will perform. Does anyone know who they are? Doubt it… Discount tickets are available at Bashas' stores. Food, beverage and merchandise will be sold separately by vendors on a cash basis. Details: Noon-8 p.m. Saturday, March 24. Downtown Chandler, Arizona Avenue from Buffalo to Boston streets. $10, free for age 12 and younger. Food and drink extra. 602-276-2499.

Arizona Scottish Gathering and Highland Games are back this weekend. Complete with men in kilts to bagpipes. You know you have to be a real man to wear a kilt! I wonder if they make kilts for PussyCats! This annual festival sponsored by the Caledonian Society of Arizona promises an authentic Scottish experience. In case you don’t know who the Caledonian Society is, and I’m betting that’s most of you, since 1964, Celtic associations state-wide have come together to celebrate Scottish culture and particularly to present Scottish Highland Games.  Back then, it was a huge networking group without Internet, emails or faxing.  In 1978 these various Celtic associations united to form The Caledonian Society of Arizona. Athletes compete in a bunch of traditional Scottish sports including the caber toss, which tests contestants' strength and accuracy as they throw a 50-80 pound wooden pole in the air. There's also a genealogy tent, "wee lads and lassies" area and dancing stage. They’ve been doing this for 48 years and the event has grown into the second largest in the Pacific Southwest! Details: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, March 24-25. $5-$15. Steele Indian School Park, Third Street and Indian School Road. 602-431-0095,  


 3-15-12 It’s been too long….but I’ve been a very busy BootieCat, what with Uncle Jeff in town for 5 days! How about dinner at the movies (the AMC Esplanade has a yummy menu served by waiters as you watch the movie in Lazy Boy type recliners). We saw This Mean War with Reese Witherspoon. It’s very good, despite the ** ½ star rating it didn’t deserve Then I took my own advise and went to a spring training game and watched the Diamondbacks put it to the Mariners. What fun!. We had dinner downtown at Kincaid’s  (sleek, modern, good food and fun). Joanie’s still raving about the Dover Sole stuffed with crab meat. It was the perfect place to dine downtown before seeing Gypsy at the  Phoenix Theatre The first act was slow but things picked up after the intermission. It’s still playing if you’re looking for something to do. Saturday the weather was so great we headed up to Sedona for the day. We usually lunch at The Secret Garden but won’t be doing so anymore as the owner twice now has tried to keep R.J. off the patio, making odd little comments. I quickly straightened her out telling her Service Doggies are allowed anyplace the General Public is allowed. She relented but it’s obvious she’s no Dog Lover so poop on her! Next time we’ll go elsewhere. We did Happy Hours on the patio of Ken’s Creekside American Bistro . It was soooooo good (and they had nothing but good things to say about the Doggie)! We took a Pink Jeep tour and visited some of our Favorite Galleries! Sunday, being BootieFoodies one and all, found us at Devoured  WOW! If you’ve never been plan to go next year. It’s one of the two best Culinary Events of the year, what with over 40 restaurants represented on the grassy lawn of the Phoenix Museum. Highpoints included the Pork Belly from A Different Point of View  (positively melted..mmmmmmmmmm in my mouth) and an Australian Kobe Beef slider from Relish Burger at the Phoenician Resort that slide so nicely down my throat after dancing on and delighting my taste buds. Just too good! All in all a great 5 days. It was nice to see Uncle Jeff again as he’s definitely a cat person (having 5 cats himself….)


 3-1-12 There’s just too BootieMuch going on this time of year. Spring Training starts now, what fun to take in a game and enjoy the great weather this time of year. Next weekend is the Scottsdale Art Fair, one of the best ones in the valley each year and a favorite of mine because NO DOGGIES ARE ALLOWED. RJ gets to go because he’s a service doggie, but no non service doggies will be there, making life much easier for all PussyCats! David Spade is at the Stand Up Live Comedy Theatre tomorrow and Saturday. Just saw his act in Vegas a week ago and he’s sooooo funny! The Huge 54th annual Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and market is this weekend with 700 artists, lots of jewelry, pottery, painting, sculpture, etc. to be seen and purchased. I’m not that big on that kind of art, but the Food there is super Yummy! Surprise has a big BBQ Festival featuring BBQ competition with 32 teams from around the country. $10 to get in and $2 for tastes. Lots to do for the kiddies there too… The Maricopa County Home & Garden Show is Friday – Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium. I’ve never seen the stadium so who knows, I might wander over, have a look and enjoy one of the biggest, maybe the biggest, home shows of the year. And if you like accordion music the MIM features all kinds of events surrounding that instrument this weekend too. Much more to talk about, but I’m exhausted. Time for one of my Favorite Pastimes, a NAP. Bet you BootieFoodies can guess the other, hee hee…


 2-29-12 It’s Leap Day today. If a woman asks you to marry her you have to do it. That’s just all there is to it. I bet a man didn’t make that rule up… I wonder what happens if she’s really ugly…. Or if you’re already happily married. If you’re not happily married and the woman is really hot then there really isn’t much of a decision is there…. Or what happens if you’re a Gay male. Or if you’re a BootieCat!


An “extra day” is defined as an intercalary 24 hours within a bissextile (not bisexual – get your mind out of the gutter) year of 366 days, a phenomenon started in 46 B.C. by Julius Caesar, whose astronomers calculated that a solar year — the time it takes for Earth to orbit the sun — lasts 365.25 days. These astronomers were wrong by 0.008 of a day, and likely drunk. The discrepancy, which caused the seasons to regress, was corrected by the Gregorian calendar in 1582.


 2-28-12 I admit that sometimes I do a little Day Dreaming, most PussyCats do… and sometimes when I’m  day dreaming I think of Butterflies flitting about just out of my grasp. There is a cure for that, it’s a visit to the Butterfly Exhibit and the DGB (Desert Botanical Garden). The butterflies are so close you could just open your mouth and they might fly in! The exhibit opens this Friday and runs through May 13th. Free for members (like Me!) and only $3.50 for everyone else. It’s really something to see. You walk into the beautiful Marshall Butterfly Pavilion and are surrounded by  many hundreds of gorgeous butterflies. They land on you, flit around you, and generally show off. If you’re quick with your paw you can grab one and eat it, though personally I’d rather have a burger, some zucchini fries and a chocolate shake from BluBurger Grille. They’re sooooo good! Bet you would too… click here for locations  Anywhoooo, it’s really a great exhibit and a fun time. The weather will be so nice this weekend so why don’t you head over? It’s open 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily. More at


What? You want more DBG news? The Music in the Garden series starts this weekend. Concerts are from 7 – 9 p.m. There’s fab food and great groups every Friday evening, and the breath of music spans everything from Jazz to Swing to Boogie to Country to Blue Grass to R&B to…. Well, you do get the idea, huh? Order your tickets at or call 480-481-8188.


Finally, if you like desert plants and cactus the best place to purchase them is the Spring Plant Sale at, guess where… the DBG! It’s March 16th for members and the opens to the general rift raft (sorry if you’re not a member) Saturday March 17 and Sunday March 18th. If you aren’t a member you can join at the checkout stands and save enough on your plant purchases to pay for your membership! Too Cool for School! There’s no admission charge for the plant sale and they have some really fine specimens. Why not buy from  where they’re grown the right way? Enough now… time for a nap! Maybe I’ll dream I’m at the DBG eating a BluBurger! Mmmmmmmmm


 2-26-12 Sometimes I get so BootieTired of the hyperbola that has become de rigor in the campaign as candidates pander to the religious right. Since when did the Republican party unravel into a party more concerned with social engineering than the defense of our country? How does it square with “smaller government” when they want to control aspects of one’s life that are none of their business. Perspective is the thing we have least of in our politics these days. But perspective is what the presidency is all about -- rising above divisions and distractions to make long-term decisions in the national interest. By pouring gasoline on an already inflammatory political environment, the GOP presidential candidates not only diminish themselves, they diminish the process of running for president, and make it less likely that they would succeed in uniting the nation if they actually won the office


2-24-12 It’s really ridiculous how many great things there are to do this weekend, huh? More than you could ever get in! And the weather is going to be BootieFull, around 77 for the next three days and lots of sunshine! What’s not to like and aren’t we lucky to live in such a gorgeous place where others spend thousands to visit each year! You could take in the first Spring Training Festival at the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall Saturday or Sunday, the Food Trucks are in Mesa this weekend, It’s Arizona Beer Week The Fountain Hills Art Fair with over 500 vendors is this weekend  Mitch Fatel, the most requested comedian on satellite radio is at Sand Up Live in City Center downtown this weekend The renaissance Festival continues and Van Gogh Alive, the experience continues at the Arizona Science Center downtown Have some BootieFun this weekend!!!


 2-21-12 Ah, another BootieFoodie dream come true is coming up this Sunday! How does a Grilled Cheese Throwdown sound? Mmmmmmmm, super yummy for sure! Eight of the Valleys finest chefs will vie for the title of “Best in the West Grilled Cheese Chef” from 4PM to 7PM at the Hotel Valley Ho in the demo kitchen of their Sands Conference Center where the now defunct Trader Vic’s used to be. For your $20 ticket you can taste away with all you can eat Grilled Cheese and then vote for your favorite. The Chefs will be giving it their all, breaking out cheeses from places such as Point Reyes, Rogue Creamery, Roth Kase, Caves of Faribault, Cypress Grove, Beehive and Satoir! Wonder if there’ll be any tomato soup to dip those Samis in… What BootieFun! Since Adult Beverages will be available this is an over 21 only affair. Feb, 26th, Hotel Valley Ho, 6850 E. Main Street, Scottsdale. Get tickets at


 2-16-12 Attention all BootieFoodies! There are big doing afoot, or, aPaw, as the case may be! The Winter Chef Series is drawing to a close this weekend, and, arguably, the biggest culinary event of the year, Devoured, heads our way March 10th and 11th! The last event in the Winter Chef’s Series is Winter Chef Series with Jennifer Woods, Saturday, February 18, 2012 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. It’s a Winter Greens Ninja Class led by Jennifer Woods, a Chow Bella Contributor and Crooked Sky Farms Marketer and Food Blogger. The first course will feature warm bacon dressing over a bitter greens salad and poached egg, paired with Arizona Stronghold Dayden. The second course will feature individual pizzas with Fossil Creek goat cheese, an olive and Crooked Sky greens sauce and toasted pine nuts, paired with Gruet Rose Brut. The third course will feature brownie bites studded with candied seville orange peel  and whipped creme fraiche, paired with Sonoran White Chocolate Ale. It’s at the Phoenix Public Market from 2PM to 4PM this Saturday, 14 E. Pierce Street, Phoenix (602) 254-1799. You get a two hour culinary demonstration and a three course meal for $55. What a deal! Tickets and map at


What’s every BootieFoodie doing the weekend of March 10th – 11th? Why going to simply the best culinary event of the year at the Phoenix Art Museum. What's the best strategy for getting the most out of Devoured Culinary Classic, the weekend gorge fest that each day spotlights fare from about 40 restaurants, along with a dessert hall and free-flowing beer, wine and spirits? Skip the food in your bowl that morning and Come hungry, Come thirsty! The Valley's premier food festival - three out-of-town restaurants had to be turned away for lack of space - is now in its seventh year, and third year at the Phoenix Art Museum. If you can't attend both days, which day should you choose? The BootieFoodie answer is Sunday! Among the Sunday-only group are Beckett's Table, Citizen Public House, Cowboy Ciao, Hana Japanese Eatery, Petite Maison and Prado.


What really tips the scales to Sunday is Kai, which every year puts on a masterful, multicourse spectacle. In past years, it has offered the likes of grilled rib eye and quinoa; wild game (elk, buffalo, venison) posole; pulled lamb on fry bread with tzatziki sauce; and lavender-citrus Popsicles. Among the items on this year's menu is "Kai Toast" with fried quail eggs, pancetta and agave nectar syrup. Along with eating and drinking, you can watch chefs at work on the demonstration stage.  Sunday's demos will be conducted by Justin Beckett (Beckett's Table); new Caffe Boa chef Matt Smith; previous Caffe Boa chef Payton Curry; and Bernie Kantak (Citizen Public House).


New this year: a dessert lounge sponsored by AJ's, in the museum's Great Hall. Along with lots of sweets - red-velvet cupcakes, brownie bars, mini fruit tarts, mousse-filled chocolate cups, lemon bars - you'll find Espressions coffee and cordials. The beverage folks, interspersed among the food booths, will be pouring Arizona and international wines, craft beers and tequila, vodka and whiskey. It’s $69 per person and includes admission to the Museum. Tickets, a list of participating restaurants and more at


 2-14-12 It’s kind of a big day today isn’t it, what with it being Valentine’s Day and all. You did remember it’s Valentine’s day didn’t you? If not your in big BootieTrouble and you better run out quick and buy a box of chocolates and a card… AND, it’s also Arizona’s Centennial! 100 years ago Arizona became a state. Every wonder how our State got its name? Arizonac means “the place of little springs” in the Tohono O’odham (Indian) language. They were formerly referred to as the Papago. It refers to a little place southwest of Nogales where Spaniards searching for riches in a silver strike moved back in 1736. They called their camp Real de Arizonac. The “c” eventually fell off the end and there you are! There are other version of this story. If you want to hear them go talk to Marshall Trimble, Arizona’s official historian.


Arizona was the 48th State admitted into the Union, and they didn’t want us. We tried for 56 years after becoming a territory to get into the Union, but everyone East of the Mississippi thought this was a rude crude land in the Southwestern desert filled with scoundrels and ne’re-do-wells. Turns out they were right…. 56 years later we finally made it. That happened when President Taft reluctantly signed the official papers in Washington D.C. at 10:23a.m. on Wednesday February 14, 1912. A telegraph key brought the word instantly to the State and in Bisbee they set off a stack of 48 sticks of dynamite. In Globe they fired 48 cannon shots. In Prescott they raised a toast and shot off pistols on Whiskey row and in Phoenix George W.P. Hunt walked from his downtown hotel to the state Capitol and was sworn in as Arizona’s first governor. William Jennings Bryan spoke for two hours (jeez) at the Capitol ceremonies. A cannonade of 48 howitzer salutes on City Hall Plaza was so loud, it unsettled horses and broke windows and was halted at 38! Pretty BootieCool, huh?


 2-11-12 We went to the Arizona Centennial Events downtown today. See my 2/9/12 comments for details and a map. It was BootieFun and the weather was just too fine! It runs for 3 more days, so you really ought to go. There were thousands of folks there but the venue is spread out over 5 blocks so it didn't feel crowded.


2-10-12 Isn’t it great that they are going to give folks who were foreclosed on $2,000, and reduce the balances on lots of folks homes who are underwater (by at least 175%) $20,000? I guess it really pays to Not pay your mortgage, or to walk away from the house you bought, knowing full well you couldn’t afford it but betting you could flip it. And don’t those folks that put nothing down and got an interest only loan just deserve this windfall! Uh oh, it’s Hairball Time again…. So what do you get if you put a nice chunk of cash down and actually bought a house you could afford? That’s right, Bubkes! If you don’t know what that means go here: Oy Vey! I’m not Jewish, but they have some very cool words and expressions. Judy and Richie are a positive font of Jewish phrases. If that interests you and you have too much time on your hands and want to waste some of it go to


The House of Representatives passed a bill that makes Insider Trading illegal for its members. Think about that. Martha Stewart went to jail for purging herself when she denied she received “insider information” and then sold some stock. Now I’m no Martha Stewart fan (lots of folks think she’s a schmuck) but really, WHY has it always been legal for Senators and Representatives to enrich themselves trading in the market with Insider Information while any other American that did the same faces Hard Time in the  Slammer? They do that kind of thing all the time! Pass laws but exempt themselves from those laws!…. Schmucks! BootiePuke on Them!!! Throw them all out in November.... please!


Up for a Home Tour this Sunday? Why not visit historic homes in the Willo District? The Willo Historic District Annual Home Tour will take place on Sunday, February 12, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Get directions and read all about it here   Tickets are $18.


The 24th Annual Renaissance Festival starts this weekend and runs for the next, groan, 8 weekends. Satisfy your inner nerd, dress up as a knight or a damsel and devour all the turkey legs your heart desires! There’s a jousting tournament – surely your jest – Yes! Jesters, a 30 acre circus, an arts and crafts fair and a feast! The feast is the only thing that has me BootieIntrigued, but that’s just me. Tens of Thousands of folks will be there, and it is in its 24th year so they must be doing a lot right! Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 6PM.


 2-9-14 Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Really? Well, there is tooooooooo much to do to get it all in. After all, our State’s 100 Year Anniversary is Tuesday and there are BIG DOINGS here and all around the State to celebrate. Too many things for me to list (cause time is short and I’m feeling a little like sitting in the sun and grooming myself today, purrrrrrrrrr). Sorry if that ruffles your feathers, though if you have feathers you have bigger problems than that and I suggest you see a good dermatologist quick! Here’s a link to a map of all the Arizona Best Fest events - that’s the largest of the Centennial celebrations - here’s another link to all the Centennial celebrations around town and around the state: I hope you have a BootieFineTime this weekend. The weather will be just simply drop dead gorgeous! Yeah!


 2-3-12 Of course the big thing this weekend is Food. I know it’s SuperBowl Weekend, but pause and reflect on that name. Notice the word “Bowl”? And what do you put in bowls? Yummy things, that’s what. And on Sunday for the big game you put Super Yummy things in bowls, right? I rest my case. So for this SuperBowl Weekend I’m going to smoke a pork butt! Yes, you read correctly. No, I don’t mean put some pork in a rolling paper, do up a doogie and smoke it…. I mean break out the GREAT Trager Smoker Mommy gave me for Christmas and make some pulled pork for Pulled Pork Sandwiches that will be the best ever eaten! I’ve been practicing with my Trager and am here to tell you it’s by far the best smoker on this planet. And the BBQ I smoke on it, OMG, unbelievable! If you don’t know what a Trager Smoker is, check out their website: I’ve got the “Texas Grill” and man is it sweet! Oh yeah!


So far I’ve smoked a Pork Butt (more about that in a minute), Baby Back Ribs, and a Beef Brisket. All have received the BootieFoodie Seal of Approval (the Seal is now safely back in the pool). Ahem. I mentioned smoking a Pork Butt. That piece of meat is really a Pork Shoulder…. so why would it also be called a Butt? I mean the last time I checked those two areas of porcine anatomy weren’t easily confused. Well if you jump into Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine (if you don't know what that that is go here: ) and travel back to pre-revolutionary New England you’d find some pork cuts like pork shoulders (but not those highly valued, or "high on the hog," like loin and ham) were packed into casks or barrels (also known as "butts") for storage and shipment. Hence the name Pork Butt! BootieBet you didn’t know that… Anyway, I digress… I’ll be smoking a great Pork Shoulder for about 12 hours, then “pulling” it apart and making melt in your mouth Pulled Pork Sandwiches for Game Day. That along with some other lip smacking home made goodies will be in my Bowl on Sunday!


Are you going to the Phoenix Open (I just can't bring myself to call it the Waste Management…. don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their sponsorship and all… but the image that brings up just doesn’t jive with how beautiful it is out on the course..) this weekend? You really should. The weather will be great and the people watching (what it’s really all about) even better. More at


Got Chocolate? You can get plenty this weekend if you head over to the The Glendale Chocolate Affair, now in its 17 year. It’s a fun and completely calorie free thing to do this weekend, as if there weren’t enough to keep you busy….and it opens today and runs through Sunday. Chocolate pushers from Arizona and around the nation gather in Glendale for this award-winning festival, which celebrates not only chocolate, but romance and the arts as well. Chocolate confections will include items such as chocolate-covered bacon, chocolate-covered churros, chocolate-covered Twinkies, chocolate-covered key lime pie, fried ice cream with chocolate and strawberries, chocolate-covered crepes and much more. BootieYum!!! Cardiologists will be standing by, just in case…. The Glendale Chocolate Affaire festival was named one of the Top 100 Events in North America. Event hours are Friday 5 - 10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. The event is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Glendale, in Murphy Park, located at 58th and Glendale avenues. You can see a video about it here: Admission is free and, of course, there are no calories on SuperBowl weekend, right? Yeah!  


Morton's, the high-profile international steakhouse that has anchored the Esplanade at Camelback Road and 24th Street since 1996, has closed. It never was one of my favorites. Too dark and Old School. It's the fourth restaurant to leave the Esplanade in the past 14 months. Houston's (now Hillstone) moved into the vacant Chevys space across the street. Au Petit Four moved to Scottsdale. And McCormick & Schmidt's BootieBoogied it out of town….

2-2-12 BootieBuddies know you can chose to view the glass as half full or as half empty. It’s a sad lot that chooses the half empty viewpoint. Those people will never be happy in life and that’s a shame. I have no pity for those folks because the approach you take to life is Your Choice, and not anyone else’s. If you want to cry and moan their way through life, so be it... Tough Times Never Last…Tough People Do!

The BootiePlan to Save Our Country: Reduce taxes on Business so they can compete in the global market place without outsourcing jobs. Let Companies bring back off shore profits without taxing them (they already paid taxes in whatever Countries their businesses were in), as long as they reinvest that money in America. Reform Social Security by raising the retirement age for those under 50 by three years. Cap Medicare spending and reimbursements at their current level and then tie Medicare spending to a percentage of the GDP so the percent of GDP we spend on it stops increasing. Lower the tax rate, and make everyone who earns money pay taxes. Set two rates, 10% and 25%, and that’s it. If we close all the loop holes such as subsides for Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, etc. we’d be able to lower the tax rates even further, which would allow that money to further stimulate the economy and add to job creation.

I BootieKnow things are getting better. The economy is picking up. I know last month was the best January for the S&P and Dow since 1997 and since 2001 for the Nasdaq. I know unemployment has started back down, we’ve added over 100,000 jobs each month for the past 6 months, there are fewer foreclosures now than a year ago and manufacturing has picked up. We’re not where we need to be yet, but the bleeding has stopped and the recovery started.

I also know the Tea Party and other Right Wing Republican groups want everyone to believe that the economy is in an uncontrollable downward spiral, so President Obama will lose the election in November. I get it. I want President Obama to lose the election too. I want Mitt to be our next President and I desperately want President Obama to be defeated in the fall. BUT why can’t politicians on both sides of the aisle speak the truth and let the truth stand on its own merit. I’m sick of both sides twisting the truth to suit their own purpose.

What do I mean by that? I mean that President Obama’s tax and spending policies are wrong. His view on taxation is that wealth should be redistributed from the wealthy to those who don’t have as much. That is Communism, plain and simple. What’s really unfair is that people who have worked very hard and achieved a good income have to fork over 35% of it in taxes and those who haven’t pay so much less or nothing in Federal Income tax at all! Yes! 50% of working American’s pay NO income tax at all!!! That’s what is so unfair. Quit trying to penalize the producers in our society Mr. Obama!!!

Karl Marks wrote, in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.” The phrase summarizes the principles that, in a communist society, every person should contribute to society to the best of his or her ability and consume from society in proportion to his or her needs. If that’s what you want move from the USA to a Communist Country, don’t try to turn American into one!

We, as a Country can’t afford to be all things to all people without going broke. President Obama’s spending programs, such as his so called “ObamaCare” medical plan, we just can’t afford. Do you know that there was no Medicare program before 1965? That and Social Security are the two programs that, unless reformed, will be the downfall of our Country. I’m not saying do away with them, I’m saying scale things back so they don’t bankrupt us. To fix Social Security all we have to do is raise the retirement age for those under 50 by three years. Is that really so BootieHard to do? Come on!

And Republicans (which I use to be before becoming an Independent about 4 years ago), you keep saying President Obama is responsible for the housing crisis and the longest recession in over 50 years. Really??? The housing mess began while George Bush was President. It was in large part due to the Republicans removing controls over lenders like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. And was also due to greed on the part of many home buyers who bought houses they BootieWell knew they couldn’t afford in the hope they could soon flip them.

By the time Bush left office we were already in a deep recession. Two months after he left office the stock market had lost over 6,000 points off its high and bottomed out at about 6,500. Today it’s over 12,750! That’s the legacy that was left to Obama. So, Republicans, Man Up, grow a pair, and admit that the mess started several years before President Bush left office and came to a head about 4 months before President Obama took office. The Republicans did a terrible job during the 8 years President Bush was in office. They were handed a surplus by Clinton and promptly turned it into huge deficits, a trend that Obama has continued, but didn’t invent.


What are we to do?  Why vote for Bootie for President of course! A Mouse in Every Pot!


2-1-12 Another cool date if you’re a Numerologist (one that’s interested in numbers)… but the BIG NEWS is that I’ve fixed the problem with the weather stats not updating in BootieWeather! All is right again in BootieLand! Oh Joy!!!


1-31-12 Sorry about the weather data not updating since yesterday morning. That’s a real BootieBummer. It’s not easy being a PussyCat you know. We’ll get that fixed soon. In the meantime here’s some fun info!


For all you BootieFoodies out there who want to sharpen your skills, One of the Valley’s top farmers’ market, the Old Town Farmers’ Market, has just kicked off a fun new Edible Education Series, pairing some of the Valley’s top chefs with local producers for cooking demos and, most importantly, delicious nibbles. Edible Education Series classes Cs run from 10:30-11:30 a.m. and there are 25 slots available on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are complimentary; however, donations are accepted for the Fallow Fund, an emergency farm relief fund. The Market is at Brown and 1st Street in Old Town Scottsdale. Here’s a link with more info and a map:


Here are the upcoming classes in Old Town Farmers’ Market’s Edible Education Series:


Feb. 4: Drizzle This! Olive Oil & Vinegar with Tess McDonough of Outrageous Olive Oil

Feb. 18: Seasonings Spices & Rubs with Chef Eddie Matney and Hopkins Hog Farm

Feb. 25: Fresh Herbs & Edible Flowers with  Terri Nacke and Maya’s Farm

March 3: Cheese Making 101 with Chef Elizabeth Meinz of Orange Table and Shamrock Dairy


Can’t make it to Old Town? Here’s the Bootie411 on some of the top area farmers’ markets:


ASU Campus Farmers’ Market
Every other Tuesday, 9 a.m. -2 p.m.

 Tempe Orange Mall, West of Memorial Student Union


Twilight Farmers’ Market
Wednesdays, 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
North Glendale at Citadel Plaza on 59th Ave and Utopia


Carefree Farmers’ Market
Fridays, 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Carefree, Corner of Easy St. and Ho Hum Way at Amphitheater Gardens


Mesa Community Farmers’ Market
Fridays, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Mesa, 263 North Center St just South of University


Avondale Farmers’ Market
Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Friendship Park by the lake
12325 W. McDowell Rd.


Roadrunner Park Farmers’ Market
Saturdays, 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Phoenix, Cactus and 51 Freeway, Roadrunner Park


Old Town Farmers’ Market
October 29 thru April or early May
Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
City Parking Lot corner of Brown and 1st St. next to Carriage House


Ahwatukee Farmers’ Market
Sundays, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
SE Phoenix, Ahwatukee Swim and Tennis Center
4700 E. Warner, Phoenix


 1-26-12 What in the world is Newt doing? Mr. Conservative, beating up someone for working hard, earning a lot of money and then investing that money back into the Country and getting paid for taking a risk by doing so (interest..)? That’s exactly what he’s busting up Mitt for doing!!! This from yesterday “You have to live in a world of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island accounts and automatically $20 million income for no work to have some fantasy this far from reality.” Well, let’s see… there is nothing illegal about having money in Swiss or Cayman Island bank accounts if you pay your taxes on that money, like Mitt did. Next..automatic $20 million income for no work. Really Newt, I mean really? Mitt earned the 250 million that affords him the 20 million in interest income you’re speaking about. What bugs you about that Newt? That he earned 250 million all on his own from hard work? I thought that was the American way and something that we all aspire to. And investing your money to help business grow or Governments borrow (bonds) and get paid interest on your investments, isn’t that the American way too? What do you do with your money (I mean besides run up $800,000 tabs at Tiffany’s, Newt, like you did???). You don’t invest your money? If all you do is bury it in the back yard or put it under your mattress I don’t want you in charge of our Country’s finances.


Every time I think I’d like to vote for you Newt you say something stupid that makes me think you’re against capitalism, kjustof like Obama, huh, and frankly an idiot. It’s kind of like when you were spewing bombastic rhetoric at Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica and calling for his impeachment while at the same time you yourself were having an affair. You really will say anything to further your position… BootieSigh!


Speaking of shooting off your mouth, how about Nancy Pelosi saying “He’ll never be President. Believe me. I know things”, and then finally backing down by having a lillie livered statement issued saying “the thing she knows is that Newt will never be elected president.” That is so wrong of her on so many levels. She’ll say anything to further her position too…


And then there’s the picture of our illustrious Governor, Jan Brewer, sticking her bony finger in the President’s face yesterday. It doesn’t matter what you think of his politics. That’s just plain low class and rude. Thanks for making Arizona look bad in front of the whole Country, and then crying about what President Obama said to you and  saying you were a little scared. You’re not the kind of person I want leading our State. And by the way, do something about your make up. You look like the before picture in an ad for facelifts.


Finally, Obama can just quit his socialistic ways. The “rich” do pay their fair share Mr. President. Everyone really should pay the same amount of income tax, not the same percentage, but the same amount. Why should it be based on income? After all, the poor use many more social services than the middle class or the wealthy. Why do they get the benefit of all our tax money and contribute nothing in taxes and contribute nothing to society (if they did contribute to society they would probably be getting paid for it and wouldn’t be poor…). Our real problem isn’t the wealthy, Mr. President, but the poor who suck up all our tax money, commit a disproportionate amount of the crimes, lose themselves in a drug induced haze and in general smell bad. Perhaps if you don’t pay taxes you shouldn’t receive medical treatment from the State (Medicare or Medicaid or free medical care in emergency rooms.... Yeah! Are those really the lives that deserve to be extended? Oh…. That is pretty BootieHarsh isn’t it. But it’s true, isn’t it… honestly, isn’t it? I never promised to be Politically Correct! BootieRules!


 1-25-12 President Obama spoke at length last night, bemoaning the lack of “equality” in America. He’s right. There is no equality. If there were the 50% of American workers that pay NO federal income tax would start coughing up their fair share (say 15% of what they earn). Equality to me means everyone pays the same rate (again, 15% sounds about right). Not that the people who work harder and make more pay a higher rate than those who messed around in high school, having more fun socializing, smoking dope, or getting drunk than actually (gasp) studying. If everyone worked as hard as everyone else, putting in 12 hour days, saving their money, and didn’t go into debt to buy that flashy new car they couldn’t afford at that time in their lives… if everyone was responsible about their mortgage and didn’t just “walk away” from their house because it’s underwater and stick it to whoever lent them the money when they asked for that loan, if people actually got to work on time and gave their job 100% then, OK, there could be a case for “equality” but they DON’T. I have neighbors who can easily afford their mortgage payment but quit paying it because they are “under water” and plan to walk from their house! At least 75% of Americans do the least they can do to get along and vote for whoever will promise to take from those who actually work hard and produce and give it to their lazy selves. That makes me want to BootiePuke! That’s communism! Equality should mean everyone pays the same tax rate. Stop promoting class warfare and a socialist State. You don’t have to be a BootieBoyGenius to understand that, right President Obama?


 1-22-12 A Newt, a Mitt and a Barack. Jeez… what a group of names to pick from. Isn’t anyone named Fred or Greg or something like that anymore? If we elect a Newt is sounds like we’ve elected some kind of dwarf or troll. And if we pick Mitt what’s that all about. Does that mean we have a baseball fetish? And Barack – well, I never even heard of a Barack. That’s the sound I make when I’m coughing up a good size hairball…. To be truthful. R.J. makes that kind of sound from time to time. I think he’s an alien! If you look up Newt is says he’s a semi-aquatic amphibian which looks rather like a cross between a lizard and a frog. Hummmmm, I’ve really never thought that of him, but I suppose that could come in handy if you’re someone who changes your position to match the political winds of the day. As for Mitt…there are softball Mitts and Hardball Mitts… what kind of Mitt do you think Romney is? Rattner says Mitt is a flip flopper. I don’t think being a flopper makes for a very good Mitt… after all you’d catch the ball and then drop the ball. Does anyone want someone who drops the ball as President? Barack? Rick Perry says Barack is a Socialist. But then Rick Perry isn’t exactly the  sharpest tack in the box is he? Conservapedia says Barack is also known by the alias Barry Soetoro during his time in Indonesia (born August 4, 1961) and is the 44th President of the United States. I wonder what they’re smoking over there at Conservapedia. Whatever it is those boys need some serious help….


 1-21-12 Hummmm.. 12112, kind of a neat date, huh? Aren’t you just so BootieGlad you like in Arizona and not in the Northwest or the Northeast now with all that freezing weather and snow. It makes me shiver just thinking about it!


Guess what? The Best place for breakfast I’ve ever been to (really!) was Dottie’s True Blue Café in San Francisco. It was two years ago on Valentine’s Day. I think I wrote about it in Bootieweather… we stood in line for 2 hours 23 minutes before getting into the tiny place, but wow, what a breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, and now they’ve decided to open a second restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. It’s suppose to open next month on the Southeastern corner of Marshall Way and Third Avenue. It’ll be considerably bigger than the original location boasting a 60 seat restaurant, a 34 seat breakfast bar/internet café and a 34 seat outdoor patio. That’s over 4 times as large as the San Francisco location. If it’s only half as good it’ll still be four times better than any other place it town! I’ll let you know….


Been to the Auto Auctions yet? Better BootieBoogie over now as most end tomorrow. If not there how about Dillinger Days in Tucson this weekend, the U.S. vs. Venezuela Soccer match or the Cave Creek – Carefree Balloon Festival today and tonight? It’ll be a beautiful day..a great day to get out and enjoy our gorgeous City!


1-15-12 BootieWeather is once again updating it's weather data! Yea!. I'm not sure why, but I'm so glad things are right again!!! I don't normally get depressed but when my site isn't working correctly a general cheerlessness settles over me and I just BootieHateThat!!! Hope you're having a Great weekend!!! And would it be asking too much for the Republican pretenders to the throne to quit bashing Mitt? The Democrats are positively squealing with delight over and over again as they watch the sophomoric antics of those desperately behind in the polls. Politicians willing to do anything, even to the detriment of their own Party, for their own selfish ends don't deserve our vote.... BootieYeah!!


1-14-12 I'm having technical problems on the site. It's not updating the weather stats. I Hope to get that fixed shortly.


1-12-12 Saturday’s the big Day all you BootieFoodies have been waiting for, right? Hummmmmm, forgotten already? That’s the Day of the big Food Truck competition at the Salt River Fields sports complex (where the Diamondbacks hold Spring Training). I wrote all about it on 12-30-11 and even have a link to the festivities. Check it out, it’ll be loads of BootieFun!


Sunday the 25th edition of Scottsdale’s Sunday A’Fair launches with free concerts every Sunday (natch…if they were on Saturday it wouldn’t be called Sunday A’Fair would it now…). This Sunday (wow, that's the 5th time I've said Sunday in two sentences) it’s Walt Richardson and the Peaceful Warriors and the Samba Project. The Samba Project plays to a Brazilian Beat. If you saw me dancing to that it would really be something, huh... It’s from Noon – 4PM Sunday at the Scottsdale Civic Center Park, 7380 E. Second Street, and it’s FREE! More at  


Can you imagine how much fun our President must be having watching the five remaining GOP Presidential Candidates tear one another apart? I mean, he couldn’t but that kind of campaign fodder! They are writing his campaign ads for  him at every debate and campaign stop. What fools… and it’ll be all of us that that will be led down the path of Socialism thanks to their sophomoric, idiotic behavior. It would be funny if the stakes weren’t so high. Sigh

 1-8-12 Big BootieDoings start next weekend and continue on for the next 4 months! The “Season” swings into high gear with the car shows coming to town next weekend! Barrett-Jackson kicks off their week-long automotive lifestyle event with the 3rd Annual Scottsdale Road Rally on Saturday, January 14th.  Approximately 80 Hot Rods, Exotics, Resto-Mods, classics, new collectibles and muscle cars will roar down the streets of Scottsdale in the all-day celebration of the collector car hobby. The rally will begin at the SkySong Center parking lot on the southeast corner of Scottsdale Road and McDowell Road, and travel north on Scottsdale Road to The Pavilions, between Pima and the 101.


Per Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson, “The Road Rally is a thrilling event that gives car enthusiasts a chance to see an array of amazing vehicles in action. We want to extend an invitation for people to bring their entire family and join us for a great day of cars, entertainment and giveaways."


BootieFans will gather for a Mini Car Show prior to the Road Rally at 1:00pmMST at the SkySong  Center parking lot. The pre-rally event will offer participants and spectators a sneak peek at the rally cars, live entertainment and giveaways. Food (yum) and beverages will be available for purchase.


At 2: 30p.m., the Scottsdale Police Department will conduct a safety presentation for all rally participants. The Road Rally will depart at 3 p.m. and travel north on Scottsdale Road, then head east on Indian Bend. Participants will arrive at The Pavilions northeast parking lot near McDonald’s and Best Buy. Immediately following the rally, participants and the public can enjoy an evening of live entertainment, prizes and giveaways during the Barrett-Jackson Night at The Pavilions.


Barrett-Jackson Night is free to all BootieBuddies. OK, it’s free to everyone, but that includes all BootieFans, right?  Activities start at 4 p.m. and last until 8 p.m. Barrett-Jackson will also be selling merchandise and discounted tickets to the 41st annual Scottsdale auction, scheduled from Sunday, Jan. 15, to Sunday, Jan. 22, at WestWorld of Scottsdale. Get your engines Purrrrrrrrrrrring!


1-7-12 Took my own advise and went to the play and the restaurant that I wrote about on January 5th last night. We had a BootieFun time!


You should see the restroom at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. It's nothing to poop on! (That's slightly confusing , isn't it?) The edgy, modern bathroom was named one of 10 finalists in the 2011 America's Best Restroom Contest. The most eye-catching feature is a lighting system that continually and subtly shifts the colors of the space from cool blues and greens to warm golds and reds. the bathrooms  ended up finishing 3rd  in the country in the competition! Too BootieCool! More about it, along with a picture at

1-5-12 Why don’t you start the New Year out right by taking your significant other out to dinner and a play this weekend? Here’s a combo I guarantee you’ll enjoy. The first will get you BootieHowling and the second will satisfy your inner BootieFoodie! The play’s in Scottsdale …you’d head over to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for the Nora Ephron (and her sister Delia Ephron) play “Love Loss and What I Wore”. That woman is soooooooooo BootieFunny!! You know who she is, she wrote When Harry Met Sally . . . , Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Bewitched, and is the author of best sellers Heartburn, Scribble Scribble, and Crazy Salad, I Feel Bad About My Neck and other Thoughts on Being a Woman among others. Catch the show at 7:30PM tonight or 8PM Friday or Saturday night (other times are available too ..see the link) and then have dinner after the show at Citizens Public House (they’re open till 1:30AM on Thursday – Saturday nights and not so late on other nights) the food is to die for there and the place will be buzzing! How New York City of you! A Play and a Late Night Dinner! GreatBootieFun! Here are links to info about the show and dinner: and Take both in this weekend and get off to a great 2012!


1-4-12 Have you been to the DBG (Desert Botanical Garden) lately? I bet you have. After all, how could you go through the Holiday Season without taking in the Luminary events there in December. They really put you in the Spirit! Bet the Garden isn’t just for Santa time you know. There are great things going on there year around. I particularly like the semi annual plant sales. I love to pick up an unusual cactus or two and add to the cactus collection in our yard. But that’s not what’s going on now at the DBG. Coming up, starting this weekend, is the Music in the Garden series. It starts this Sunday and continues on each Sunday afternoon from noon till 2PM through February 26th (though I didn’t see anything about a band on 1/15.) What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon! BootieTip: Join if you’re not a member. You get all kinds of discounts including discounts on the plants you’ll surely want to buy later in the year. The membership more than pays for itself. Doors open at 11AM. Members $15, General Public $21.  This weekend is Big Nick & the Gila Monsters! More at


 1-3-12 It’s 2012. I like the sound of that. It sounds new and squeaky clean. A fresh start to a great new year. The year will be what you BootieMake of it you know! I plan to challenge myself. Learn new things, meet new people and travel somewhere I’ve never been. Being BootieBuddies I know you feel the same way. Some people are going to do the same old things while expecting new results. That really doesn’t work very well does it? Life is what you make it. Make it Great this year! You can, you know! Just do it! Start Today! Yeah! BootieFine! You could start with a bowl of Gelato.... guess it depends on your goals...


12-30-11 We’re going to end up the year with less rainfall here in Saguaro Estates in North Scottsdale than we had last year, but still almost twice as much rain as fell at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix. Here are some totals: Sky Harbor 4.66”, Scottsdale Airport 5.11”, Glendale Airport a measly 2.64”, Mesa 5.81” and here in Saguaro Estates (drum roll….) 8.50” of rain! Still, that’s 5.33” less than the 13.83” that fell in our back yard in 2010.


Food Trucks! The Purrrrrrr of their engines brings a pleasant rippling of the fur to any BootieFoodie. And they will be here, at Salt river Fields, on January 14th to kick off their first ever “Street Eats” culinary event for your BootieLipSmacking enjoyment! With them will be celebrity TV chef Tyler Florence as master of ceremonies. Tyler is host of the Food Networks “The Great Food Truck Race”. Over 25 of our Valley’s food trucks will be in Center Field. You can snack to your heart’s content, selecting sample and full size portions starting at $2 per plate. Mmmmmmmm. Also there will be live music, shopping, cooking demos from Valley chefs, a market and things to do like a remote control car track, a Kids Zone with a zip line (really? A zip line?) and bicycle displays. All in all it sounds like a yummy way to spend a few hours. $10 to get in, but if you buy a ticket to any spring training game at the Home Plate Box Office on the west side of Salt River Fields you get in for free! 10AM to 5PM January 14th Salt River Fields, 7555 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, 888-490-0383


 12-28-11           Top 10 Reasons I Procrastinate.




12-27-11 I'm back.... It’s been awhile, huh, since I had a chance to pen a few thoughts. Company visiting made for a busy, fun week! With Christmas just over and a New Year right around the corner I thought I’d bite my BootieTongue, stay away from controversy (you know that won’t last long…) and reminisce about some of our many blessings.


I have a wonderful wife. She makes life worthwhile.

I have a great Son. He's brought me so much happiness.

We have wonderful friends. They bring fun and joy into our lives.

A new baby girl came to Joanie’s niece. Her name is Chloe. She’s very lucky to have such wonderful parents.

We are healthier now than last year.

We live in one of the prettiest places on earth.

The unemployment rate has fallen lately.

Housing starts are up over this time last year.

Captain "Sully" Sullenberger - OK that was from 2009, but what a guy! He's still on top of my hero list.

Foreclosures are down over last year.

The stock market is up a bit for the year.

Home values have trended up for the past 4 months.

The economy has added 100,000 new jobs each month for the past 5 months. The longest streak since 2006.

Our troops left Iraq and were home for Christmas. What a present for their families!

Seal Team 6.

We got Bin Laden and Anwar Al-Awlaki and Abu Ayyub al-Masri, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. BootieFine!

91.4% of Americans that want jobs have jobs.

Mom will be 90 next year. She looks and acts like she's 65.

I have a great family.

Mom and Joanie get along so well together, a blessing for me!

It's great being a PussyCat that has Fantastic Readers like You!

RJ hasn't "head butted" me in at least a week!

Gelato. Nuff said.

PussyCats Rule!!! Hee hee!


An idealist believes the short run doesn’t count. A cynic believes the long run doesn’t matter. A realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run determines the long run.


If a poison is out of date is it more poisonous or less poisonous?


12-25-11 Meowy Christmas!


12-18-11 We ate at J. Alexanders last night. We dined about 8:30PM and the place was almost empty. The company was good but the food was yuck. I think I’ll have to add it to the BootieBad list. What’s the "BootieBadList" you say? Check out the BootieFoodie link to the left and find out. There’s also a BootieGoodList there and a number of Restaurant Reviews!


 12-17-11 Do any of you remember Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa when they were on Celebrity Apprentice? Do you remember all that crying, whining and gnashing of teeth about their arch rival Annie Duke? “She’s a Poker Player for God’s sake" Joan moaned, like that was akin to being a porn star.


Well……guess what. Joan’s daughter Melissa is now dating Steven Hirsch, the founder and co-chairman of the adult porn company Vivid Entertainment, and her wanna be a comedienne mother Joan Rivers is feigning delight.


Rivers said "First of all, he came he saw my daughter, and that was it - he's crazy about her. He makes a great living and he's Jewish and a businessman, and I'm 78 years old and now I get a discount on lubricant." Real classy Joan...


Joan and her daughter are two faced whining hypocrites. Their cry baby performances on Donald’s show was pathetic. Just BootiePukePathetic. I wouldn’t waste a hairball on those two…


12-15-11 The Verizon Galaxy Nexus by Samsung launched today, Finally!!! It’s Smoking. It should be your next phone if you’re into “the one”! This is "The One". I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it...  A 4G LTE beauty with crazy speed, faster than the Matrix.... you know it should be yours.


The Verizon Galaxy Nexus runs Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, which brings a stunning new look and feel to Android. Galaxy Nexus offers BootieFans Near Field Communications (NFC) sharing with Android Beam™ and a full Web-browsing experience. The lock screen, home screen, phone app and everything in between have been rethought and redesigned to make Android simple, beautiful and useful. Galaxy Nexus also features an ultra-thin 9.47mm design with a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED™ Contour Display to watch movies, view pictures and play games that come to life in 720p (1280×720) resolution. Simply stunning. My next phone :) The only drawback I see is lousy battery life. Buy the extended battery for the phone and another one (or two) as a spare and you should be good to go!


12-14-11 Was our storm all you hoped / feared it would be. Purrrrrsonally I’m a little disappointed. We had 1.08” in our back yard. Not too bad (we’ve only had 8.38” for the year) so the “storm” (whoooo whoooo, does that sound scary – no way – I’m not even under the bed!) represents 12.5% of the total rain we’ve received for the whole year. It sounds a little more impressive to say it that way, huh… Yeah! A HUGE storm, yeah, that’s the ticket. It’s a wonder we weren’t all washed away! Hummmmm… It’s going to stay cold, below normal (normal is 67 degrees for the high, 44 for the low this time of year) for the next 5 days or so and it won’t be so wet. Being a BootieCat you can guess how I feel about wet… yuck!


We had 13.83 inches of rain in our back yard in 2010. Unless we have one BootieHell of a Storm in the next two weeks we’ll finish the year with about 5 inches less rain that last year…. But still way ahead of the paltry 4.92” recorded at Scottsdale Airport so far or the measly 4.41” at Sky Harbor Airport or the positively arid 2.50” that’s fallen in Glendale this year… send those poor folks a bottle of water before they dry up and blow away.


12-11-11 Being a BootieFoodie involves much more than just dropping big bucks at gourmet restaurants. Lots of times the most fun is finding reasonably priced out of this world food, and what’s more heavenly than a great burger? Nothing  this BootieCat knows (well, there is gelato, and ice cream, and pie – I like pie, naps in the sun, trash talking R.J... hee hee, and…. ahem, back to the current topic…) Avoid a gastronomic catastrophe at the local fast food joint and head to these picks by restaurant critic Howard Seftel. The comments are all his. The drool on this page is all mine!


Bobby-Q: Smokehouse Burger ($10, side included)

Every part of this burger works in harmony. First, the thick, juicy half-pound patty of ground sirloin. Second, the Cheddar cheese that actually tastes like Cheddar. Then there's the crispy bacon and crunchy mound of onion strings. Finally, there's the slathering of barbecue-like sauce on a sesame bun that holds its form until the last bite.

Details: 8501 N. 27th Ave., Phoenix. 602-995-5982,

Bourbon Steak: Hamburger ($14)

You customize this terrific burger, made from ground American Kobe chuck and prime New York sirloin, choosing up to six of 25 toppings. I opted for Swiss Emmental, bourbon-caramelized onions, grilled portobello mushrooms, a thick slice of heirloom tomato, roasted red peppers and wild argali, all stacked onto a house-made pain au lait bun that won't quit halfway through. Wow.

Details: 7575 E. Princess Drive (Fairmont Scottsdale Princess). 480-513-6002,

Delux: Classic standard burger ($9.90)

As formidable a basic burger as you're likely to find, about a half-pound of lip-smacking Niman Ranch ground beef on a sturdy brioche-style bun, supported by Cheddar, lettuce, onions, pickles and thick slices of beefsteak tomato. It's condiment-free - choose from garlic aioli, ketchup, mayo and three kinds of mustard.

Details: 3146 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-522-2288,

The Grind: Sweet and spicy burger ($10)

Why does this burger stand out? It starts with the first-rate organic beef. Next, the mode of preparation: It's cooked in a 1,000-degree coal-fired oven. What emerges is a lively burger that's juicy and flavorful. Then, factor in terrific, one-of-a-kind toppings: candied jalapeños, fried ratatouille and watercress, on a brioche bun lined with aioli. You won't need ketchup or mustard on this beauty, whose total adds up to way more than the sum of its parts.

Details: 3961 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-954-7463,

Houston's: Cheeseburger ($14, side included)

The beef is ground fresh each morning, and the classic high-quality burger demonstrates why that's such a good idea. The meat is draped with a perfectly melted slice of Cheddar and adorned with lettuce, pickle, tomato and onion. The house-made bun is the ideal delivery system, just the right size and heft to handle the burger.

Details: 6113 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. 480-922-7775,

La Grande Orange: Green chili hamburger ($12, side included)

A hefty patty - around a half-pound, I'd reckon - of primo beef, served on a terrific homemade English muffin lined with a Thousand Island-type sauce and teamed with good Cheddar, lettuce, red onion, two thick slices of tomato, pickles and a fragrant slab of roasted green chile that brings it all together.

Details: 4410 N. 40th St., 602-840-7777,

Roaring Fork: Big Ass Burger ($9 at happy hour, side included)

It's not clear whether the name is a come-on, a warning or both. Once you get past it, however, you'll come face-to-face with 12 ounces of mouthwatering beef layered with roasted poblano pepper, two crisp strips of bacon, Colby cheese, crunchy iceberg lettuce, tomato and grilled onion on a toasted bun. Not for the faint of artery.

Details: 4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. 480-947-0795,


 12-9-11 Naughty Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show' Was the original film not naughty enough? Evidently not. The Royale theater is not only showing the 1975 cult/camp classic about the sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania, but giving it the 18-and-over treatment, with a sexy costume contest (think: less revealing than the usual "Rocky" get-up). Remember, though, as the rules state, "Stripper rule still applies." Who knows what that means, but it sounds ... interesting. Details: 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 10. The Royale, 108 W. Main St., Mesa. $10. 480-649-0040,


Those Dogs, and I use that in the most disparaging way, in the House and Senate have brought our Government to a standstill. There important issue to be resolved to keep our Country from financial ruin and they can agree on where to go for lunch. None of our politicians in Washington have the BootieBalls to reform our entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and that’s the only way out of this mess. So, being a GetThingsDone kind of Pussycat I’ve figured out a BootieLution all by myself! First a little background….


Astronomers on Monday reported the discovery of an Earth-like planet outside the solar system whose size and distance from its own star put it in the "habitable" zone and make for a surface temperature perhaps averaging a balmy 72 degrees. The planet, Kepler 22b, about 2.4 times wider than Earth, circles a star about 600 light years away, close by astronomical standards.


The Kepler space telescope discovery team announced the find at a briefing at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. "It is right smack in the middle of the habitable zone," Kepler scientist Natalie Batalha says. Launched in 2009, the $591 million Kepler space telescope has detected more than 2,000 possible planets observed among about 150,000 stars within 3,000 light years of Earth along the "Orion spur" of our Milky Way galaxy. Kepler 22b's discovery caps a half-decade of astronomers searching for a "Goldilocks" planet — not too hot or not too cold to harbor oceans on its surface, like Earth. Liquid water is considered key for development of life.


So here’s the deal, hee hee…. We take all the money we’d pay “Our” (are they really “ours”…no way! They’re all in it for only themselves!) Representatives and Senators for the next ten years ($819,250,000) plus what their staff’s earn ($395,500,000), that’s $1,214.750,000 and we build a big Space Ship! Do you know where I’m going with this??? I bet you do! Great Minds think alike! I’m not sure if we can really build a “great” space ship for that, but if it leaks a little bit here and there who really cares? I can live with that… We load them in it with a bunch of food. Of course, since planet Kepler 22b is 600 light year away even if we put in a “bunch of food” you know they eat like pigs at the public trough so they might get a tad hungry before arriving but, what the hay… that’s fine with me. Maybe we can feed them some of that tomato paste they just told the Schools is actually a vegetable… and see if that keeps them going. Then we shoot them at that nice planet and tell them “Here’s another Earth. Go Screw Up that one and leave us the #$%^&* alone! Then we phase in a gradual  three year raise in the retirement age for those 50 and younger and save Our Country! Or, here’s another idea. The 50% of people that don’t pay income tax don’t get any Social Security… we’d be running a surplus in about two weeks. Sweet! … hummmmmmmmmmm. that's got about as much a chance of passing as our electing someone named "Newt" President!


12-8-11  The hairballs at Verizon (actually I like Verizon, I just don't like them messing around with the release date for the phone I really want) pushed back the release date for my new phone (the Samsung Galaxy Nexus)! Poop on them. I hope it's out next week, or maybe next month, or maybe some time this decade... the best guess is it'll be out on Thursday 12/15.


The iPhone 4…cause everyone wants a slower phone, a smaller screen, and a phone that if you drop it from 2 inches shatters. Let’s all get iPhones so we can enjoy the magic of scrolling page after page of apps….


 12-6-11 The phone I want, and will have (!!) will finally be released in just a few short days! It’s the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and signs point to it being in Verizon stores by this Friday. It's got a gorgeous huge screen (4.65") and it’s the first Android phone running the new “Ice Cream Sandwich” android operating system. Now, is it any surprise that this PussyCat wants a phone running Ice Cream Sandwich? The only thing better would be if it was made out of an Ice Cream Sandwich (though at $300.00 that would be one expensive Ice Cream treat…). Or maybe if it was running Gelato… you know how I love Gelato, mmmmmmmmm! Anyway, I’ll wait a week to read the reviews and make sure there aren’t any big bugs found in it (though, come to think of it, I like eating big bugs too… hummmm, anyone see a theme developing here..) and then either get that phone or the new Razr by Motorola that Mommy got a few weeks ago. That’s one pretty phone, thin as can be and fast as a speeding BootieCat! Both phones run on Verizon’s 4g LTE network and it doesn’t get any better than that. The specs and more about the Galaxy Nexus are here: 

It was cold last night, 31.2 degrees to be exact in our back yard, but not cold enough to damage the plants. The forecast is for a slow warming trend so your plants should be OK for the next week.


 12-2-11 The "Live Lightning Strikes Applet" on the Home Page has been fixed, just in time for the weekends rain storms! Have fun with it!!!


The Central Banks of the U.S, England, Canada, Switzerland and Japan got together to make sure there is money flowing between Europe’s banks. Supposedly unilaterally but  actually at the same time as those other banks China, joined them. They are doing what the politicians can’t get done. They’re lowered prices on dollar liquidity swaps (that’s when the Fed loans dollars to a foreign central bank and gets that country’s foreign currency in return. Those swaps are the live blood of short term operations of banks) The price of those swaps has skyrocketed in recent days threatening a credit freeze that would dry up loans made to businesses and bring another crisis like the one in 2008 when Leman Brothers failed.


The Banks have done what the Politicians wouldn’t /couldn’t do. In other words, the Adults have entered the room instead of the Squabbling Children to fix a broken toy….. Make no mistake, it’s not over, but this is a very good start, and along with today’s higher than expected Job Numbers and the lowering of the unemployment rate to 8.6%, the lowest level since March 2009 (two months  after Obama took office). Things may be starting to look up… BootieFine indeed!


How bad for the economy has President Obama been? President Obama was inaugurated January 20th, 2009. The DOW closed that day at 7949. Yesterday the DOW closed at 12,020, up 65% from when he took office.


The unemployment rate was 7.6% in January 2009 when President Bush left office. A year earlier, in January 2008 the unemployment rate was 4.9%, so in George Bush’s last year in office the unemployment rate rose 2.7%. Since President Obama took office the unemployment rate has risen from 7.6% to 9.1% and now back down to 8.6% or an increase of 1.0% and seems to be heading down.


I present these facts  not because I’m a big BootieFan of President Obama. I’m not. His social agenda (health care, extended unemployment benefits, trying to raise taxes on the “rich”, etc.) I think is dead wrong. But if all you do is listen to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party (Tea anyone?), and don’t read BootieThoughts or do you own homework, those facts get drowned out.


To Recap:


Rise in unemployment in last year of President Bush’s term:                                       2.7%

Rise in unemployment since President Obama took office:                                          1.0%


Increase / Decrease in the DOW since the day President Obama took office:       +65%


12-1-11 Did you know that Donovan’s Steakhouse offers Free juicy Prime Filet Sliders during happy hour weekdays from 4-6 p.m.? I’ve been there and done that… and it’s purrrrfectly Delish! 3101 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-955-3666.


The Desert Botanical Garden is back with Las Noches de las Luminarias. It’s very BootieCool, and a great way to spend the evening and get into the holiday spirit!  This BootieFine event comes to life at the Garden with more than 8,000 hand-lit luminaria bags and 10 musical groups performing nightly. Luminaria offers guests a choice of 22 nights in December, including dates between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s $20 for Garden Members (like me!) and a little more for the great unwashed masses (general public). You have to buy tickets for a particular night as they limit the number of PussyCats in the Garden each evening to make it fun for all. Get all the, ahem, Poop here:


 11-30-11 The Pussycat is out of the bag (who puts a Pussycat in a bag in the first place… really!) regarding the secret Scottsdale Burger at the new Bueno Burger at Indian Bend and Hayden roads. It was Posh restaurant own Joshua Hebert! The first Bueno Burger Mex American Grill opened in Glendale in May. In September, concept founders Gary and Vanessa Shaw announced their second location. At that time they said they were working on a "Scottsdale Style" creation, consulting with "a prominent local chef who chooses to remain anonymous until he completes his recipe details."


Well the suspense is over and the celebrity chef that created the Scottsdale Burger is Posh’s Joshua Hebert! If you haven’t been to Posh go… you’ll be in for a treat and an evening of surprises as you pick which ingredients you don’t like and Hebert creates a 4 or 5 course meal out of the rest. You’ll be dazzled as each course is presented. But this isn’t about Posh (on Scottsdale Rd. just North of Fashion Square)… It’s about Bueno Burger! Hebert masterpiece is a mesquite-grilled, half-pound, turkey patty topped with melted brie, sprouts, peppery arugula, pickled red onions and roasted apples, all piled high on a whole-wheat bun. It goes for $7.95, and the recipe reflects the city's "taste-savvy and health-conscious Scottsdale palate. It sounds so delish I’d eat two except Mommy and Jarrod would start making fun of me. They think my slim profile resembles Garfields…! Bueno Burger, 6977 N. Hayden Rd., Scottsdale. 480-948-3192. Also 4407 W. Peoria Ave., Glendale. 623-937-0301,


The 43rd annual Fall Tempe Festival of the Arts from this Friday through Sunday will host more than 500 artists from across the United States and Canada. It’s the biggest art festival in the State and while not always the best this year portends to be a little different. Every piece of art shown at the festival, in such categories as painting, clothing, metal, photography, glass and jewelry, must be original. The event is a juried show. On average, 700 artists apply to show their work at the festival. Each is judged by a jury of art professionals. The judges rank all the applicants, and only the artists with the highest scores are accepted into the show. Want a few reasons to mosey over there? Do you even know how to mosey? Being a PussyCat of leisure I frequently mosey….


1.    The festival is geared toward Holiday Gifts, and original masterpieces will be available. Folks will be able to find pieces at prices from $5 to $5,000. The price points will be affordable, and the artists gear their work to holiday gift giving.

2.    The music will keep you entertained. You'll hear a little bit of everything with Esteban, Chicks With Picks musicians and Joel Robin Jazz, featuring Delphine Cortez, Hope Morgan and Margo Reed.

3.    For the first time, the Cameo Circle on Fifth Street and Mill Avenue will feature a 45-minute performance by street entertainers.

4.    The Kids Innovation Station will offer free crafts for kids to make and take home. Crafts will include hat making, photography with sun prints and fresco and wax-resistant painting.

5.    You'll have the chance to taste wine from around Arizona and beer from Tempe. Some Arizona wineries participating include Alcantara Vineyards, Bitter Creek Winery, Carlson Creek Vineyard, Page Springs Cellars and Keeling-Schaefer Vineyard. The breweries include Fork Peak Brewery, Sleep Dog Brewery and Dave's Electric Brewpub. For $12, you'll get six wine-tasting tickets and a tasting glass. For $10, you'll receive five beer-tasting tickets.

10 a.m.-dusk Friday-Sunday, Dec. 2-4. Mill Avenue from Third Street to University Drive in Tempe. Free

Katherine Heigl is going to play Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich’s One For the Money. I love those books and have read quite a few. Heigl will be the Purrrrrrfect Stephanie. I can’t wait!!!

11-22-11 Aren't you just so proud of the Super Committee? Three months of nothing, arriving at no consensus. Utter failure. How utterly disgusting! BootieSpit on both the Republicans and the Democrats. Vote for Bootie, not doodie…. !!!


 11-20-11 The Fifteenth Annual Hidden in the Hills Art Studio Tour was this past weekend and continues next weekend. It’s BootieCool folks. And they have a really BootieFine website that lets you see map of all 45 Artists Studios and when you click on one of the it takes you to their website and you can see their art. That way you can add to your private tour map the ones you want to visit. You ride around North Scottsdale, Carefree and Cave Creek and get to visit the artists studios (almost always in their homes). There are complementary refreshments and the arts for sale. You owe it to yourself if you’re an Art Lover to go to the website, pick out 6 or 7 studios to visit and then ride around next Saturday or Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’ll be a beautiful weekend, take in the day and just have a BootieGreat time!!! Here’s the website:


11-18-11 How about another list of restaurants. These are BootieNOT Restaurants, as in Not Worth It in my humble (actually, I’m not very humble. I never learned to do humble… Can’t be purrrrrrfect can I?) opinion. I’ve eaten at everyone of these, though not more than once in most cases. I realize some of you will like some of the ones on this list. I can only suggest you don’t get your BootieNose bent out of shape. It’s my blog so I get to say whatever my BootieHeart Desires! Purrrrrrr...


The Bad:


The Arrogant Butcher – arrogant about bland crappy food???

The Mission – please – on a mission to gag us???

Any Maestros Restaurant – save your money, there are plenty of better steak places for equal or less $$$

Olive & Ivy – great patio – lousy food..

Shula’s Steak House – Wild Horse Pass – Choice steak at Prime steak prices. Snobby waiters.

El Chorro – great patio – terrible food. Sticky buns are the only thing edible.

Monti’s – so boooooring Yawn.

District American Kitchen & Wine Bar – there are much better places to spend money downtown.

Frank & Alberts – The Biltmore – shame on them. This restaurant stinks. It stunk before the remodel and still stinks.

Maggiano’s – Beautiful room. Mountains of terrible food for $30 a head. No Foodies in this place.

White Chocolate Grill – can you say Bland? Boring? Really – you can do better in that same center!

BLT Steaks – Not worth the high price. I know 6 better steak places around town, including my house.

Le Sans Souci - worst Valentines Day dinner we ever had. Quasimodo will seat you. Down hill from there...

Roy's at the Desert Ridge Marriott - Second worst Valentines dinner. Leather steak, uneatable lobster.

Don & Charlie - specializing in tough BBQ chicken and lousy ribs. Baseball mitts on walls taste better than the food.


You’ll note I didn’t bother with these restaurant’s phone numbers, addresses or links to their websites. I will not be a party to steering any BootieThoughts readers their way! Look at my 11/17/11 post for a list of BootieGood Restaurants!


 11-18-11 Don’t you sometimes just want to puke up a hair ball over sneaky (snaky?) politicians trying to pull illegal tricks to further their own political agenda. One such person, our Governor Jan Brewer, (doesn’t she look like the “before” picture in those plastic surgery adds?) recently removed the head of the Independent Redistricting Commission because she didn’t like how some of the districts that have to be redrawn by law every 10 years were drawn. The operative word in all this crap is Independent. That committee is not suppose to be partisan. They are suppose to be free of outside influence. They are suppose to, gasp, do the right thing! And they did. And when they did Jan Brewer fired the head of the commission saying she alone “can remove any member of the commission and set her own definition of what "gross misconduct" and "substantial neglect of duty" mean.”


Really Jan, I mean Really? BootieLaw says no … you can’t just sit on your throne and do whatever you like. Occasionally you actually have to follow the law…. Apparently the Arizona Supreme Court agreed with this PussyCat yesterday. The Arizona Supreme Court Thursday evening reinstated the chairwoman of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, effectively saying BootieSpit on Gov. Jan Brewer¹s unprecedented action earlier this month! So there! Hee hee!!! The ruling came less than three hours after the court heard arguments on the case.


Dennis Michael Burke, one of the authors of the ballot measure that created the commission, was elated. "Zowie!" he wrote in an e-mail. (I really don’t know what to say about anyone who writes “Zowie!” in an email. Sigh…. He went on to say "The court has well served the people of Arizona, who went to great effort 11 years ago to take some of the partisan politics out of the map-making process,". He went on to say: "We the people owe the justices a drink." I say make that two drinks….


11-17-11 How about a short list of BootieCertifiedYummy restaurants. Why don’t you pick one you haven’t been to (but I have) and check it out this weekend? All are in Scottsdale or Phoenix. OK, one is in Paradise Valley... I promise you'll be BootieDooling... Paws Up!!


Citizen Public House




Cowboy Caio          

Razz   `                    



Café Bink               



Eddie V’s                


J&G’s Steakhouse

Renegade Canteen 

Vincent's Market Bistro

Lons at the Hermosa

Tesoro Italiano       

Nicks (at Pinnacle Peek)



 11-15-11 Lowell Observatory – It’s incumbent on me, being a PussyCat of Science, bring you some way too cool learning experiences from time to time. One takes place tomorrow at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. It’s a program about the origin of Earth's water AND the Leonid Meteor Shower (5:00 PM - 9:30). In addition to the indoor presentation you’ll also get to look at BootieNeat objects through telescopes and see live presentations with their mini planetarium! What, too short notice to make it? No prob! There’s always interesting stuff going on at the Lowell Observatory. You can even look through the telescope that Clyde Tombaugh used to discover Pluto! Put this on your day trip schedule or better still, book a room and spend the night. Then the next day drive back home through Sedona. What a BootieFine weekend that would be! More info at


 11-14-11 I received a letter from Gram today! She’s one of my best BootieBuddies, and loves All PussyCats (though she loves me the best)! It’s too cute… Here it is:


Dear Bootie,


I am deliriously happy that you have chosen to run for the Presidency of the U.S. You, with your brains and good looks will catapult to the top!


I am enclosing $5,000,000 to help with  your campaign. I sincerely hope your Mom and Dad have given generously to the cause, and how about your good friend R.J.?  Has he gone to the dogs for help? I understand he hobnobs  with the Big Bucks crowd at restaurants and galleries. Keep that in mind.


Also, I have some friends for you. They would like to help. (She pasted pictures of 4 cats on the letter.. very cute...) Ben here is a giant in economics. Has his doctorate! Could advise you on jobs, taxes, etc. Your big helper in education, student loans, is named Tillie. A great gal with a big heart. Now Roscoe is plu-perfect in debating. He really talks sense! Or should we say he purrs perfectly… And for the Border issue, these two, Killer and Diller can’t be beat!


Now, Bootie, since you have 9 lives, we can pass legislation for a President to have 9 terms! Just think of what this Country would be like with you at the helm for 36 years! Absolutely cataclysmic!! (Hummmmm, not so sure that’s really a compliment..).


I love you – keep in touch. And I am saluting the first 4-pawed President of the U.S.A.


Your Gram


11-11-11 That’s a pretty cool date, huh? Did you know that date is a Palindrome (that means a number that’s the same backwards and forward). The word Eleven comes from the Old English word endleofan which means “one left” as in “one left over ten”. The colloquial expression “the eleventh hour” is used to talk about doing something at the last possible moment. Like what I’d do if they left feeding R.J. up to me … hee hee! 11 is “highly charged” and “difficult to handle” according to numerologists who believe integrating your internal number is important to self-revelation. To them, 11 represents illumination and sensitivity. To me it means it's Mommy & Daddy’s anniversary and that makes it a happy number!


This is NASCAR Weekend. NASCAR, of course, stands for Noble Artistic Stately Cats Are Refined. You knew that, right?… I thought everyone knew that. Anyway NASCAR will be at PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) this weekend. Of course you know I’m just having a little fun with you. BootieCats would never be in a real road race because some real road races have, Gasp!! Dogleg Turns! And there are people at the races down in the Pits… and who wants to be the Pits? …. Much less ride around in something with Shocks or that has Gas! Not this MarioBootieAndretti! No Sir…  The closest I want to be to a road race is some Ben & Jerry’s Rocky Road Ice Cream! Yum! Now that's got my BootieMotor purring! Can you say whipped cream and a little extra chocolate sauce please? Mmmmmmmm... You know, if you really like Ice Cream you could get some real good Ice Cream at Sweet Republic 9130 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale. The place was voted Best of Phoenix by The New Times and those pot smoking Hippies really know their Ice Cream if ya know  what I mean...


 11-10-11 Looking for some High Voltage nightlife this Friday? Can you say Fashionistas Challenge.. (a Fashion Show) for $3,000, Pounding Music, an Art Show. and a After Party??? All in one night, all at the same Ultra Cool place? All the BootieBeauties will be there you know, in cocktail attire and on the prowl! You better be ready to party if you take this one in! A tour of eight shows in eight months ends at The Mint Restaurant and Ultra Lounge tomorrow. The new venue will house their first ever trifecta of fashion, music and art under one roof by Project Ethos for a night of fun in partnership with So Scottsdale! and Scottsdale Health Magazine. R.J may stop in and Rock the never can tell where that Doggie will pop up. He's the ultimate Party Yorkie! And is seen in only the best down spots in town....


You’ll be surrounded by the open floor plan and sleek design of the brand new ultra lounge as you listen to the sounds of DJ 40 Ford and DJ Design. Following the fashion show Electro-Pop sensation Anjulie's performance will signal the start of the after party.


The runway show will become the centerpiece of the evening…. Models, all done up BootieStyle with their hair and make-up provided by Salon Tru, will take to the runway at 10 p.m. and strut their stuff!  Featured sponsors and designers Cardiwrap by Kymaro and Frederick’s of Hollywood Swim will be there as four local designers compete in a unique opportunity to display their talent to the industry including buyers (Brianne Bridge (Bri Bridge), Amelia Walsh (Amelia Walsh), Monique Martinez-Sandoval (Ouma Clothing) and Latonya Adkins (Hour Glass Apparel), the Media and You in your BootieBest!


The four hopeful fledging designers each stand a chance to win a prize pack of their choice worth $3,000 in the “Flavor Fashionistas Challenge.” They’re given a $200 budget to produce a garment inspired by a particular flavor of vitaminwaterzero which will then be premiered within the runway show. The winner of the challenge is determined through a live text-to-vote which provides an amazing interactive element for all who attend.


An art gallery will run all evening utilizing the half indoor, half outdoor space and display a variety of mediums. This is the third event for Project Ethos in the valley. They previously hosted the Official After Party for Scottsdale Fashion Week in 2010…..Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 8pm. The Mint Restaurant and Ultra Lounge 7373 E. Camelback Road Scottsdale, AZ.  More at:


 11-9-11 One of the biggest and best Art Festivals comes to town this weekend! It’s the juried Fountain Hills Festival of Arts with over 500 artists present. It’s second in size only to the Tempe Arts Festival but not second to anyone as far as the quality of work presented. It runs from 10a.m. to 5p.m. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Surely (and don’t call me Shirley…sorry, couldn’t resist) one of those days will be rain free, don’t cha think?) It’s in downtown Fountain Hills (yawn..) at Saguaro Blvd and Avenue of the Fountains and this year it’s Free! Over 200,000 people are expected! 480-8737-1654


On another note, I'm sick of this freezing 60 degree weather! It's suppose to get nice, in the mid 70's for a few  days before another storm threatens on Saturday. BootiePoop on that!


At the Desert Botanical Garden this Friday through Sunday it’s Chilies and Chocolate! Enjoy the BootieBeauty of the Garden as you graze your way though countless chocolate delights! There will be plenty of live entertainment and plenty of Dancing! Mambo Dancing, Salsa Dancing, Samba Dancing and plenty more dancing! And Eating, did I mention Eating? I’m sure I did. You know what a BootieFoodie I am. BBQ places, Bakeries, Lots of Chocolate in every form, Mmmmmmm! Too many vendors to list here, but click on the link above and read all about it in mouthwatering detail! 10a.m. to 5p.m. daily, this Friday – Sunday!


Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead, well, Russell Pearce isn’t a witch, but he is dead, Dead as a doornail as Arizona’s Senate President after Jerry Louis beat his big butt soundly in a recall election yesterday. On 9-13-11 here in BootieThoughts I wrote the following: The State Supreme Court ruled today that the recall of Senate President Russell Pearce R-Mesa can go forward. Thank God! That piece of trash is a huge embarrassment to our State and the Republican Party. The sooner that bigot is out of here the BootieBetter!


When I talked about his being a bigot I wasn’t talking about his pushing 1070 through the legislature, though some think that’s what the recall was all about. I was talking about his recommending, nominating and pushing a right wing neo-Nazi… and though he tried weakly to distance himself from that there are too many pictures and news footage of him and his skin head friend around to deny it. He bullied his way thought life and bullied everyone in the Senate. Thank God we’re finally rid of him!


11-5-11 Here’s what I’m pretty sure will be my next BootiePhone:


It’s the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it’s one beautiful phone. It’s got a monster display, a slightly curved front to fit you face when you’re using it, is dual core and 4gLTE, and (and this is a huge plus for me) the most eye popping beautiful display found on any phone so far. It will be the first phone with Google’s 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich). It's suppose to be out later this month. Be sure to wait a few weeks before buying it to see the reviews. The Droid bionic is a great phone but early adaptors are wringing their hands waiting to the bug fix that will correct a litany or problems that phone has had. The Fix will be out before long...


We finally got some rain last night, .60 inches to be exact. We needed it. So far for the year we’ve received 6.81 inches, way more than the 3.21” reported at the airport in Phoenix or the 3.14” for the year at Scottsdale airport. Things really are that much different here in Saguaro Estates than around the rest of the Valley. Last night from 11:30 to 11:50 the rain was coming down at a rate of over 3” per hour! Our peak wind gust was only 34 MPH, Phoenix had one that was 61 MPH. The rest of today will be gorgeous though a little chilly. BootieBundleUp if you’re heading out to the Cave Creek Arts Festival this morning!


11-3-11 The Carefree Wine and Art Festival, and this is the big Art’s Festival up in Carefree and the first big one of the Season for the Valley, is this weekend. The Doggie is still limping, but is doing better, so it's up in the air as to if he'll be able to go... poor Doggie! It’s a juried festival meaning the artist have to apply and be accepted to set up a booth there and all aren’t accepted. The Committee tries to balance the kinds of artists and the type of art so you don’t see the same thing over and over. There will be over 150 artists there. It’s a BootieRecommended Arts Festival and Lots Of Fun. 10AM – 5PM Friday through Sunday. It’s free on Friday and $3.00 on Saturday and Sunday. Corner of Easy Street and Ho Hum (Don’t you just LOVE the street names in Carefree!). Turn right off Scottsdale Road on Easy Street in Carefree. You can’t miss it.


I’m not a fan of most chain restaurants, but I make an exception for Z'Tejas.  Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill is celebrating 20 years at its Scottsdale Fashion Square space in November. And the Scottsdale-based company plans to open a fifth location on the southwestern corner of 16th Street and Bethany Home Rd. next summer. I just BootieLove their Smoked Chicken Chile Relleno  Grilled poblano pepper stuffed with chicken, pecans, apricots, raisins, a blend of spices and Jack cheese, served over a green chile and picante cream sauce with green chile rice and black beans. 11.00 (pardon me, I’m getting BootieDrool all over the page)…that  along with the free black cast iron skillets of oh so BootieGood cornbread keeps me coming back more often than I should!. Check them out and then check in for Lunch or Dinner, you’ll be purring afterwards! 10625 North Tatum Boulevard  Phoenix, AZ (480) 948-9010 and three other Valley locations.


Have you ever been to El Pedregal in the Fall? While the shopping isn’t what it used to be they put concerts on every Sunday. They’re free as they’re designed to get you into their pretty center. Cool weather, a free outdoor concert, hey, what’s not to BootieLike? This Sunday they’re featuring Anthony Mazzella. Visit the site (click on El Pedregal above) for more info and future performers.


How bad for the economy has President Obama been? President Obama was inaugurated January 20th, 2009. The DOW closed that day at 7949. Today the DOW closed at 12,044, up 65% from when he took office.


The unemployment rate was 7.6% in January 2009 when President Bush left office. A year earlier, in January 2008 the unemployment rate was 4.9%, so in George Bush’s last year in office the unemployment rate rose 2.7%. Since President Obama took office the unemployment rate has risen from 7.6% to 9.1% or 1.5%.


I present these facts  not because I’m a big BootieFan of President Obama. I’m not. His social agenda (health care, extended unemployment benefits, trying to raise taxes on the “rich”, etc.) I think is dead wrong. But if all you do is listen to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party (Tea anyone?), and don’t read BootieThoughts or do you own homework, those facts get drowned out.


To Recap:


Rise in unemployment in last year of President Bush’s term:                                       2.7%

Rise in unemployment since President Obama took office:                                          1.5%


Increase / Decrease in the DOW since the day President Obama took office:       +65%


I wish the Republicans would field a candidate that could win, and would quit listening and being controlled by the Nutzo far right wing of the party. So far that hasn’t happened and I think that’s just terrible! Obama is far too lefty and the Republicans are pegged to the max on the FarRightOMeter, and the sane folks in the middle apparently are Out TO Lunch and MIA... BootieSpit on that!


It's going to rain Friday night and into Saturday morning. Why don't you take in a good movie and go to the Art Festival on Sunday?


10-30-11 The Doggie is limping! Again! Personally I think he’s just faking it for attention, he’s such a little punk Dog! Now Mommy's  all worried and giving him extra (as if he needs extra) pets. She’d give him extra treats, but he’s a little heavy right now and I think she’s afraid he might explode! It’s his right rear leg. The one he hurt before, jumping off the bed. After that happened Mommy bought him a set of steps (can you imagine!!) so the little attention grabber could leisurely stroll up onto the bed and down off it, and now he’s hurt his leg again. He was probably sleepwalking and fell off the bed. Yeah, I bet that was it. So now what’s going to happen? I have a few BootieThoughts! I think we should get RJ a little doggie cane! Wouldn’t it be cute to see him using a cane… hee hee. That would be a sight. Or Wheels! Yeah! We could get him a set of wheels and strap them around his butt! Kind of like a rickshaw! Oh, Pardon RJ San… what would you like for dinner O Not So Wise One? Maybe I could enter him in the soap box derby then! Couldn’t you just see it! He’d be flying down the derby track on those back wheels. I think I’m on to something here. Mommy’s not amused much by my comments, but she’s just DoggieBrainWashed! Say that’s another thought. Maybe the Doggie needs his brain scrubbed! There might be some cobwebs stuck up there that caused him to trip over his tongue and hurt his little leg! Maybe I could get the Rooter Rooter guy out here and have him run that auger between the Doggie’s two ears and give him a good cleaning out! Hee Hee…. BootieRules!!!!


 10-29-11 The Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival is next weekend. It’s a Mandatory BootieArtLovers Event! The streets of downtown Carefree are closed, making room for more than 165 artists and in excess of 5,000 original masterpieces of fine art during the Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festivals. Artists’ works include small, medium and monumental life-sized bronze sculptures, metal, clay, wood, stone, glass and mixed media sculptures. There is an array of pottery, photography, hand crafted jewelry, batiks and select fine crafts. There is also spectacular oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolors, pastel, charcoal, etchings and mixed media paintings. Subject matter ranges from Southwest and traditional to contemporary and abstract, including floral, wildlife, European, African and Native American art. The festival offers a wide variety of mediums, styles, sizes, subject matters and price range, to ensure there is something that will appeal to everyone who attends. Friday through Sunday, November 4 - 6, 2011. 10AM to 5PM  $3


 10-28-11 It’s going to be a beautiful weekend and there’s plenty of things to do, even more that I’ve already listed. Read down through my 10-25 post for everything going on this weekend. This weekend in Cave Creek you can stroll through, or slink through if you’re a PussyCat, the Fine Art & Wine Festival at Stagecoach Village. It runs from today through Sunday from 10AM to 5PM. You’ll discover what’s promised to be the Finest Works of Art (really? I mean really? The finest?...), well let’s just say some pretty good works of art in oil, acrylics, watercolors, stone and bronze. There will also be furniture, jewelry and more. Live music by, sigh, “Load of the Strings”, Arvel Bird, and, gasp… World Champion Hoop Dancer Tony Duncan and they Yellow Bird Dancers will perform! Alas, while there will be food I don’t think there will be any donuts. I love donuts. Maybe I’ll go to this event AND go to the The Cup Cake Love In (see my 10-25 post below for more info on the Cup Cake event, yum…) but I digress.. The Art Festival is at 7100 E. Cave Creek Road in Downtown Cave Creek.


Ghost Ball – Saturday This is the big one if you want to dress up, go out on Saturday night and party with about 5,000 of your closest BootieBuddies- a costume contest with more than $10,000 in cash and prizes, top-charting bands, including this year's Hot Chelle Rae and about 20,000 square feet of outdoor party space - has made the Ghost Ball the biggest nightlife party in the Valley, drawing more than 5,000 costumed partiers each year. From across the Valley, the beautiful people will compete for largest prize purse of any Valley Halloween party. Then they'll dance the night away to the band behind the hook-filled, double platinum single "Tonight, Tonight," and six DJs, peppered throughout Axis/Radius, Suede and out on Indian Plaza.

Michael Burstein, a.k.a. DJ MCB, is and entertainment director for Evening Entertainment Group, said he loves the diversity of the crowd.

"It's a lot of people that don't go out all the time, and really save up for Halloween and New Year's," he said. "This party really brings out a broad spectrum of people, young and old, who want to go out and enjoy the night at a big event."

The costume contest -  The categories are best group, sexiest and best overall, and representatives from Steve LeVine Entertainment and Evening Entertainment Group will pick out their favorites. The contestants will join Burstein on stage, and the audience will pick the winners. The best overall winner receives $2,000 in cash, with smaller payouts for the other categories. Prizes include gift certificates to the Sandbar Mexican Grill, the Mint and RnR, bottle service and tickets to upcoming events.

Last year's sexiest costume winner painstakingly created a Na'vi costume from the film "Avatar." She was a towering 7 feet tall, painted from head-to-toe in blue paint with a tail and sky-high boots.

"A lot of times guys are walking on stilts or they put mechanics into their costumes," Burstein said. "These are 'shock and awe' costumes. There's a million sexy nurses and zombies, but the winners . . . have been working on their costumes for a long time."Other elaborate costumes included an 8-foot tall robot, Optimus Prime and steampunk characters, does anyone even know who they are?

The outdoor plaza has nearly 20,000 square feet of space in which to sip cocktails, practice the "Thriller" dance or "Monster Mash," and snap photos with friends. Organizers hired a production company to transform the plaza with light-up ghosts and goblins, flying bats, giant spiders and terrifying zombies. The staff is out at 5 a.m. Saturday morning setting up until doors open that night. In addition to the bars inside the clubs, there's a giant bar outside and cocktail waitresses will sell "eyeball" shots, with gummy eyeballs stuffed into Jell-O shots.

What: One of the Valley's most anticipated Halloween bashes takes over Axis/Radius, Suede Lounge and the plaza in between the clubs, featuring national acts, six DJs, three costume contests and professional decorations.


When: 8 p.m.-2 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 29.

Where: Axis/Radius, Suede and on the street between them. 7340 E. Indian Plaza, Scottsdale.

Admission: $24.

Details: 480-284-6033,,


God Save My Shoes – On a slightly different note, here’s a movie about High Heel Shoes. I love a woman in High Heel Shoes, what can I say? If you love sexy shoes, make sure to mark this film screening on your calendar. The Arizona Costume Institute presents "God Save My Shoes," a documentary about women and their shoes, featuring interviews from such iconic shoe designers as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin. There will also be a reception featuring music, light bites and giveaways. Details: 7 p.m. Today -  Friday, Oct. 28. Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Ave., Phoenix. $25. 602-257-1222,  Here’s a link to the movie trailer 


Maxim Magazine Masquerade - Maxim Men's magazine Maxim has chosen Revolver Lounge as one of 15 clubs around the nation to host a Halloween party. The party will include a tented area and street extension, and plenty of BootieHotn'Sexy Maxim models strutting their stuff. That can't be too bad, huh? The winner of the costume contest receives a round-trip to Las Vegas in a private jet and two nights stay at the Bellagio hotel. Six DJs will play throughout the night, including DJ G-Squared of Las Vegas and DJ Johnny Fever from Seattle. Details: 7 p.m.-2 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 29. Revolver Lounge, 7316 E. Stetson Drive, Scottsdale. $25-$30. 480-946-2005,


10-27-11 The Scottsdale Farmer’s Market starts up again this Saturday, 10/29 for its fourth year, with fresh, locally grown vegetables and other local specialties like cider, pork, fish and beef, free range eggs and much more. It runs each Saturday through the Spring up till May and starts off this year with 87 vendors. I BootieBoogied down there last year and it was great. I plan to go at least once a month this year and you should too if you like organically grown fresh local produce and meats. Yum!!! 8AM to 1PM each Saturday at Brown Ave & First Street in Scottsdale. More details, a map and a list of many other Farmers Markets too at:


Are you a 53 %er? You can BootieBet I am. That stand for the 53% of Americans that pay Federal Taxes. You know, of course, that 47% of workers don’t pay Federal Income Tax. Many of those are in the Occupy Wall Street crowd and say they represent 99% of the nation, but there's a growing number of American PussyCats who are making it clear we are not part of that dissident crowd that wants the Government to give them the 53 %’s tax money in the form of handouts. We the 53% are increasingly making our voices hear on this BootieThoughs Blog, Tumbir blogs, Twitter and Facebook! 53% BootieCats of the World Unite!!! Up with Wall Street and the American Way! We don't want to be the 53% who carries the 47% on our shoulders!!!


10-26-11 Halloween Yappy Hour - I think I'll grab my picket sign and join the Occupy Wall Street crowd. I'll be protesting this Doggie Only event. What's with the No PussyCat stuff, huh? Just because it's put on by Oh My Dog... But if you must, take some time this Halloween to celebrate with your Doggie (not your poor loyal PussyCat....)!  They can’t go everywhere, unless they're R.J., but they can go to the Montelucia! Hosted by Oh My Dog Boutique in Scottsdale, HALLOWEEN Yappy Hour  is at the Montelucia Resort on Thursday, October 27th from 4-7pm. There will be awesome prizes for the best dressed pups!


A $10.00 donation fee includes a glass of wine, featured cheese and crackers tasting, complimentary Bentley’s Biscuits and purified Ice Water in “Barkarita” (too cute!) pet bowls.


And a percentage of the proceeds from the yappy hour go to benefit AZ The Humane Society. 4949 E. Lincoln Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (480) 627-3200


Halloween Events! Looking for a few upscale places to celebrate Ghosts, Gobblers (RJ) and other Scary Doggies and Vampires this Halloween? The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is having its fourth annual Nightmare on Princess Drive—famous for its black carpet, costume contest, and Monster Mash ball.  It’s on Saturday, October 29th at the resort’s Stone Rose Lounge.


You can also check out Hotel Valley Ho for its third annual Haunted Hotel Ball on Saturday, October 29th.  Ghosts and goblins can dance the night away at this ghoulish gala, and you can even win $1,000 if you sport the best costume.  Space is limited, and tickets cost $30.


And finally, you can always head to the Montelucia Resort and Spa for its Haunted Mansion this Saturday, October 29th. There will be No Doggies there that night so it can't be that scary! Enjoy food and drink specials, and live music by The Chris Parker Project. Advanced tickets are $25. 



10-25-11 The Desert Botanical Garden presents Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead for you non Habla Espanol pussycats. It’s a Mexican holiday created to remember the departed and honor ancestors. Food music, art, costumes and a procession keep it light and fun at the garden's celebration Saturday and Sunday, which includes some new activities this year. Visit with artists and vendors from around the globe in the Mercado. They will display and sell their arts and wares, which include painting, sculpture, photography and baked goods. The artists will discuss their creative process, and the vendors may cut talented hagglers a deal or two. take some time to check out the garden's amazing collection of desert plants. There are more than 50,000 plants displayed around the meandering paths of the garden. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 28-29. Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix. Admission: $5-$15. Children 3 and younger free. More Details: 480-941-1225,  


The Cup Cake Love-In: Now that’s my kind of event! Valley bakers and restaurants come together for this tasty second annual competition, which features more than 40 bakers vying for top honors. You can sample the treats, partake in a cupcake-eating contest- I could win that! - , get Purrrrrfect in the photo booth and enter a raffle for cool prizes. There will be a cupcake-decorating corner for kids, and proceeds from the event go to the Central Arizona Shelter Services benefiting homelessness. Tickets are available online only. Details: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30. Hotel Valley Ho, 6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale. $20-$50 for adults, $5 for children 10 and younger. 480-363-2859,


The Arizona State Fair’s in town and runs from Oct. 14 to Nov. 6 and features food, rides, games, concerts, exhibits and more. A whole lot more. There are plenty of adult things to do there, and they fry and put on a stick every kind of food imaginable. I bet you could find RJ on a stick! That would really be something wouldn’t it. Ham on a stick….. hee hee. You can find out everything you every wanted to know about the fail at Arizona state fairgrounds, 19th Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix.


10-22-11 Don’t you just love walking around a nice little Art Festival in this beautiful weather? I BootieBet you do! Here’s one going on today and tomorrow. It’s the ArtFest on Fifth Avenue. It’s the first street festival there in at least five years. Art Fest is from 10am to 5pm daily and is along Fifth Avenue in Scottsdale from Scottsdale Road to Goldwater Boulevard. There’ll be 75 booths and more than 70 artists from across the Southwest, plus entertainment and, yum, food! I wonder if they’ll have corn dogs. I love corn dogs! Admission is free!


Kierland Commons is having a Halloween party today from 10am to 2pm. There will be pet adoptions from the Atlanta Humane Society, food, cookie decorating, a candy buffet (ahem… I may be forced to check that out, my job as a Foodie you know… what, you say that isn’t food… I politely invite you to bug off and leave me to my candy nirvana).


Something nice for this Sunday evening: The eighth annual Uncorked & Unplugged on Sunday, Oct. 23, at Desert Ridge Marketplace (It really is a big deal! Click on the link below) includes sampling fine wines, beers and other spirits and Food from more than 20 restaurants, as well as four bands, all helping the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale. Ticket prices to Uncorked & Unplugged, which grossed more than $220,000 in 2010, have been lowered substantially. It’s now $75 for general admission and $150 for the ticket that includes an afterhours party!


At least 20 wineries, breweries and distilleries will pour samples. Free cab rides home will be provided to anyone requesting them. The JJ's Band, a nine-person Valley group that plays R&B, disco and classic soul, will perform on the main stage in the center court of the outdoor mall. Also on the bill are EastoneAshe, whose front man, Ryan Sims, recently appeared on Simon Cowell's new reality series, "The X Factor," and the Nate Williams Band, an acoustic-based funk, reggae and rock outfit. Rock Lobster, which covers hits from the '80s, will perform at the after-hours party. Bootie On! Desert Ridge Marketplace, Loop 101 and Tatum Boulevard, Phoenix.  Details: 480-860-5520.


10-20-11 I’ve been OOT on vacation, but I’m back now and will have some things to do updates coming your way later today or in the morning. Stay BootieTuned! While you’re waiting for the news, go down to CafePino next door to the Harkins Theatre at Scottsdale Rd. and 101 and have a Shrimp Pizza, or any of their Pizzas. Wood fired, thin crunchy crust, what’s not to Love? They have a great patio and it’s that time of year you know…. Huge menu, lots more than pizza, but eat the pizza, it’s soooooooooo good! Or try anything out of their pastry case. But eat the Pizza! Personally I had pizza AND pastries, but that’s just how this PussyCat rolls!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… 7000 E Mayo Blvd # 1070, Phoenix, AZ (480) 513-7466


 10-10-11 The Desert Botanical Garden Fall Plant Sale is right around the corner! It’s a BBB event (BootieBestBet)! There’s no admission charge to go into the Garden for the plant sale. If you’re a member you get first pick this coming Friday. If you’re not the sale starts for you on Saturday morning and runs Saturday and Sunday. You can find some spectacular cactus and succulents there for your lawn as well as all manner of other desert plants. The prices are fair and because they were grown at the Garden the plants are all in great shape. Help’s available for loading up your car. The plants are all arid-adapted so they’re right for our environment and there will be Garden volunteers and horticulturists on hand to answer your questions. They’ll even help you pick some plants out if you want. Don’t forget to walk through the Garden Shop too and check out all the cute stuff. Friday 10/14 7AM to 5PM Garden Members Preview (You can BootieBet I’m a Garden Member) – you could go then, join, be instantly admitted and get the 15% or 20% discount on plants members get – I forgot the exact percentage, but I know when I joined last year what I saved on plants that day paid for my membership… Saturday 10/15 7AM to 5PM & Sunday 10/16 9AM to 5PM for the General Public. 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Phone 480-941-1225


Don’t forget about Bebe Neuwirth’s show, Stories with Piano Saturday October 15th at 8PM. I wrote all about it on 10/2, see below. Scroll down for further details and go see her. It’ll be a great evening at the Scottsdale Arts Center. 7380 E. Second Street, Scottsdale. More about it at


The Taco Festival is 10/15. Be there! Read all about it below. Scroll down to my 10/4 post... So much to do this coming weekend!


Also… as if the above isn’t enough, Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band (what a great name…) Ahem.. this is (R) rated and not for the kiddies, shoo shoo little kiddies… blow (pardon the phrase) into town October 20th . They’ll be at the Ashley Furniture Pavilion. You KNOW his show has to be held outside to prevent an audience wide contact high. Of course, there will be one anyway…. I BootieLike his music. Let’s hope his tour bus isn’t tossed before he pulls into town… Smoking!!! It’s one night only so get your tickets at They’re on sale now. Or charge by phone at 800-745-3000. I don’t know why I put that phone number in there. I don’t think anybody that going to that concert is going to order tickets by phone. It’s so RJ Old School. Uh oh, here comes the Doggie and he’s going to try to head butt me for that crack (pun intended) for sure! Shoo shoo little Doggie…. ahhhhhhhhh. Man, I hate that...


10-9-11 This isn’t a BootieFoodie Restaurant Review, it’s a BootieFoodie Restaurant Alert because the restaurant in question only opened Thursday. It’s got a name no one will ever use, “Michael Dominick's Lincoln Avenue Prime Steakhouse”... I wonder if they can fit all that on their pens? BootieFoodies, and once a year amateurs ,out for their anniversary dinners, alike will call it Dominick’s or Dominick’s Steakhouse. But whatever you call it, you better call it quick and get a reservations because you can bet they'll soon be hard to get! It's beautiful, delicious and obscenely expensive! I can’t BootieWait!!! I do have reservations, natch, and will probably have to carry a drool cup around until the big day arrives.


Dominick’s seats 350 and is two stories tall. The second story is a rooftop room, with a ceiling that’s open to the night sky so you can dine by starlight around the beautiful pool that sits squarely in the center of the room. I’ve seen the pictures. You can too at  That second floor is drop dead gorgeous! Wouldn’t you like a reservation on a Saturday night around 7:30PM? Tough Luck RJ (you know R.J. he’s famous! Don’t think so…check out this picture of him on AZ Central ), they won’t take your reservation! No reservations any night of the week between 7PM and 8PM. Now what kind of stuff is that? It sounds like the Soup Nazi. No Soup for You! The kind of stuff that says we know we’re going to be the hottest spot in town and to prove it you're going to have to take your chances and probably line up and wait for a table if  you want one in prime time.


Actually, I can understand where they’re coming from. A  3,000 bottle wine cellar, two pianos, you get it, right? "We hope to fill a void in the market and serve as a complement to local fine-dining establishments such as Morton's, Eddie V's, Bourbon Steak and Ruth's Chris," said Oliver Badgio, Dominick's director of VIP services. Yeah right. They hope to blow up the competition and I bet they do. Check back for the Official BootieFoodie Review…. 480.272.7271 Dominick’s Steakhouse, Scottsdale Quarter, 15169 N Scottsdale Rd. Scottsdale AZ 85260, 480-272-7271.


 10-7-11 It’s Phoenix Fashion Week now, October 6th – 8th at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale... go figure! Lots of events and a great place to go find new and established designers. If you’re a designer it’s the place to hook up and sell your merchandise. It's open to all with  runway shows, workshops and a whole lot more. If you’re at the resort / casino you’ve got to eat at Orange Sky up on the 15th floor. Have the Mixed Grill. It’s to BootieDieFor and the view up there at sundown is gorgeous! 9800 East Indian Bend Road Scottsdale, AZ (866) 877-9897 More at


 10-6-11 I’m BootieBothered big time by the Wall Street protests sweeping the Country. Excuse me while I jump up on my soap box. What exactly are the people protesting? Why it’s the right of anyone in our country to work hard, succeed, make a lot of money and be able to keep it! And what do those lazy sleezeballs want to do about that? Take away the money from the successful people and give it to “those who need it”! Hummmmmmmmmm … you mean they want take from everyone according to their ability to pay and give it to everybody according to their needs? Yes, that’s exactly what they are saying. But they’re not the first ones to say that are they? The first one I know to put forth that little piece of crap, err, philosophy, no, I was right the first time, it is CRAP, was Karl Marx. So what we really have running around out there are a bunch of little Marxists… Little Marxists! OMG! Mothers, hide your children!


The exact phrase Karl Marx uttered “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is a slogan popularized by Marx  in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. The phrase summarizes the principles that, in a communist society, every person should contribute to society to the best of his or her ability and consume from society in proportion to his or her needs.


Excuse me while I puke up a big hairball. Those people marching in the streets are either the unemployed or the 50% of the employed who pay NO Federal Income Tax. They’re espousing Communism or Marxism and aren’t even smart enough to know it! That’s because they were too busy goofing off in school to learn anything and have no marketable skills. It’s because they never learned that Tough Times Never Last…Tough People Do!  What right to they have to what I have worked so hard for? Move to Russia you Commies! Oh wait, Russia gave up on that idea didn’t they after they finally found out it didn’t work and the people revolted. Well, you can still move to Cuba I guess. Just do me a big favor and move out of the USA because we’re a Country founded by people who believed in freedom, hard work and the right of individuals to keep what they earned. Remember the Boston Tea Party? It was a revolt against oppressive taxes….


I prefer Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s ideas. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal posted Wednesday, the 2012 GOP contender and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza said about the recent demonstrations on Wall Street "Don't blame Wall Street. Don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself." He went on to say "It is not a person's fault because they succeeded. It is a person's fault if they failed. Herman, I BootieKnow what they’re looking for. They’re looking for the Government to take away your money and give it to them. They’re looking for Communism! Uh oh, here comes another hairball…


Remember, Tough Times Never Last…Tough People Do!


10-4-11 You know there’s a big Taco Festival on October 15th down at the Scottsdale Waterfront, right? Scottsdale Waterfront…such a thing! Some developers (I think Fred Unger played a big roll) took a non-descript stretch of the CAP canal at Scottsdale Rd. and Camelback, put some beautiful landscaping on both sides of it and then developed the Cat Poop out if it, building multimillion dollar condos, great shops and terrific restaurants along Stetson and Camelback for about a half a mile and made a ton of money. We’re all the beneficiaries of their foresight as we love dining at Wildfish, the former Canal, the former Estate House, the former Metro Brassier…..say, what’s with all the “formers”… oh well, almost all those spots now have new restaurants in them so that’s not so bad. Anyway, back to the taco festival. Ole! This Pussycat can eat some tacos! Yum! It’ll be a great day. $10 to get in and all the $2 tacos from tons of restaurants you can eat! A taco contest, natch, with $7,500 in prizes, bands… what more could you ask for. Beer? OK they’ll have plenty of that….in fact they will have Beer Donkeys! I never heard of Beer Donkeys! I bet they're quite a sight! If I were you I’d definitely plan on attending this year. It’s the second year for it. Last year they planned for 900 and had 9,000 show up. This year they’re planning for 10,000 but I bet they’ll break that mark. A national organization is judging the tacos and there are big prizes for the winner. I think it’s the NorthOfTheBorder PussyCatsLoveTacos&GelatoAssociation…! Not so sure there will be any Gelato, but one can hope… Tacos & Gelato…. Mmmmmmmm. What?...  Here’s the link:


 10-2-11 Remember Lilith from Frazier? She’s really Babe Neuwirth and she’ll be at the Virginia G. Pifer Theater for her one woman show “Bebe Neuwirth Stories with Piano” in two weeks. The New York Times had this to say about her: “A lean, beautiful woman of sharp angles, with flashing eyes, her hair in witchy ringlets, she is a compelling combination of hard-boiled and true blue.” I’m  not too BootieSure what to make of that but it sounds like they like her.


Why don’t you get up off the couch (though I do love sitting on Daddy’s lap while he’s on the couch watching TV) and take your significant other out somewhere classy on Saturday night, October 15th? You might even dress up a little, it being Theatre and all. It wouldn’t kill you would it? Hummmmmm….. If you want to see her sing a dance before shelling out your hard earned cat treats here’s a link to a YouTube page with lots of videos of her doing just that..


Bebe has earned two Emmys for her work as Lilith on Cheers and two Tony awards for her Broadway roles in Chicago and Sweet Charity. This is a one woman cabaret show and she’ll be accompanied on the piano by Scott Cady. It should be quite an evening of singing and dancing. Seats $65 and up. October 15th, 2011. Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, in the Virginia G. Pifer Theatre. Here’s a link to more info and tickets:


 10-1-11 Over Seeding Your Lawn. One of the questions that I, Bootie The Garden Cat (being a cat of science I do have a lot of titles...), get from people moving to Scottsdale relates to having a lawn. Yes Virginia, there are people who have lawns here in the desert. Where else is RJ to go poop and pee? What surprises many people, though, is that we have summer lawns and winter lawns. I don’t know why as he poops and pees all the time....


Why do we have winter grass and summer grass in Phoenix?  One reason is RJ demands it. The other is the desert climate in Phoenix means that the winter and summer are very different. In the summer, we use Bermuda grass since it tolerates our triple digit temperatures. Bermuda grass is dormant during our winter months. For this reason, if you want your lawn to be green all winter, you have to plant winter rye grass.


When should I plant winter rye grass? Winter rye grass is usually planted in October. A general rule is that when the temperatures at night are consistently around the 60°F range, you are ready to plant.  We're not there quite yet. Keep your eye on the BootieWeather Stats for what's happening here in in North Scottsdale. You can see historic data by clicking on this link  or the "BootieWeather Historic Data on Weather Underground" link at the bottom left of this and every page on the site. Set the time frame to whatever you want and you'll be able to see many different weather for that time frame from right here in  Saguaro Estates in North Scottsdale, AZ.


How do you plant winter rye grass? First you must scalp and dethatch the summer grass. That means that you must cut it back and thin it to allow room for your new grass. The planting of the rye grass in the winter is called over seeding, because you are planting rye seed over the existing Bermuda.


When do you plant summer grass? If you've already had Bermuda grass in the summer, you don't have to replant it at all. It didn't die last winter, it just became dormant waiting for warmer temperatures. Around May it will start to grow again. In May it starts to get hot outside, so make sure your lawn is getting enough water to grow. If you are planting summer grass for the first time, you can do so from seed, but the easiest way to have a great looking lawn is to lay sod.


When does the winter rye grass die? When R.J. pees on it too much, hee hee... Actually, rye grass will start to die in early May when our temperatures get to around 100°F. Stop watering the grass for a couple of weeks to let it die out, and then begin watering again to awaken your dormant Bermuda summer grass.


How come some people don't plant winter rye grass at all?  Mostly because they're too cheap or too lazy, or both. First, planting winter rye grass takes some effort. It isn't terribly difficult, but you do have to do it! Second, having a lawn uses quite a bit of water. Some people conserve (yeah, right... read that as Lazy!) by not planting an additional lawn in the winter.


Tip: If you are a golfer, you now know what it means when golf courses tell you that they are over seeding. You can expect a pretty choppy golf course, where the grass is thin. Toward the end of the over seeding schedule, you may find that the grass is long and the rough is longer, because the golf courses don't want to trim the grass too early.



9-30-11 Eddie V’s, the second time around. Since I BootieLike Wildfish so much and it’s owned by the same folks that own Eddie V’s, and since I really liked eating at the bar or in the bar at Eddie V’s before they moved out of DC Ranch I thought I’d give their new spot another BootieLook during Restaurant Week two weeks ago. We originally went late last year, the week they opened ,and were not impressed. I’m sad to say that I was once again underwhelmed. The interior, while new and no doubt expensive, had no pizzazz. Staid, Old School, Corporate, and Boring come to mind, and they shouldn’t as their counterpart, Wildfish ,has a definite buzz going, a beautiful interior, and is always fun. So, BootieStrike One, boring interior with no view and No Patio.


On to the food. My lobster bisque was thin. Too thin. The North Atlantic Lemon Sole, parmesan crust with tomato and herb salad, lemon garlic butter, a large portion as they always serve, was delicious. My favorite side, the crab fried rice, lacked the depth of flavor it has at WildFish so I’ll only rate it as OK, not spectacular like I’m used to. And the other side, the Truffled Macaroni and Cheese was so uninspired I took two bites and left the rest for the table, who didn't eat it either (and I love a good Mac and Cheese)! On to the deserts. The menu said “pick one”. The waiter said “pick one per couple”. That ticked both Tony and me off. Tony was ready to take on the waiter but in the end he didn’t have to as the waiter, no doubt sensing how we felt, and probably hearing all the jokes we were making about it, brought out one each of the three deserts offered that night for the table. Still, that was a cheap little trick to pull on their Restaurant Week dinners when it clearly wasn't advertised as one per couple but one per person. Maybe the waiter was holding back a desert or two from each of his tables to take home that night? Think so? It could BootieHappen, but probably not….So, out came the deserts! The Bananas Foster Butter Cake, Sweet Republic maple pecan ice cream looked dramatic when the waiter set it on fire. But it was all downhill after the fire went out… It lacked flavor, had a disgusting texture and just plain tasted blah. We didn’t finish it. The best thing going for the Hot Chocolate Godiva Cake, Sweet Republic vanilla bean ice cream was the ice cream as the cake tasted like one of those (why do they even bother they taste so BootieBad) flowerless cakes, even though it wasn’t. The saving grace was the delish Vanilla Bean Crème Brulée, fresh berries and cookies. It was lip smacking good. BootieStrike Two though for most of the food.


The final insult to the evening was the valet outside who didn’t even bother, after I gave him a fiver, to open the car doors for Mommy or Marjorie. And, when I asked him to, shouted out “what, for a $2 tip? (The parking charge was $3) Excuse me Mr. Valet. BootieSpit on you! That was BootieStrike Three and that all you get in the BootieBook! All in all, I’ll drive the extra 10 miles down Scottsdale Road any day to eat at Wildfish (as we have now 37 times)!  Eddie V’s in the Scottsdale Quarter still gets only ** ½ Paws.


 9-29-11 So what’s going on this weekend? A BootieBunch! How about the Greek Festival with all that delish food? I’ll be there with my Baklava, Spanakopita, Lamb eating bib on! It’s Friday, 5pm to 10pm, Saturday 11am to 10pm and Sunday 11am to 8pm.


The Home and Landscape show is in town this weekend at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. I love to go out there and prowl around. You’ll find lots of good ideas for ways to spend money around your home, and contractors and vendors eager to take that money. More at  More later….check back!


 9-28-11 After a rocky menu makeover in 2009, the BootieBeautiful Latilla room at the Boulders has trashed its longtime Southwestern theme and embraced the Mediterranean. The accent's now on France and Italy. Chef de cuisine Stephen Jones, who came on board last year, is whipping up starters like cannellini bean soup with braised celery ($9), mushroom risotto with duck egg and pecorino cheese ($14), calamari stuffed with salt cod ($15) and lobster salad ($20).


The main dishes showcase fish, and what self respecting PussyCat doesn’t like fish, including petrale sole ($28), branzino ($30) and black bass ($33). Pork chop ($27), pheasant (it's so pleasant to eat a pheasant...) ($28) and lamb loin ($42) provide an additional Mediterranean flair while non-BootieFoodies can always retreat to chicken ($27) or a New York strip ($34). A three-course, fixed-price meal for $39, which changes weekly, is also available. Dinner, 6-9:30 p.m., daily. 34631 N. Tom Darlington Drive, Carefree. 480-488-9009,


 9-25-11 Restaurant Week (well, it was really 9 days long… but no one’s complaining about that, huh. It was the Bomb!) is over.  Too bad, because there were spectacular meals to be had at bargain prices. We visited Café Pino, Vincents on Camelback, The Ocean Club, Tommy Bahamas, Eddie V’s and Citizens Public House and made some new friends in the process! You’ll find reviews of some of those places at the BootieFoodie link on the home page and I’ll be adding a few more in the next few days. I’ll be dieting hard this week to get back in shape for more delish meals to come! It’s a tough job, but I understand it’s my BootieFoodie duty to seek out and dish on the best spots in town so you always have plenty of places to try when you feel adventurous! Please write me and share if you had a BootieFine meal. You can always reach me at


 9-23-11 Some BootieThoughts after last night’s Republican debate: Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, during Thursday night's Republican presidential debate on Fox News said "President Obama has embraced a view of government-directed temporary fixes and gimmicks. They don't work. He's destroyed the economy." Really Michele, really? Obama destroyed the economy? Let’s look at the facts, something often ignored by both sides in the heat of battle and by the dimwitted all the time.


The recession from which the United States is still struggling to recover began in December 2007, 13 months before Obama took office in January 2009. That's according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the nonprofit agency that tracks business cycles.


By the fourth quarter of 2008, shortly after the banking crisis that resulted in the widely unpopular federal bailouts, the economy contracted by 8.9%, according to the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis.


The bureau found the recession officially ended in June 2009, five months after Obama took office. The economy has grown in every quarter since then, though barely in the past six months, according to the Commerce Department.


The unemployment rate, a more direct concern to the average American, has remained high after shooting up from 5.5 % in December 2007 to a peak of 10.1 % in October 2009. It was 7.8 % when Obama took office, and it has held at 9.1 % for the past two months.


So, Michele’s statement is false. The Obama administration's much-criticized efforts to revive the economy may not have lived up to their billing, but statistics show the bulk of the damage was done before he was sworn in. President Obama, has not fixed the economy but has ,so far, stopped the bleeding (job losses), a condition he inherited from his predecessor. And that's the pure, unvarnished BootieTruth.


 9-22-11 Big News!! And you heard it here First! The Monsoon Season is Officially Over! No, I haven’t seen anything on TV about it, or read anything in the paper that said it’s over. That’ because the NWS changed the criteria for defining the Monsoon Season in Arizona from a fact based definition to an arbitrary definition because they thought the “facts” were just too confusing for our population. Perhaps they’re right, considering where our schools rank in National standings. However you and all readers of BootieThoughts are not folks of average intelligence. You have a good sense of humor, an inquisitive mind, and an IQ about 40 points higher than the average Arizonian. So… here’s the deal. The Monsoon starts when we have three days in a row with a dew point of 55 degrees or more and ends when we have three days in a row with a dew point under 55 degrees. The last time the dew point was 55 degrees plus was last Friday when it reached 56 degrees for a few hours. So the official end of the Monsoon Season as calculate by the National Weather Service for over 50 years before they went to arbitrary dates that have nothing to do with actual weather conditions was this past Tuesday, September 20th. BootieWeather fans Rule!!!!!!!!!!!


 9-19-11 The Ocean Club – It’s still Restaurant Week, so on a Sunday evening, with great anticipation off we went to Maestro’s The Ocean Club, arguably one of the most expensive restaurants in town. While most restaurants during restaurant week present their meals for $30 this one and a few others charge $40. More money, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to a better meal and sadly that’s the case here. Our slightly haughty waiter presented us with menus shortly after we arrived and asked what brought us to the restaurant. We all replied in unison “Restaurant Week”. Oh, he said and said to his second to" bring them the Restaurant Week menus"…the disappointment in his voice obvious. Well, Excuse Me Mr. Waiter. This PussyCat knows more about fine dining and has been to more excellent restaurants than that waiter's ever heard of. But being a PussyCat of the World with an extremely positive attitude I shrugged off his snide comment like water off a cats (ducks…who cares about ducks? This column is written by a PussyCat!) back. Out first was the bread basket with a few offerings that were slightly above average. Nothing to make me start drooling though. Next for me was Boston Clam Chowder. A half bowl (it shouldn’t have been a half bowl if they’re going to charge the $40 rate instead of the far more common $30 rate during Restaurant Week) and why a half bowl when the soup was a little watery and from my view utterly devoid of clams. It was someplace between acceptable and just OK. Yawn… On to the White Fist Filet with Lemon Caper Sauce. That was well prepared, sizzling hot and very tasty with the lemon sauce and capers not overpowering the delicate flaky fish. Others had the Petite Filet, Half Lamb Rack, or the Swordfish. The filet must have been good as Judy didn’t send it back as she is wont to do if things aren’t just so (more people should insist on excellence like she does), the lamb was tasty but not as good as you’ll get at Rios in Vegas and I didn’t try the swordfish but I didn’t see any leftovers on that plate so it must have been OK. For desert we all had the Profiteroles – undistinguished vanilla ice cream in a non descript pastry shell. Double yawn. The meal was pedestrian. I expected more from them. The only thing served at dinner that drew ooh’s and aah’s was the Lemon Drop Martini that Mommy got. That was a truly spectacular sight, what with the dry ice and all, and it tasted great, or so I’m told…being a tee totaling PussyCat. They’ve been around for about 10 years. I think it’s best suited for the young hot women who come to meet the older well heeled men in their popular bar scene that features live music and the same full menu as found in the restaurant.  15045 N. Kierland Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 480-443-8555 **1/2 PAWS


 9-18-11 OK, I slept well (I always sleep the sleep of a pure of heart PussyCat) and dreamt of last nights dinner at Vincents. Oh sweet dream, but not as sweet as that meal. Bear with me please for a little history before I dish on  the dishes. Owner Vincent Guerithault is a superstar in the culinary world. I don’t mean he’s on the Food Channel, or has a chain of restaurants in places like Vegas, New York, Chicago and LA. He’s a star in my BootieBook because unlike many James Beard award winners (he was the first such winner in the Valley, many years ago) he was in the kitchen cooking, watching, tasting and directing his staff the night we were there and every night, just like you’d hope he would be. Bobby Flay isn’t in the kitchen at Mesa Grill or Bar American, and Emeril Lagasse isn’t cooking in any of his restaurants – how could they be unless they magically divided themselves as happened in the movie “Duplicity”. No, Vincent stays in the kitchen as he has for 25 years in this location and cooks the best fusion of French / Southwestern cuisine you’ll ever experience.  Early on in his career, as he learned about ingredients that were new to him like chili peppers, corn, cilantro, masa and jicama he was able to produce a hybrid cuisine based on the most exacting French techniques. Vincent focused his cooking to absorb the flavors of the Southwest into a refined, sublimated cuisine that no one else in America has mastered.


Enough gushing. On to the meal! Remember, this was Restaurant Week so the entire three course meal, sans drinks  and tip of course, cost $30 per person. We began with a basket of assorted breads and rolls. Though all were great my favorite was the buttery hot homemade melt in your BootieMouth mini Croissants. I had too many but then what’s a PussyCat to do? Will power isn’t one of my strong suits. Others at our table began with the Tomato Leek Tart in a Parmesan Cheese Crust while I opted for the Brie & Figs in Puff Pastry with Mesclun Blend Greens. I sampled the Tart and would have wolfed the whole thing down if wasn’t sure Mommy would  have pinned my paw to the table with her fork. The flakey buttery pasty surrounding creamy warm brie put my taste buds in a frenzy, and when I dipped the forkful into the tiny heart shaped bowl of figs swimming in a sweet heavenly sauce I was transported to a culinary place I haven’t visited before! Simply sumptuous!  Everyone’s plate looked like RJ’s bowl after dinner. Like it had been washed, dried and polished. Next came our entrée. While we had a choice between Grilled Lobster with House Made Basil Pasta, Pepper Steak with Pommes Lyonnais , Seared Salmon with Lime Beurre Blanc or House Made White Bean Ravioli with Brown Butter everyone at the table pounced on the Lobster. Duh… OMG! A full lobster, split in half, removed from the shell, poached, babied, loved and put back in the shell with an incredible light buttery sauce (all the hard work done for you). Yum! No chewy tough crustacean here! The lobster just melted in my mouth, it’s succulent flavor transporting me to lobster love rapture! I’m left wondering what wonders I missed not sampling the other offered entrées. You can BootieBet I’ll return another day soon and find out! Our meal ended (I really didn’t want it to end...) with a choice of "Jack Daniel's" Pecan Pie, Hazelnut Ganache Cake, Strawberry Shortcake with Honey Ice Cream or Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sorbet. You know where I went. Straight to the Honey Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake. Simply Delish and a perfect end to one of the Top Five meals I’ve ever had. Everything on the restaurant week menu is on their regular menu, and the portion sizes are the same. It’s the best deal in town this week, or any week! You BootieHaveToGo! 3930 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 602-224-0225. ***** PAWS.


 9-17-11 Just back from Heaven…make that Vincent’s on Camelback, where we had a dinner that must have been prepared by angels. I’ll write about it in  detail tomorrow as it’s late now, but here’s the 411, short version... If  you haven’t booked into Vincent’s for Restaurant Week (which started today…) pick up your phone, call for reservations right now! Really! Now! If it’s too early then go to Open Table and book into Vincent’s. No computer?? Get in your car, drive down there and make a reservation at Vincents. It will be one of the best dinners of your life. I BootieFoodiePromise! 3930 East Camelback Road, Phoenix  AZ  85018  (602) 224-0225 


9-16-11 I’m so often prowling through the Scottsdale food bowls that I usually don’t give our sister cities their just deserts (pun intended). So here’s a place the Arizona Republic critics picked as the “best kept secret”. Cork – it’s in Chandler. Set on the southeast Valley fringes, Cork is far from the high-profile culinary corridors where this town's ambitious restaurants tend to congregate. But chef Brian Peterson's imaginative collection of small plates makes it a destination restaurant no matter what part of the Valley you live in. Figure four or five dishes per couple. I BootieLove small plates! They give you the opportunity to sample foie gras on a slab of bacon-accented wild boar meat loaf (better wild boar than wild pussycat!), and a plump lion's paw scallop teamed with pork shoulder confit. How does a Dungeness crab napoleon sound? Pretty mouthwatering good to me! Its pesto-tinged crab salad and prosciutto layered on crispy sea-salt crackers. It tastes even better than it sounds. Then move on to smoked wild sturgeon on a bed of lentils goosed up with ham hocks, or a gorgeous organic lamb chop in a muscular mustard zinfandel sauce. Some secrets just aren't meant to be kept. Cork - Promenade at Fulton Ranch, 4991 S. Alma School Road, Chandler 480-883-3773


 9-14-11 Isn't the weather starting to get great! It makes me think about how we'll be enjoying the outdoors again in a few weeks and of the 8 months of BootieFine weather that's just about to start! Here are a few deals and some places to get some great corn. Yes corn! Who doesn’t like corn on the cob... well maybe Osama Bin Laden, but fortunately he's swimming with the fishes these days and never deserved any corn anyway!…For  some finger licking BootieDelish  corn I suggest:


Citizens Public House: Citizens who aren't counting calories unite to sample chef Bernie Kantak's popular pan-seared scallops with wilted snow-pea greens, bacon lardoon and grits made with roasted corn, cream, chicken stock and butter ($20).

Details: 7111 E. Fifth Ave., Scottsdale. 480-398-4208,


Renegade Canteen: As if the wild Alaskan salmon in lobster sauce weren't enough, you also get golden-fried corn fritters made with cornmeal studded with corn kernels ($26). Fritter is just another word for heaven.

Details: 9343 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale. 480-614-9400,

Thee Pitts Again: Along with your barbecue feast, enjoy corn on the cob (half ear, $1.95) and sweet cornbread slathered with honey butter ($1.95). Could it get any better than that?

Details: 5558 W. Bell Road, Glendale. 602-996-7488,


For the deals, check out these BootieFinds....


Use your Bank of America or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card to get in free at more than 150 museums nationwide on the first weekend of the month through December. Participating Valley museums are the Phoenix Art Museum and Musical Instrument Museum. What? You haven't been to the MIM? Really? No Really??? You better get your little BootieButt over there during this free promo. It's really Great! Details: Saturday and Sunday. Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Ave. 602-257-1222,; Musical Instrument Museum, 4725 E. Mayo Blvd., Phoenix. 480-478-6000, FREE with card and ID.


Bring a lawn chair or blanket for the outdoor "Ballet Under the Stars" events. Ballet Arizona will present five hour long performances the third week of September at various venues. All shows begin at 7 p.m.

Details: Sept. 23, Tempe Center for the Arts, 700 W. Rio Salado Parkway; Sept. 24, Steele Indian School Park, Central Avenue and Indian School Road, Phoenix; and Sept. 25, Fountain Park, 12925 N. Saguaro Blvd., Fountain Hills. FREE.

Two days a week, T. Cook's chefs offer new taco concoctions, each of which is $2. Past selections have included a spiced-lamb taco with goat feta and shaved red onion. What will new creations be?

Details: 5 p.m.-midnight Tuesdays and Thursdays. T. Cook's lounge, Royal Palms Resort and Spa, 5200 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. $2 each. 602-840-3610,


9-13-11 The State Supreme Court ruled today that the recall of Senate President Russell Pearce R-Mesa can go forward. Thank God! That piece of trash is a huge embarrassment to our State and the Republican Party. The sooner that bigot is out of here the BootieBetter!


Phoenix Fashion Week is October 5th – 8th. Be a BootieFashionistas and start planning now! See the hottest looks from emerging and established designers from the Valley and beyond at this annual fashion fest. Like the creative process of any high-style work of art, the details for this year are still coming together. Last year's extravaganza featured 35 runway shows, nightlife parties and seminars over three days at the W Scottsdale Hotel and Residences in Scottsdale

Here’s another fun place to go on a nice October weekend. We went last year and the food was delish! Get a taste of Greece 51st annual bash. Along with Athenian chicken, spanakopita and baklava, you can try traditional Greek spirits, such as ouzo, an anise-flavored liqueur. Buy chamomile, olive oil and other imported Greek goodies at the marketplace. Take a free tour of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, one of Arizona's oldest and largest Greek churches. A portion of the proceeds benefits Phoenix Children's Hospital. Oct. 7-9. 5-10 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday. $3, free for children 12 and younger. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 1973 E. Maryland Ave., Phoenix. 602-264-2791


 9-10-11 9:05PM - WOW, that was quite a storm that just blew through here! From 7:50PM to 8PM we had .19 of an inch of rain. In 10 minutes! Rain fell at the rate of 8.11 inches per hour in that 10 minute period! I can’t remember the last time we had such a high rain rate. Our high wind speed was 33 MPH at 7:50PM. It seems stronger up at Sassy’s where we watched all the diners clear the patio fast! Had a Great Veal Chop! Yum! We received a total of .24” of rain. The temperature dropped 18 degrees in 25 minutes! The storm is past us now and everything should be OK.


 9-7-11 Some Bootie Thoughts, in no particular order, all run together….Your next cell phone (smart phone) should be the Droid Bionic by Motorola which goes on sale tomorrow on the Verizon network. It’s Motorola’s and Verizon’s much anticipated flag ship phone, the first with a dual core processor running on the lightning fast 4gLTE Verizon network. Verizon’s true 4G speed (5-12MbS) will in many cases be faster than your Cox cable internet at home. This is THE ONE folks, and I can’t wait to get my Paws on it… $299. The weather is starting to cool off now. We’ve seen the last of the 110 degree  days and have our eye anxiously on October 1st when temps usually get crazy nice. You should know how to cook. It’s a fun hobby. It’s a great hobby. What other hobby lets you create something and then eat it. There are dozens of ways to learn. You might try SmartKitchen where their goal is not to showcase celebrity chefs but to help YOU become a celebrity chef in your own kitchen. They will teach you how to cook well for 9.99 per month or $99 for the entire year. It’s worth it! Restaurant week starts 9/17. Prime Time (7PM – 8PM) Reservations for some of the best restaurants, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights are filling up fast. It’s always the best dining deal in town and only runs for 9 days. Here’s a link telling you all about it including the list of participating restaurants, their menu for Restaurant Week and a link to make reservations. It’s the BootieFoodie thing to do!


 9-5-11 It’s Labor Day today, but I’m not doing too much labor. I did manage to make it to my bowl for breakfast and I’m pretty proud of that, but that wore me out so I think I’ll take a nap. If you have a little more energy than me Eddie V’s, Wildfish and the Roaring Fork have a one day deal going on today only. Buy one entrée and get the second free! You don’t see that often on restaurants of that quality!


Or, how about a really good Pizza, not some greasy, soggy bottomed sorry excuse for a pie? Here’s a place close to home. At least our home… Cafepino! The family behind Cafepino opened their first pizzeria in 1958, in Paris. Practice, apparently, makes perfect, especially with the falilo pizza, with its charred strips of portobello mushrooms, sliced tomato, parsley and a scattering of garlic. The service was fast, fast, fast (we were going to the movies) and the owner came over to chat - nice guy. Wood fired, thin crust, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… It’s BootieGood! 7000 Mayo Blvd, Scottsdale (over by the Harkins theatre). 480-513-7466 Here’s a map (jeez, do I have to do all the work? Nap time!)

9-2-11 Phoenix has had 32 days this summer with a temperature of 110 or more. That tied the record and we still all of September to go! At least here in Saguaro Estates we’ve only had 12 days of 110 degree or hotter weather.


9-1-11 The Arrogant Butcher – again! New News!! You know, it’s really the BootieBest  when one of our reviews is echoed by one of our culinary heroes, Howard Seftel, the restaurant critic for the Arizona Republic. In today’s column he revisits The Arrogant Butcher. Please see Bootie’s  original review of this establishment on our BootieFoodie page. It wasn’t pretty, to say the least!


Here are a few quotes from Howard as he revisits The Arrogant Butcher 8 months after it opened. “The Arrogant butcher squarely positions itself in the Fox-empire sweet  spot. That’s the narrow culinary range between “not too bad” and OK, good enough.” Whew – he’s taking on Sam Fox, perhaps the most prolific restaurateur in town, with 13 different concepts and counting… Howard goes on to say “Despite its downtown Phoenix location, the Arrogant butcher is really aimed at mainstreamer (NOT BootieFoodies!) who fantasize that they and the restaurant are urban cool.” Don’t hold back Howard, tell us what you really think, hee hee! “Finesse? Nuance? Cutting-edge? They’re not part of the Fox Restaurant Concepts kitchen vocabulary.” Well, he goes on and on but I think you get the idea….that he agrees with Bootie’s earlier review found on this very page. Validation! It’s soooooo BootieSweet! Save your BootieBucks and eat elsewhere next time you’re Downtown.


 8-31-11 Wow, is it hot out there these days! Did you know that the average number of days per year in Phoenix (not up here in North Scottsdale..) that are 110 degrees or more is 18. So, how many do you think we’ve had this year? 31! Now that’s just wrong!…. well, it’s right, but that’s just wrong!! The record is 32 days. Tomorrow we’ll tie that record, and before the drop dead gorgeous days of October arrive we’ll have broken the record. BootiePoop!


On a much better note, tomorrow the folks that run Arizona Restaurant Week will announce the menus each of the 200 participating restaurants will present during the 9 day “week” this year’s event encompasses. There will be some delish meals out there for you BootieBarganHunter’s enjoyment! Check the site and don’t make dinner, make reservations (quick – the weekend prime time slots sell out faster than RJ downs a Doggie Treat at the best restaurants). Here's the link


 8-30-11 BootieCat Fans just want to have FUN! And who know how to have fun more than those Party Animal Brazilians? I mean they’re out there on the beach dancing the Samba every day, aren’t they? So… to get in on the good times you should head over the way cool MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) September 9th for the festival that celebrates that September 7th in 1822 when Brazil gained its independence from Portugal. This is the second annual Brazil Fest! There will be samba (natch) and folkloric dancers, capoeira, Brazilian bands and DJs, live art and more. Entertainment will take place on two stages, and guests will have entry into the Latin American gallery while enjoying Brazilian cuisine and drinks. Party On BootieBrazil Fans! 9:30PM – 2AM (a late night gig!) September 9th, Musical Instrument Museum, 4725 E. Mayo Blvd. Phoenix. 425 - $300 (wow- I wonder what you get for $300, one can only guess! Of I suppose you could call…) 480-478-6000 or


 8-29-11 It’s almost here!! Mmmmmmmmm!!! Arizona Restaurant Week! Actually, it’s more than a week! Just Purrrrfect! It starts September 17th and runs through September 25th. 200 Restaurants! 9 Days! What is a BootieFoodie PussyCat to do? Diet like mad and then dine like there’s no tomorrow! Well, half that plan sound pretty good….


BootieFans and visitors alike are encouraged to channel your inner foodie and make reservations at some of Arizona’s best restaurants. All the good ones participate! It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a bite, plan a romantic evening out, or finally try that restaurant you’ve had on your wish list. Participating restaurants want you back, so they go all out to make it a special night on the town. It’s always fun dining that week, surrounded in each restaurant by the other Foodies about town. Most of the go out to eat 3 times a year boneheads are clueless about this event, leaving you to dine with those in the know. The Crème de la PussyCats, so to speak…


Enjoy Arizona’s finest fare at a special discount price. Each restaurant will offer a three-course dinner menu of signature dishes for $20, $30 or $40 per person, excluding beverages, tax and gratuity unless otherwise noted. Also look for a wine glass icon next to a restaurant listing denoting the inclusion of a beverage within the price point.


I strongly suggest making reservations in advance as restaurants may fill up very quickly. Here’s a link to the participating restaurants! If you click on any of the restaurants beginning 9/1/11 it will take you to their Restaurant Week menu and an Open Table page to make a reservation.


Be warned, not every restaurant on the list is outstanding. There are a few, pardon my expression, DOGS there (Bill Johnsons Big Apple – yawn), but the list is full of great restaurants so you won’t have any trouble picking out one for each of the 9 nights :) What, you’re not going out every night… how could that be? OK 5 of the 9 will still qualify you as t True BootieFoodie!


 8-27-11 On Friday it was 117 degrees at Sky Harbor airport. That set a  record for August 26th. That’s not the kind of record that keeps me purring! It kind of sucks. I mean, 105 is OK, and 107, well, I can live with that, but 117? Really? No Really! That’s just not right.  And the next 5 days aren’t looking all that good either. I guess it could be worse. We could be in New York and getting ready to be flattened by a hurricane. I guess that’s worse, isn’t it? Maybe… I think I need a nice big bowl of vanilla ice cream! Yeah.. that’s the ticket. I’m starting to feel better already. Have to go… Ice Cream rules!


 8-25-11 The best Pizza in the Valley? I BootieBet you just said Pizza Bianco in Heritage Square…. and by many accounts you’d be right, but not if you listen to the folks over at the Food Network magazine who have just picked Arte Mei’s Parlor Pizzeria as the best place in AZ in its 50 states, 50 pizza list! The place has been open for 2 years and is just starting to get the recognition it deserves. I plan to BootieBite into the Purrrrrrrfect “Salsiccia”, a thin crust pizza topped with a custom spicy sausage by Schreiner’s Fine Sausage, mozzarella, Cheddar cheese and grilled radicchio. It’s then topped with fresh sage and drizzled with a sweet balsamic vinegar reduction called Saba. Another fav is the vegetarian Funghi, made with sautéed wild mushrooms, chives, goat cheese and truffle oil. I have to get my paws on one of those (I do so love goat cheese and sautéed mushrooms)! Everything’s cooked in a wood fired oven, natch.  FN picked Parlor Pizzeria as the best pizza place in the state! Drive a little bit and get a bit, err, make that bite…. of heaven! Thankfully, there are no 3 hour lines… yet! 1916 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-248-2480


 8-23-11 Phoenix Cooks! I’ve been waiting for this for a year! BootieFoodies and BootieCooks can sample delectable restaurant specialties from over 50 fabulous restaurants and resorts. There will be 40 great chef’s participating! There are also 30-minute demonstrations on four Performance Kitchen Stages showcasing your favorite chefs strutting their unique and creative cooking styles. I wonder if any famous PussyCat Chefs will be there. Probably! Well, it could happen! OK, maybe not… They start at 11AM and continue at Noon, 1PM and 2PM with four different Chefs each hour, each on their own stage demonstrating how to cook every kind of dish from Appetizers to Entrées to Desserts! Yum! You better sign up fast as each class is limited to 25 and a few such as Seasonal Seafood at Home by Bluewater Grills Chef Andrew Capek have already, BootieGasp, Sold Out! Mingle with Top Valley Chefs from some of the valley's hottest restaurants. A charity raffle will also be held. Tickets go on sale July 25. I'll be there campaigning! Proceeds benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Saturday September 3rd from 10AM to 3PM at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa Desert Ridge, 5350 E. Marriott Drive, Phoenix, AZ, 85054. PHONE: 480-293-5000 Tickets are $80/adult in advance and $95/adult at the door.    Children under 6 are free. The cooking classes are an additional $10 each. It’ll be great!


 8-18-11 Having just completed my degree at Miss Cleo’s Psychic School of the Absurd and Ice Cream Emporium, I’m now a Psychic (and a Soda Jerk) and know what you really want to do this weekend. You want to go out to dinner someplace BootieNice and not spend any money. Can’t be done. Tough. Next… No don’t leave. You didn’t really think I’d do that to you did you? That wouldn’t be a very polite BootieCat thing to do, would it? Here’s how you can have a fab dinner at a beautiful resort on the cheap, not free (get a grip) but really, really cheap… Go to BLT Steak at the Camelback Inn. I know, I know, that’s a very pricy restaurant, but here’s the 411. They offer some great freebies and when you pair those with some inexpensive appetizers when you’re done you’ll be BootieHappyFull and you'll still have plenty of Benjamins left in your wallet. Here’s how to do it….


Start out with their FREE crock of superb chicken-liver mousse, rich and creamy, and tasty bread to spread it on. It’s a very generous portion. Enough to fill you up right there. Next move on to their FREE, signature, mutantly (that's not really a word is it...) oversized Gruyere popovers, crisp on the outside, airy and piping hot on the inside. They really are huge! Yum! Along with these delish popovers enjoy the Dungeness Crab Cake off the Appetizer menu for $10 and Leave! That’s 10 bucks for the whole meal! Or spend a few bucks more and order the Lobster Salad, Cobb Style $24 instead of the Crab Cake. It’s huge and BootieLicious! You’ll certainly be full then! What you say, your dining with our piggy little Yorkie, RJ, and he’s getting every other bite? And you still have room for desert? Then finish with Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream, $4. Now that’s dining in BootieStyle but on the Cheap! BLT Steaks at the Camelback Inn, 5402 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley. 480-905-7979  

8-17-11 7:55PM. The rain storm started at 7:20PM. Not much happened until 7:40PM. Then we got .31” of rain in the next 10 minutes. I expect the rainfall rate to slow significantly very soon and the rain to be gone by Midnight. The winds right now are about 20 MPH and with a high wind of only 37 MPH at 6:41PM today we appear to have dodged the big dust storm that crossed much of the Valley. Still, it would be a good idea to run your pool filter all night tonight… there is quite a lot of lightning activity around the region. You can see a replay of the last 60 minutes of lightning strikes right here (give it a minute to load please) By the end of the year I’ll have an upgrade to that map that will allow an extreme close up of the screen so you can really see what’s happening in the 10 miles right around Saguaro Estates!


 8-17-11 All this campaigning really works up appetite. Battling Blockheads as I fight for truth, justice and the American way burns a lot of calories! If you’re hungry too, and in the mood for a delish breakfast drop in at The Breakfast Club in Scottsdale. You know how this PussyCat loves desert! And loves breakfast too! So, how about both at once (simply purrrrrrfect, a dream come true…) How does Jubilee Belgian Waffles topped with sautéed Bing cherries and served with vanilla ice cream sound? If you’re a BootieFoodie, pretty good I bet. I’m drooling as I write this! The menu is huge and the portions generous. It’s at 4400 Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale (on the corner of Stetson and Scottsdale Road, a block South of Camelback). 480-222-2582. Yum!


 8-15-11 Most candidates for office talk and talk and are very careful to say  nothing. They are very good at it. That’s not an accident. You see, anytime you take a stand there will be people on both sides of the issue. If you stand for something then you automatically tick off the folks on the other side of that issue and will probably lose their votes. If you let people know your position on enough issues sooner or later you’ll have pissed off just about everyone and no one will vote for you. That’s because most people (though not you since you’re a BootieThoughts reader and all BootieThoughts readers have an inquiring mind, a thirst for knowledge, and exquisite taste…) are pinheads. I guess you can tell from that little rank just how much I care about what the dunderheads of the world think. They’re all on the dole anyway and will vote only for the person who promises to give them the largest share of my money. The only use I have for people like that is as anchors. I promise you that during my campaign I will speak my mind and alienate just about everyone. I bring to my candidacy something else no other candidate brings. The truth…. Beware and, I hope, be amused!


 8-11-11 I've been advised to set up a PAC (Pussycats Are Cute) to handle the contributions that are starting to pour in. I particularly like the sardines... but instead I may form a PRC....(PussyCats Rock Commission) as that better describes what being a BootieCat is all about! There are lots of PussyCats that Rock out there! We will coalesce and conquer! A Bootie Benevolent Rule (oh, did I say that  out loud?)


BootieBudget Talk 101 - Sobering Thoughts – our expenditures shape up like this:


19% Discretionary Spending

20% Defense Spending

20% Social Security Spending

21%  Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS

14% Safety Net Programs

  6% Interest on the National Debt


So, how can we save 4 Trillion dollars and reign in our spending so our Country doesn’t go broke? We can cut our discretionary spending a little. That’ spending for Everything except what we spend on the other 5 items. We can cut the defense budget some. We need to do both but since 39% of the money we spend we borrow if we don’t reduce our Entitlement spending we would have to eliminate ALL discretionary spending and all but 1% of defense spending to balance the budget. AND you KNOW we aren’t going to do that. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS and Safety Net programs are called Entitlement Programs. We are forced to spend that money by law. Only by changing the law and reforming those programs can we cut those expenditures. They continue to grow at an unsustainable pace. We have to cut back on these programs to balance our budget. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.



8-10-11 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I have come to the conclusion there is only one way to fix our Country’s financial, social and economic problems. It’s not something I necessarily want, nor something I seek, but is never the less something whose time has come. Some PussyCats seek greatness while others have greatness thrust upon them. I do understand honor, and duty and the need to preserve the American Way! So it is with a sense of anticipation and a strong sense of purpose, realizing no one else has the will to make the hard choices necessary for the good of our beloved Country that I make the following announcement. I, Bootie the PussyCat, will run for, and win, the Presidency of the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!! Note, I am not “forming” some namby-pamby, stick my paw up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, Lilly Livered “exploratory committee” to assess the possibility (I think I’m about to puke) of running. I am making a strong, well thought out, unequivocal statement. I am running for the Presidency of the United States and I will Win as I have Truth, Justice and the American Way (and R.J.!) on my side! BootieBless America!


I am now accepting applications for the position of “Campaign Manager”. The Weak of Heart need not apply. Interested parties please respond to



8-8-11. OK, enough BootieBalling and teeth gnashing. It’s time to get real about what we have to do now to get our AAA rating back, and get it back this year. The debt ceiling negotiations were about taking things off the table. The result was a small deal that didn't fix the big problems. And thus the downgrade.


Now we have to put things back on the table.


We have to fix Social Security once and for all. Let's start with the obvious: Raise the retirement age, fix cost-of-living adjustments and add a "means testing" component to how benefits are calculated so benefits are better apportioned according to need.


We need multiple layers of health care reforms starting with a stringent budget for spending and a willingness to try different structural reforms, including premium support and opening up traditional Medicare.


Discretionary spending does need to be cut overall, but some major areas of public investments need to be increased. And we should adopt more performance measures so programs that aren't working can be quickly eliminated.

And, of course, we have to consider revenues. Tax reform is a no-brainer. Getting rid of the hundreds of billions of dollars in regressive tax breaks would allow us to lower rates and generate more revenue to close the deficit.


Enact real spending caps and triggers: Putting in place a multiyear budget plan that tackles entitlements and tax reform won't be enough. There will still be the risk that promises of future savings won't materialize.


We also need spending caps and trigger mechanisms. So far, though, the Balanced Budget Amendment or Cut, Cap and Balance plan recently bandied about have been suggested as replacements for specific policy reforms -- they allow lawmakers to sound tough without doing any of the real work of getting specific.


Instead, such budgetary limits should be used to enforce a deal and make sure it stays on track: Cap spending, threaten across-the-board cuts if the full savings don't materialize and build in a mechanism so new revenues are only included if all the entitlement reforms are enacted.


If we do all of this, we'll win back the heart of Mr. AAA by the end of the year. I would bet my dwindling retirement account on it. If we don't, we will all pay a very steep price. And assuming we do get him back, we should never let him get away again.



8-6-11 Is it really any wonder when you say to people to whom you owe money and promised to repay it, that maybe you won’t give them their money back they get upset and will charge you a higher rate of interest the next time you want to borrow from them? I think not! That what we just did to the World. It’s not like I’m a “told you so” kind of PussyCat (well, OK maybe I am. Ok..I am) but I did rail on and on in this blog on 7/16, 7/20, 7/21 and 7/28 about what was going to happen if the Tea Party and Rush and his Right Wing Ultra Fanatics didn’t quit playing around with the Debt Ceiling. You can read those posts and see I predicted a downgrade of the US Debt Rating and a big sell off in the stock market. I did write our two Senators from Arizona as well as our 5th District Rep and begged them to reign in those 38 Tea Party nut jobs. To no avail! Well… makes me want to hiss and spit! BootieFools!!


 8-3-11 8:55PM WOW, it’s really coming down. We’ve had .45” of rain in the past 30 minutes. Lightning is going crazy out there with approximately 165 close strikes a minute and a big lightning storm parked right over Saguaro Estates. You can replay this lighting storm by clicking on the Live Lightning Strikes picture in the lower right corner of the home page.


8-3-11 The Home and Garden Show (the big one) is this weekend, August 5,6 &7 at the University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s Air Conditioned..yea! It’s huge. There will be hundreds of home improvement companies offering “home show only” special pricing, sales and giveaways as well as demonstrations throughout the three day event. I always like to prowl the aisles and with this weekend being hot with a good chance of rain this could be a perfect outing. Friday 10-7, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-5. It costs $5. $2 for kids. Details at


 8-2-11 Brad Garrett is at Stand Up Live  Comedy Theatre this Friday and Saturday night. He’ll make you BootieLaugh. You should go! He played Ray Romano's brother Robert on the CBS hit series "Everybody Loves Raymond." We saw  him and Ray Romano in Vegas last year and he was twice as funny as Ray. He also played the obsessive mechanic on "Seinfeld," and starred in “Til Death,”. Special guest comedian and voice impressionist Melissa Villasenor also performs. A 21-and-older show. Showtimes at 7:30 and 9:45 p.m. Aug. 5 and at 7 and 9:15 p.m. Aug. 6. A two-drink minimum applies. Stand Up Live Comedy Theatre is at CityScape 50 W. Jefferson St., Suite 200 Phoenix, AZ, 85003 PHONE: 480-719-6100 They serve appetizers and more there.. everything from sliders to scallops. Here’s a BootieAboutTown hint: Take the elevator upstairs and skip the line of people queued up on the stairs waiting to be let in, hee hee…


 8-1-11 We had .19” of rain last night bringing the total for the year to 4.68” here in Saguaro Estates (otherwise known as BootieLand)! Do you wonder how that compares to other locations around the Valley? I BootieBet you do, because BootieThoughts readers have inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge! Here are some totals. All are from US Weather Service stations at the Cities respective airports and thus are the “official year to date rain totals” for those Cities.


Phoenix       2.38”

Scottsdale   1.82”

Glendale     1.24”

Mesa           2.11”


 7-30-11 The storm is all around us, but not on us now at 9:10PM. There are plenty of lightning strikes within a 5 mile radius but we are being spared (or ignored, depending on your point of view).  We may be a  little rain in the next 30 minutes before it all moves off to the West. Or not... A BootieNonEvent...


7-29-22 You must be getting bored with all this talk about places to go for dinner. So let’s talk about something different. Like places to go for Breakfast! Mmmmmmmmmmmm… BootieFine!


Matt’s Big Breakfast. This one was featured several times on Dinners, Drive Inns and Dives. Matt has established his reputation among folks as the place to go for breakfast or lunch. Arrive early to avoid the long wait and score a good seat. Order the cheese omelet ($6.95) made with real Wisconsin Cheddar, aged Provolone or American cheese that's folded into three eggs for a real he-man breakfast. Served with toast and hash browns or home fries. 801 N. First St., Phoenix. 602-254-1074


Over Easy – Another one featured on Diners, Drive Inns and Dives – It recently moved into a new location. Over Easy makes it easy to get up in the morning with eye-openers that include caramelized bananas and pecan brioche French toast (how BootieGood is that!), hot off the griddle ($7.50). 4730 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix. 602-468-3447. Also, 9375 E. Bell Road, Scottsdale. 480-270-3447,  

Butterfield's Fresh-squeezed OJ gets the morning off right. And the pecan raisin pancakes, the Belgian waffles with strawberries and cream, the cheese blintzes and the crepe filled with spinach and Gruyere keep the day on track. They charge you a buck for real maple syrup but live a little, it's worth it! 7388 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale. 480-951-6002,


T.C. Eggington's Decisions, decision, decisions. The frittata with chorizo, cheese and jalapeños? The apple pecan pancakes with brown sugar cinnamon? (Mmmmm, I'm' there!) The superb cinnamon bread French toast dipped in a custardy batter? Luckily, tomorrow is another day. 1660 S. Alma School Road, Mesa. 480-345-9288,  


And for Desert after Breakfast (why are you looking at me that way....) try Bite Me Brownies. You won't be sorry!   


7-28-11 The United States is at risk of being booted out of a group of countries that boast a spotless credit rating. Only 17 countries in the world -- currently including the U.S. -- hold the highly coveted triple-A rating from both Standard & Poor's and Moody's. (S&P rates an additional three countries as triple-A, that aren't featured on Moody's list). Germany, Canada, France, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are among those with the undisputed stamp of approval -- so is the Isle of Man, a country off Ireland's east coast, and Singapore.


Now S&P and Moody's are questioning the United States' membership in this exclusive club. The triple-A rating enables nations to borrow funds at a low cost, because their governments are considered stable and their bonds safe. The U.S. has seen its dollar become the world's No. 1 reserve currency because its bonds are held in such high regard by investors. They're backed by the "full faith and credit of the U.S. government" -- which until now, has never seriously been called into question.


Already, just the threat of a possible downgrade has taken a toll. Prior to November 2007, the United States boasted some of the safest bonds in the world. That started to gradually change with the recession, and now the country's creditworthiness continues to be questioned amid the debt ceiling debates.


We do have a large deficit and debt and we do need to get it under control. That the Tea Party has raised awareness about this is admirable. And I agree with their view that the current set of entitlements - Medicare especially - have to be reformed dramatically to get our fiscal house in order. But that is not an excuse to endanger the good standing of the United States.


First you pay the bills and then you figure out how to change your spending habits. The tragedy here is that the damage may already have been done. From now on, every time the debt ceiling needs to be raised, the world will wonder: Will the U.S. stand by its promises or will it break them?


We face downgrades and investor panic not because of our deficits but because we are behaving like deadbeats, refusing to pay our bills, pouting while the bill collector waits at the door.


What a downgrade would mean: Investors can discern the "risk" associated with a country's debt, by looking at the cost to insure against a possible default -- through a financial instrument called a credit default swap. In the case of the U.S., that cost surged on Thursday to its highest level since 2009. By that measure, U.S. bonds are no longer in the clear lead as a safe bet, compared to other triple-A rated countries.


By looking at the prices of 5-year credit default swaps, Norway's debt ranks the safest, followed by Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands and Australia. Canada, Singapore and Germany also have safer bonds than the United States. If lawmakers don't come through with a deal to raise the debt ceiling and lower the long term deficit, the U.S. could soon join the ranks of the lower-level, double-A rated countries like China, Spain, Japan, Saudi Arabia and even Kuwait



7-26-11 Some folks don't think there's any wildlife in the desert. they don't live here. Guess what was sitting on our back patio last evening?


 7-25-11 Less than a month after chef Chris Curtiss unexpectedly left BootieFavorite restaurant NOCA, owner Eliot Wexler has found a great replacement. It’s Matt Taylor, who did BootieFine work heading the kitchen at Metro Brasserie in Scottsdale before deserting us to work with Michael Mina at the Bellagio in Vegas almost two years ago. Although Matt is only 27 he has already worked with four James Beard Award winners, including locals Bradford Thompson at the now-closed Mary Elaine's and Robert McGrath at Roaring Fork (Robert now heads up the Renegade Canteen on Shea and the food there is to die for..). We Loved Metro Brasserie and were very BootieSad when it closed. We also love NOCA, so having Matt at NOCA is all I can ask for. Actually, it’s not all I could ask for….I could ask for Metro Brasserie to still be here with Matt at the helm, and have NOCA still under Chris’s control. But, unlike our Congress, I realize I can’t have all my wishes come true. I understand Elliott is in Vegas now going over ideas with Matt and then the two of them will be off on a BootieFoodie binge to San Francisco!


We ended up with .83" of rain last night, and recorded 2,243 lightning strikes classified as "close" - within 10 miles of us - within a 15 minute period from 9:30PM to 9:45PM. Many were within a 3 mile radius of Saguaro Estates! Hope your home is OK. Everything under my bed seems in order...


7-24-11 10:20 PM. There's another Big Storm with plenty of lightning over Fountain Hills right now and it's headed towards us. I think by 1:30AM we'll be all clear. We had a 43 MPH wind gust at 9:24PM tonight. It was nasty out there. No place for PussyCats! I'm going to continue monitoring events from under the bed...


7-24-11 9:55PM Wow! in the past 15 minutes from 9:30 to 9:45 we received .68" of rain and had over 70 cloud to ground lightning strikes occurring PER MINUTE! within a 3 mile radius of Saguaro Estates! Too BootieCool!!! Glad I put down my umbrellas in the back yard! The worst is over but there is still more rain in store tonight.


7-22-11 Don’t you just LOVE a delish Burger. I BootieBet you do! Here are a few Excellent places to get one!


Bourbon Steak: Hamburger ($14) You customize this terrific burger, made from ground American Kobe chuck and prime New York sirloin, choosing up to six of 25 toppings. I opted for Swiss Emmental, bourbon-caramelized onions, grilled portobello mushrooms, a thick slice of heirloom tomato, roasted red peppers and wild argali, all stacked onto a house-made pain au lait bun that won't quit halfway through. Wow.

Details: 7575 E. Princess Drive (Fairmont Scottsdale Princess). 480-513-6002,

Delux: Classic standard burger ($9.90) As formidable a basic burger as you're likely to find, about a half-pound of lip-smacking Niman Ranch ground beef on a sturdy brioche-style bun, supported by Cheddar, lettuce, onions, pickles and thick slices of beefsteak tomato. It's condiment-free - choose from garlic aioli, ketchup, mayo and three kinds of mustard.

Details: 3146 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-522-2288,

Fez: Fez Burger ($10.95) There's so much going on here, all of it wonderful. We're talking a half-pound of juicy Angus beef inventively goosed up with cinnamon-spiced pears, feta cheese and crispy onions, on a fresh ciabatta roll lined with spicy honey molasses barbecue sauce and lemon garlic aioli.

Details: 3815 N. Central Ave., Phoenix. 602-287-8700,

The Grind: Sweet and spicy burger ($10)

Why does this burger stand out? It starts with the first-rate organic beef. Next, the mode of preparation: It's cooked in a 1,000-degree coal-fired oven. What emerges is a lively burger that's juicy and flavorful. Then, factor in terrific, one-of-a-kind toppings: candied jalapeños, fried ratatouille and watercress, on a brioche bun lined with aioli. You won't need ketchup or mustard on this beauty, whose total adds up to way more than the sum of its parts.

Details: 3961 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-954-7463,

I suppose it’s OK to build a 1800 mile long fence along the border between the US and Mexico. I guess that’s better than painting a line in the dirt. But not much better. I have a level of expertise in this matter after erecting my own “border fence”…. to keep the rabbits out of my back  yard. You see, the rabbits were consuming my resources, vociferously chowing down on our flowers. We then had to spend hundreds of dollars replacing them only to have them devoured again. I didn’t want those lazy brown things eating at my expense, laying around all day on our grass, having babies that would eat more flowers and crossing over the border from the NAOS area into our yard. It was time to take action and take action I did!


First I had additional fencing installed. I had a second layer of fencing, something that looked like fancy chicken wire, put against our view fence to keep the rabbits from squeezing through. Of course they promptly dug right under it. I had it re-installed and buried a foot into the ground and curved out toward them to prevent their tunneling. But still they came. When I turned our ferocious 8 pound Yorkie RJ  loose on them they didn’t care. They just hopped away a bit and hid until he went away and then came right back. They began digging under the gate to get in. I had a concrete footer poured, figuring that wound fix them! And still they came. I bought some of that pricy liquid fence and sprayed it around the perimeter of the fence. Three days later there they were, stretched out on the grass living the Good Life. They had babies. The babies had babies. I was overrun with  rabbits. Pretty soon I figured I be in the minority and the rabbits would take over!


I thought about shooting them. But I couldn’t bring myself to commit murder. I tried again with the liquid fence, spraying concentric rings of the stuff. It Worked! For about 4 days. They adapted. Then they were back. I had my Gardner purchase a large quantity of big rocks, rocks about 8” in diameter, and put them end to end  lining the outside of my fence. Their number dwindled. I thought I had found the answer. There was one rabbit left in the yard. I figured I’d trapped it inside. I opened the gate and planed on chasing him out through it. Instead he took off, headed directly towards the fence. He approached at warp speed and then suddenly leaped up and sailed between the metal fence posts that were set about 3” apart without even breaking stride. I could swear I heard him laughing as he sailed out of sight…. only to return another day.


I finally did get the rabbits to quit eating our flowers. I replaced the flowers with plants they don’t like to eat. So what ultimately worked was taking away the rabbits reason for coming into my yard, not building a fence.


Why do people illegally cross the border into the United States? To find work, because they can’t find it in their native Country. They want to support their families. They don’t want to starve. In June 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the “Legal Arizona Workers Act” (otherwise known as our Employer Sanctions Law) that the Arizona legislature passed in 2007. The Act, which went into effect January 1, 2008, requires employers to use E-Verify to ensure that workers are legally authorized, and it provides for the suspension or revocation of the business licenses of Arizona employers that knowingly or intentionally employ unauthorized aliens. SO WE ALREADY HAVE A LAW APPROVE BY THE SUPREME COURT that would take away the incentive for anyone to illegally come into our Country. Why haven’t we enforced that law? That law is the answer to our border problem! Not a fence. Could it be that if we enforced the law businesses would rise up in arms and stop contributing to our weak kneed Politicians campaign treasure chests….No that couldn’t be it could it? Right… I guess we’ll just go ahead and spend Millions, probably Billions, to build a fence that will do just about as good a job keeping out illegal aliens as my fence did keeping out rabbits. And when that doesn’t work maybe we’ll build another. And that’s just BootieStupid.



7-21-11 Have you written your Senators and your Representative and told them how you feel about the budget talks and the debt ceiling yet? Well Why the BootieHell not? It's your duty! It only takes a few minutes. You can copy and paste the same message into all three emails. Here are links to their email pages. Do it now while it's fresh in your mind. At least then you have the right to gripe if they don't do as you've asked. Then tell your friends to log in here, click on the links and send their emails too. And to those of you who do write, you are true Americans taking part in the process that made this Country Great! A BigBootieThanks to you!!! and God Bless America! Yeah!


We are in the 5th Congressional District. Our Senators are Senator John McCain, you can contact him here: and Senator Jon Kyl, contact him here: Our Representative is David Schweikert, contact him here: Click on the links.  It's BootieEasy! Please make your voices heard! Purrrrrrrrrr ! Bootie Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 7-20-11 I wonder if anyone notices that I change the word at the top of this page that describes who's not welcome here every few days? Yesterday it was Pinheads... today it's Birdbrains.... if any Birdbrains did check in I'm sure, being Birdbrains, that they wouldn't notice...


It's 8:25PM You should click on the Live Lightning Strikes map on the bottom right of the home page and play back the last 60 minutes of lightning strikes. There are a bunch and some are very close! It's BootieCool!


7-20-11 There is a BootieGlimmer of hope on the horizon as cooler heads and a whiff of sanity stir the air in the Senate and House chambers. The plan being put forth by the Gang of 6 finds it’s framework on the plan this BootieCat wrote about four days ago on 7-16, the plan put forth by the 18 member fiscal commission  late last year. The newly released framework relies heavily on the commission’s work and calls for deep cuts at government agencies, including the Pentagon; significant reductions to Medicare and Medicaid and a plan to make Social Security solvent. There is pain involved. Folks, there has to be. There is no magic wand that can be waved to dig us out of 20 years of increasing entitlements and runaway spending. The Government can’t be all things to all people and has to be reined in or Social Security and the other entitlement programs will run out of money and cease to exist.


Don’t get me BootieWrong. I’m not jumping up and down at the prospect of eliminating the home mortgage deduction and the employer provided health care deduction. But I am excited about the prospect of lowering the tax rates for everyone as a result of those actions.  The Plan deserves serious consideration as it’s currently the only one out there that dares to tackle the real problem! Entitlement Spending. That spending accounts for over 2/3rds of all Government spending. See how out of control that’s gotten? An no meaningful reform can take place without addressing that elephant in the room.


It’s far from a done deal and time has almost run out. A few of you will take the time to email your Senators and your Representative. We are in the 5th District. If you don’t then you have no right to moan when things start collapsing around you and the programs you were positive would never die are dead. The time for putting things off and hoping everything will just work out is over. Everyone needs to get off their BootieButt and tell our legislatures to BootieUp and do the right thing!

We are in the 5th Congressional District. Our Senators are Senator John McCain, you can contact him here: and Senator Jon Kyl, contact him here: Our Representative is David Schweikert, contact him here: Click on the links.  It's BootieEasy! Please make your voices heard! Purrrrrrrrrr ! Bootie Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 7-19-11 Here's a little BootieFood for Thought: The National Debt by U.S. Presidential Terms


We dodged the bullet here in North Scottsdale yesterday. The Haboob (seems to me we always use to call these events dust storms but I guess the definition fits) missed us here. We had no rain, the wall of dust passed to the West of us and our high wind speed yesterday was a paltry 23 mph. I’m BootieGlad as cleaning up from these storms ranks just above getting head butted by R.J. on my list of things this PussyCat can do without.

If you ever want to see historic weather data from this site click on the link towards the bottom of the page on the left that says BootieWeather Historic Data on WeatherUnderground. There you can look at prior days, weeks and months data. Pretty BootieCool, huh...

The definition of a Haboob is a strong wind that occurs along the southern edges of the Sahara in The Sudan and is associated with large sandstorms and dust storms and may be accompanied by thunderstorms. It usually lasts about three hours, is most common during the summer, and may blow from any direction. A Haboob may transport huge quantities of sand or  dust, which move as a dense wall that can reach a height of 3,000 feet (the one last wee was over 5,000 feet and stretched for 60 miles!


 Do you think our elected leaders (what were we smoking when we put them in office) might possibly get the Semi Big Deal done? I hope so but I wouldn’t bet any cat treats on it. They’re all still in it for themselves and not for you and me. We’ll see soon enough…


7-18-11 How long has Sheriff Joe been under investigation by the Feds? 945 days, 22 hours, 51 minutes as of tonight at 10:53PM. Some point to this in an attempt to discredit him. It BootieSeems to me that if he's been under investigation that long and no charges have been filed maybe they ought to go back to tracking down a few jaywalkers or if that too tough maybe kids that run lemonade stands without licenses. That's about 10 years less though than the people at Channel 12 and the folks over at the New Times have been after him. I think they're upset because Sheriff Joe believes jails should be jails and not Country Clubs, and the menu should be green bologna and not Crab Cake with Chipotle Aiou. How radical is that? Don't you just love his Tank! BootieCool! Go Joe!


To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. - Theodore Roosevelt. (This sentiment is oft pontificated by the Party that isn't in power at the time. - Bootie.)


7-17-11 I went to Citizens Public House on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale again last night. That place is soooo BootieFoodie Good! I started with one of two specials for the night, a chicken liver pate with toast points, home made mustard and some very tasty baby cucumbers that were half way to becoming pickles. Then on to the meatloaf special, $18, that was out of this world. It came with a few expertly done large onion rings and broccoli rabe. The broccoli rabe is the only part I wasn't crazy about. That may be because I BootieHate broccoli rabe. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was it. A good friend had the short ribs and just like last time, they were bursting with flavor and so very tender. His wife had the halibut for the hell of it. Sorry, couldn't resist. She said it was terrific. I didn't try it. I was too engrossed in my meatloaf. For desert (of course I had didn't really think otherwise did you?) we shared cinnamon ice cream and bread pudding. It was even better than it sounds. Our waiter was really good, excellent actually!  It was a little loud but that's because the place was packed with Foodies and there was a real buzz, lots of energy, lots of fun! See my first review in Bootie Foodie for location details. Make a reservation if you want to get in.  7-18-11 OK, OK, if your really too lazy to look up the address in Bootie Foodie here it is: Try it, I give it 4 paws out of 5. 7111 E. 5th Ave, Suite E, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. (480) 398-4208. It's on the corner of 5th Avenue and Craftsman Court, one block West of Scottsdale Road in Old Town Scottsdale.  


7-16-11 BootieRant! My BootieFur is standing on end. I’m sick of  Rightwing (wrong wing) and Leftwing (fool wing) politicians preening, posturing and posing. I think I'll cough up a big hairball and mail it to them. Yeah! The debt ceiling crisis, and it is a crisis, presents an opportunity to do something historic, and the fact that some think it’s OK to play loosy goosy with my financial future really has me BootiePissedOff! Man Up you wimps! Do a gut check and do what’s right for the Country for once in your lives. Have the guts to fix the huge entitlement program mess and (ugh) raise taxes a little on everyone, not just the “rich” (who already pay a much higher percentage of their income in taxes than anyone else, and a much high gross dollar amount than anyone else…jeez – just what more do you want from a PussyCat you gutless little weasels… ). Oops. Well even a BootieCat can get carried away, but at least I BootieKnow that neither side can get everything it wants and still arrive at THE BIG DEAL, and anything less than THE BIG DEAL is a cowardly pile of BootiePoop. We need that to fix our budget, fix Medicare and fix Social Security. Don’t you understand???? If you don’t give up some things (let taxes go up a bit, insist on cuts in the budget and fixes to the entitlement programs like delaying the full retirement age to 66 or 67  for everyone younger than 55) these program will cease to exist! Be like Paul Ryan (R –Wisconsin) he’s a BootieHero. He’s got it right. Both sides need to BootieUp.


The Report of the National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform got it right. Exactly right. The commission was made up of Democrats and Republicans, courageous, smart men and women who put politics aside and after months and months of hard work came up with a very specific plan that spells out what we need to do to save our country. Because it sugar coats nothing and calls for unpopular cuts and sacrifices to be made by Everyone, not just one group or one party, they arrived at a plan that will work and won’t really hurt that much if it’s adopted now, before it’s too late. They issued their report December 1, 2010. We should swallow hard, do a gut check, and adopt it in its entirety! If you want specifics here they are! You owe it to yourself to read this plan. I know it’s a little long, but it’s our future we’re talking about. I won’t apologize for being BootieBlunt. Don’t get your information in sound bites from the TV or from radio talk show hosts who’s job depends on keeping you all worked up. Do the hard thing and inform yourself. Here’s a link to what I think is the most important, well thought out, specific plan every created since the Declaration of Independence, to rescue our Country. Please, please take the time to read this and then, I hope, advocate for it. This is the hard truth and the path to fiscal sanity.


Do you remember the Air Traffic Controllers strike back in Reagan’s days. They just had to have it all. They dug in their heels and wouldn’t budge. They knew the government was over a barrel and would give in. And All of the them got Fired. Every stinking one of them. Taught them a good BootieLesson and they were never ever rehired! Well, just don’t compromise and we’ll all be in a world of hurt just as they found themselves. Do it now. Yes some of the radical elements of each party will be all pissed off. Too BootieBad! And some good Americans will be mad. BootieTough. They will be equally mad at each party, so it will all even out. Those people are knuckleheads. It’s their way or the highway. If you listen to them and we default on our debt the stock market will tank, our bond rating will go in the litter box, our cost to borrow will skyrocket, the most stable currency in the world (our T Bills), where the world parks their money will no longer attract the funds we need to operate and if you think what we’ve been through for the past three years is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet! We’ll really enter a recession. It will be  catastrophic! And that’s not a word I use lightly, being a Cat. So again, Congress, seize this historic moment to fix our countries financial house.


Make THE BIG DEAL. Better still, adopt the recommendations in the Report of the National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in its entirety. You will go down in history as a Men and Women just as BootieBrave as the those Patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence 235 years ago. And to those knuckleheads in both parties who are playing around with my financial future, I will work as hard as I can to see you’re voted out of office the next time you’re up for election. You are small little people with myopic vision, in it only for yourselves and not for our Country. BootieShame On You!

7-14-11 Bastille Day is today! The French national holiday commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on 14 July 1789 and marked the beginning of the French Revolution. It's a good excuse to eat French pastries. That's the day the French launched their revolution, storming the infamous prison and demanded the right to eat all things flaky and buttery. Seems as good a reason as any to start a revolution...

Most BootieFoodies like to grill out and are pretty good at it. One way to get better is to take a class from Sur La table tomorrow, Friday July 15th at their Kierland store. the class starts at 6:30 and runs to 8:30. Here's that they're going to teach you: How to perfectly grill fish and shellfish and achieve the delicious results you expect when dining out, at home in your own kitchen. You’ll learn an assortment of techniques professional chefs use to ensure restaurant quality results every time, including how to tell when ingredients are done cooking, different tools that make year-round stovetop grilling inside easy, plus methods for marinating and bringing out the most flavors in your seafood. They’ll even share presentation tips for serving your seafood dishes in gourmet style. This class features a globally inspired menu of Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops with Parmesan - Asian Five-Spice Grilled Salmon with Caramelized Fuji Apples - Seared Tuna Steaks with Sesame-Tamari Marinade - Tequila-Lime Shrimp with Roasted Corn and Green Onion Salsa. Delish! The dishes are ideal for special occasions, casual backyard gatherings and feeding me! 7122 E. Greenway Pkwy Suite 100 

Scottsdale, Arizona 85254. The cooking class phone number is 480-998-0648  $79
The American Idol tour is here Sunday at the US Airways Center, 201 E. Jefferson St, Phoenix. Yawn. 7PM. $40 - $74. 800-745--3000

 7-13-11 It's going to dry out today as the winds shift out of the West. It'll be about 99 degrees, about 8 degrees below normal. All in all a pretty nice day. Make it a great one for you


How about a few corny cat jokes?


Where does a cat go when it loses its tail? The retail store.

What does a cat like to eat on a hot day? A mice cream cone.

What do cats use to make coffee? A purrcolator.

What do cats like to eat for breakfast? Mice Krispies.


What is a Cat?

  • 1.  Cats do what they want.
    2.  They rarely listen to you.
    3.  They're totally unpredictable.
    4.  They whine when they are not happy.
    5.  When you want to play, they want to be alone.
    6.  When you want to be alone, they want to play.
    They expect you to cater to their every whim.
    8.  They're moody.
    They leave hair everywhere.
    10. They drive you nuts and cost an arm and a leg.

  • In other words, Cats are tiny women in little fur coats...
  • I'm always on the prowl for sweets. Pies, Cakes, Gelato, Coffee Cake, Mmmmmmmmmmm. That's just the way a  BootieCat rolls! So for all you BootieFoodies out there, how about  some French Pastries? Yum! Here are a few of my favorite spots:

Christopher's If you're not going to Paris this summer to see the Eiffel Tower, and I'm not.. there's something even tastier in town (of course it's not too hard to be tastier than the Eiffel Tower, it being made of steel and all...): chef Christopher Gross's signature chocolate mousse tower, a chocolate tube stuffed with mousse and whipped cream ($9). Or try the lemon tart, seven-layer chocolate gateau Marjolaine or soufflés in chocolate, raspberry, Grand Marnier or any flavor combination (all $9). All BootieCertified Fine! Details: 2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-522-2344,


Vincent on Camelback, a BootieFoodie Favorite. Chef Vincent Guerithault is the king of soufflés. Try them in flavors (changing daily) such as tequila, Grand Marnier, chocolate or the famous lemon crepe ($11.50), which is like eating a lemon cloud. I would eat a lemon cloud... Among non-crepe choices are crème brulée, which are flavored with vanilla, chocolate, coffee, passion fruit or Grand Marnier, depending on the flavor of the day ($9.75). Details: 3930 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-224-0225,


Au Petit Four. I hear RJ himself travels to this tiny but noteworthy bistro for all his pastry needs. That may or may not be much of a recommendations as RJ will eat just about anything. That doesn't include the delish Tuxedo with white- and dark-chocolate mousse (only because chocolate is bad for Doggies...), chocolate Royale (same thing), fruit tarts, éclairs, and the strawberry Napoleon (all pastries $6 each). OK, RJ really doesn't eat any of those things as they're all not the best for Doggies... But BootieFoodies do!  Luscious! If you're planning a Bastille Day party, and of course who isn't... order your cakes at least two days in advance. Details: 2501 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 602-852-9668,


7-12-11 Do you know there are 12 Restaurant Reviews in Bootie Foodie. You should check them out the next time you’re looking for a great place to dine out (there are also a few places to avoid)! I’ve been BootieBusy or there would be many more. Stay tuned, I have at least 3 more I’m dying to add. Soooo much to do… and so little BootieTime to do it in. Such is the fate of being a BootieCat!


If you click on the site and it looks like the last time it updated was more than 5 minutes ago (look just above the temperature block where the current and high for the day are displayed – it will say updated: and then the time….) refresh your browser.


As all BootieWeather fans know, I’m a PussyCat of Science, would you expect any less of a PussyCat with a weather site? There’s a lot of talk in the press these days about me, err, no, not actually about me, but there should be… About the Dew Point. They aren’t talking about the point where you just have to grab a bottle of Mountain Dew. In Arizona, during Monsoon Season, the dew point is the best indicator of how “sticky” it feels out there. It’s also the measurement used to determine when the monsoon season really starts (see my 6-27-11 comments about that little topic, along with a very cool link). Did you know that in 2008 the National Weather Service here, in an effort to be “politically correct” and to dumb things down to the lowest common denominator (RJ?) changed the way they calculate the start of the monsoon season and just picked an arbitrary beginning and end date (June 15th - September 30th) because the real calculation for when the weather conditions really indicate it’s started was “just too confusing” . Jeez…that is really the pits. Maybe we should just say that 2+2=4, 2+8=4 and everything + everything = 4 because it’s just too confusing for our population to really take the time to understand anything else….


Uh Oh, sorry about the BootieRant. Back to the Dew Point. Here for BootieWeather fans who I KNOW have inquiring minds, is an explanation from : The dewpoint temperature is the temperature at which the air can no longer hold all of its water vapor, and some of the water vapor must condense into liquid water. The dew point is always lower than (or equal to) the air temperature.


If the air temperature cools to the dew point, or if the dew point rises to equal the air temperature, then dew, fog or clouds begin to form. At this point where the dew point temperature equals the air temperature, the relative humidity is 100%. If there is then further cooling of the air, more water vapor must condense out as even more dew, fog, or cloud, so that the dew point temperature then falls along with the air temperature.

While relative humidity is (as its name suggests) a relative measure of how humid the air is, the dewpoint temperature is an absolute measure of how much water vapor is in the air. In very warm, humid conditions, the dewpoint temperature often reaches 75 to 77 degrees F, and sometimes exceeds 80 degrees. No matter how hot the temperature gets, a dewpoint temperature of (say) 75 deg. F always represents the same amount of water vapor in the air.

During the summer, the dewpoint temperature -- not the relative humidity -- is usually a better measure of how humid it feels outside. It is also a good measure of how much "fuel" is available to showers and thunderstorms, with a higher dewpoint representing more water vapor available for conversion to rain.


Interesting Fact: SOUPY AIR: When the dewpoint approaches 75 degrees F, most people can "feel" the thickness of the air as they breathe, since the water vapor content is so high (about 20 grams of water vapor per kilogram of dry air, or 2% of the air's mass). Hope you found this BootieFascinating! OK, at least interesting. OK I'll settle for at least you didn't fall asleep reading it...


7-11-11 Once again we had more rain in Bootieland than Scottsdale airport received. That's where the official Scottsdale weather stats come from. The airport registered .23" of rain and here in Saguaro Estates we received exactly .33 of an inch of rain. We're way ahead of the official Scottsdale Airport YTD totals. For you BootieWeatherWonks we've had 3.66 inches of rain here at Scottsdale Rd. & Dynamite while only 1.57" has been recorded at Scottsdale Airport. That's quite a difference and another reason to visit BootieWeather for the true scoop.


7-10-11 Are you going to the All Star Game this week? Whether you are or aren't you can still take part in the festivities by going to the All-Star FanFest at the Phoenix Convention Center. It's a little hard for me to throw my  famous BooteCurve since Mommy had me declawed, but that's another story... (a story recounted much earlier in BootieThoughts) but there's still tons to do down there. While it's great to take in a game, FanFest lets fans get up close and personal with the players off the field. Through Tuesday, the convention center will be decked out with sports memorabilia, interactive exhibits, batting cages and free autograph sessions with D-Backs team members. BootieTip: Be one of the first BootieBaseballFans to line up when the fest opens each day at 9 a.m. and you'll score free commemorative goodies including pins, figurines and miniature pennants. Tickets are $25-30. 100 N. Third St. Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-262-6225


The Stars and Stripes Bowling Tournament is today, Sunday at 3PM - It's part of Major League Baseballs all Star Week 2011. Some people say bowling is just an excuse to drink beer and eat nachos while pretending to do something athletic. And those people are usually right. But sometimes the sport is about more than just booze and food.


Celebrities will bowl to promote drowning-prevention awareness at the Stars and Strikes Celebrity Bowling Bash on Sunday, July 10, at Brunswick Via Linda Lanes. Participants include NFL star Seth Joyner and baseball greats Ferguson Jenkins, Tony Phillips, and Jay Bell, making for an evening that’s bound to be better than your usual amateur bowling night. Bring out your A-game for the event and perhaps you could impress fellow bowler and Miss Arizona 2010 Katy Bulkley with your best Kingpin quotes. Just make sure you're no BootieFool and don’t say, “You're on a gravy train with biscuit wheels,” even if it’s totally true. 9027 E. Via Linda, Scottsdale, AZ 480-860-1363 in North Scottsdale.


A penguin's car breaks down on the way to the ball park. He goes to a mechanic. The mechanic says it may take a few hours to diagnose the problem. The penguin says fine and goes across the street to an ice cream shop and has a vanilla cone. When the penguin comes back the mechanic says "it looks like you blew a seal" the penguin replies "oh no, that's some of the ice cream I just ate..."


 7-8-11 Ken's Creekside American  Bistro. If you're heading up to Sedona for a day or two and are looking for a reasonably priced Great restaurant here's the place! Kens Creekside American Bistro. We had dinner there one night and liked it soooo much we came back the next  day with RJ for lunch (RJ requires that we preview any restaurant we intend to take him to so he doesn't waste his time). We were quickly seated on the patio, overlooking a pine tree forest by a very nice waiter. He explained when asked that the creek when the US Corp of Engineers shifted the channel upstream. What didn't change  was the off the hook food from Executive Chef Mercer Mohr, a friendly guy who thought nothing of chatting with us for at least 20 minutes after dinner. . He's easy to spot. He'll be standing where the food comes out inspecting every plate before the wait staff brings it to you. It's that attention to detail that won a accolades  for him including San Francisco’s “Chef of the Year” for his innovative New American Cuisine, the James Beard Award for "Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America" and the “National Hotel Chef of the Year” for his work with the American Culinary Institute.


We started out with the Crab Cake with Chipotle Aiou $8. Lots of crab with a nice kick, not too spicy, just right! Then the House Salad with apples & Gorgonzola cheese, bacon shallots, candied pecans, pomegranate & a green apple vinaigrette $9. Excellent (though I still prefer the similar salad served at Wildfish in Scottsdale. See their review here too... Next came the Short Ribs $26 Boneless braised beef ribs with whipped sweet potatoes and roasted root vegetables. They were BootieMeltInYourMouth Good! All portions were right sized and after dinner we went back inside and listened to a three piece jazz group he had playing. what a nice night. When we came back for lunch the next day the same group was still playing! (wonder if they sleep in the back)!! Try the Grill Cheese and Fries and Tomato Soup $8. It's BootieGood for sure! Ken s Creekside American Bistro - Creekside Plaza, 251 Hwy 179, Sedona AZ 86336 Telephone (928) 282-1705 | Fax (928) 282-1896 One block South of 89A and one half block North of Tlaquepaque on the other side of the road.  ****PAWS.


We went to J&G Steakhouse at the Phoenician for dinner and a show on the 4th of July. Dinner was a Prix Fixe 3 Course gem - $35 and the Show was all the fireworks that went off across the Valley beginning around 8:30 PM. If you go next year ask to sit on the right side of the room so you’ll get the best view of the biggest fireworks show in town, the one at Tempe Town Lake. Dinner was delish as it always is in this gorgeous room with floor to ceiling glass looking Southeast across the Valley. Being a BootieFoodie PussyCat I naturally started with the Shrimp Salad, 3 medium shrimp (they could have been bigger) with a trio of dipping sauces, and then moved onto the main course that had me salivating in anticipation all day long… the Lobster Roll with a side of Spicy Thai Slaw. The lobster roll was on a tasty soft hotdog type bun (again, it could have been a little larger) that was packed with Lobster, assorted spices and a light mayo spread. My only regret was I didn’t have two! Another in our party had the Glazed Short Ribs with Tender Carrots and Herbs (normally $25) and proclaimed it the best she’d ever had! I finished up with the Popping Cherry Pie and a scoop of gelato. Mmmmmm. Tasted great but the poppers didn’t pop :(  All this for $35! It’s part of their Neighborhood Menu Summer Series and the menu changes weekly. See a sample week’s menu at but check the site as this special menu changes each week. It’s certainly the best seat in town on July 4th. Understand please that it’s also one of the best seats in town any other night too. We’ve prowled over here at least 8 times and have never been disappointed with the food, service or view. It’s a perfect place to bring family, out of town friends, clients and PussyCats! The regular menu is considerably more extensive and pricy as this is, in my humble PussyCatOpinion the best steak house in town, serving only Prime grade Steaks, natch. It's pricy but you get what you pay for. Try the Charred Corn Ravioli Cherry Tomato Salad with Basil Fondue $10 appetizer (BootieFine) and the Warm Chocolate Cake with Caramel desert $9. I mean, how could you not like warm chocolate cake with caramel? Really!  J&G Steakhouse at The Phoenician 6000 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (480) 214-8000 ***** PAWS


7-7-11 Did you read my piece on the 4th of July? If not, scroll down to my 6/30/11 comments and look for the comment in red. It's a little history on our great Country.


7-7-11 Here's an example of misleading reporting from the AZ Republic. I'm more than a little sick of both sides slanting stories. I may  be just a PussyCat, but even I recognize we've got some serious issues in our Country that have been building for years. A lot of years, through both Republican and Democratic administrations. Both have had chances to fix those problems and both have failed to act. The people we elect need to stop playing politics and arrive at realistic solutions before its too late for all of us. Both sides need to quit posturing, do what is right for the USA and quit this party line crap!. I don't want to end up like Greece. OK, enough of that. I'll get off of (or out of...) my BootieSandBox.... Here's the poop...


The article:


With a national TV audience of millions expected for baseball's All-Star Game, Sheriff Joe Arpaio could not pass up the chance to promote two of his favorite topics: himself and his disdain for undocumented immigrants.

A chain gang should do the trick, Arpaio decided.

A group of inmates from the sheriff's holding area for undocumented immigrants, all of whom were convicted of DUI, will join American male and female chains of DUI offenders to send a message about the perils of drunken driving when they pick up trash outside Chase Field next week, Arpaio said.

If someone draws another message about the legal pitfalls of undocumented immigration, all the better. "I would be discriminating against the people here illegally in this country who have been convicted of the same crimes U.S. citizens have been convicted of. Should I say, 'Oh no, you can't be in a chain gang because you're from a different country'? " Arpaio said Wednesday. "Everything I do, there's a method, whether on punishment or deterrent."


The problem:

So what we really have here is the Sheriff sending a message that if you drive drunk you could end up in his Tent City jail, so Don't Drive Drunk. And that he won't be "politically correct" and only feature prisoners who are citizens or here legally in his message. Exactly how does that show " his disdain for undocumented immigrants." What the article  really shows is JJ Hensley (who wrote the article) is biased against the Sheriff and thinks "illegal's" should get preferential treatment over the citizens of this Country. That's Disgusting! In fact, as BootieBuddy Judy would say, it's Heinous!!!


7-6-11 Tomorrow is the big Summer BootieFavorite Spectacular ArtWalk in downtown Scottsdale. It’ll be about 102 degrees when the Thursday night event begins at 7PM and around 95 when it ends at 9. Not bad. The place will be full of art lovers strolling through the galleries that line both sides of Main Street from Scottsdale Rd past Marshall Way and along Marshall Way itself. Along with gallery exhibit openings and special receptions, local artists will give demonstrations in the streets from 7 to 9PM Thursday. Live music includes sets by Brazilian jazz and samba guitarist Tera Crislida, guitarist John Calvert, flutist Sherry Finzer, and blue grass guitarist John  Burton. Many Galleries will offer wine tastings and food samples from local restaurants. Why not book a reservation for dinner at either Malee’s on Main  or Café Forte , both on Main Street right in the heart of the ArtWalk? They both are BootieFoodie favorites. I love the Lamb Burger at Cafe Forte. They're also offering a Prix Fixe 3 course menu for $29. And the Crispy Pla - aka Fish Candy at Malee's $15 is to BootieDieFor!


Bootie Thoughts:

My motto: No matter what you’ve done wrong, always try to make it look like RJ did it!

Dogs do what you tell them to do, Cat’s take a message and get back to you.

Dogs have owners (except for RJ who has an entourage...). Cats have staff.

On the internet no one knows you’re a cat…


 7-5-11 It's 7:46PM. The Boltek lightning detector in our attic has detected 20,543 lightning strikes in the State since midnight. It's currently tracking 9 different lightning storms. There are several  50 miles away One's just below Wickenburg. That one is registering 110 strikes per minute. That's not a typo. It's headed towards us but could break up before reaching us. Most of the strikes are inter-cloud, but still there are plenty that are cloud to ground strikes. Click on the Live Lightning Strike square at the bottom right of the home page if you want so see a replay of the last 60 minutes. It goes by in fast forward with 1 second equals 1 minute. It's pretty cool. If you want to read about the equipment we have here at BootieWeather click on the About Bootie Weather Station link on the bottom left of the home page.  You'll find info there on how the Boltek lighting detector works.


Alert!!! 7:50PM A huge storm is approaching from the South and will move into the Central Phoenix area in the next hour!!!


9:40 PM Lightning strikes at Dynamite & Cave Creek Rd. Bootie is under the bed. Studying his meteorological charts no doubt.. Two more strikes just off Dynamite about three miles from Saguaro Estates. The storm is moving off to the West.


The Casey Anthony decision. Heinous!


7-4-11 On the news today it said Scottsdale received .51 inches of rain last night. Here in Saguaro estates we received .85"of rain. Scottsdale's official YTD rain total is 1.85". In Saguaro Estates our YTD total is 3.17". Get weather that matters to you here at Today marks the second day in a row the dew point has been over 55 degrees. If that happens again tomorrow that will mark the official start of the monsoon season in Scottsdale. The season will end when we have three days in a row that the dew point doesn't reach 55 degrees. Personally, I'm looking forward to some great lightning storms and I hope to take some Bootieful lightning pictures (I'm still's not easy as we Pussycats don't like to get wet.) It rained another .01" early this morning bringing the storm total to .85".


Don't forget that all NWS alerts for our area are instantly available by clicking the "full advisory text" link in the upper right section of the home page under the "Weather Advisories" heading. Yesterday there were three different ones.


Yesterday 45 people (and who knows how many PussyCats) visited BootieWeather! We've had 17 more visitors so far this morning and it's still very early. Purrrrrrrrrrr! During storms most folks like to look at the stats in the Rainfall Totals section on the home page, look at the Live Lightning Strikes page by clicking on the link by that name on the left or the graphic by that name at the bottom right of the home page, and also check out the high wind speed, and how the barometer and temperature are dropping. And, of course pop in on the BootieThoughts page as I often will comment on what's going on live during the storm.  If I'm awake. And if I feel like it. And if RJ isn't head butting  me... (you all know how I hate that)! Today I'm going to eat lobster rolls! Yum! Can't wait! Stay dry. We could easily have more storms later today.


7-3-11 It's 9:30PM and WOW, what a storm we just had! Here are some stats. We had a high wind gust of 49 MPH that occurred at 7:48PM and many other gusts in the 40 - 46 MPH range. The rain started at 7:45 p.m. and lasted until 8:30 p.m. During that time it rained .84". That's 26% of the total rain we've had for the year so far, all in 45 minutes! During the first 15 minutes of the storm rain at times was falling at the rate of 6" per hour. In other words, it was raining BootieCats and RJ Dogs! The temperature fell 22 degrees from 93 degrees at 7:45 pm to71 degrees at 8:10 pm. We've had 4,586 lightning strikes today with 2,576 classified at "close". Many were inter-cloud strikes but still 1,998 of the 4,586 struck the ground in the State. There were some very close strikes, at least 6 within 2.5 miles due east of us. I hope a number of you went to BootieWeather and clicked on the Live Lightning Strike map in the lower right of the home page and replayed the last hour of live strikes during the storm. It was very BootieCool! If you go now it's still very active lightning wise.


I hope everyone's home is safe and sound and that no one lost any saguaros.


7-1-11 If you're looking for some really good BBQ this weekend head  over to Bryan's Black Mountain BBQ. for some BootieFine Q! Pick your choice of meats like chicken, pulled pork, delish ribs and more plus two sides for $12-$19, They also have meat by the pound $12.5 - $13.5 and all the sides too. 6130 E, Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek. 480-575-7155.  Yum!!!


6-30-11 Don't you find it interesting that our legislature passed a law making it legal to purchase fireworks in Arizona ... and then passed a law making it illegal to shoot them off on state land because it's such a fire hazard! A then about every city in the state passed laws making it illegal to shoot them off. Sigh... That's par for the course around here... Seriously all you soon to be 4th of July lawbreakers, be careful and don't blow your BootiePaws off! Last year, hospital emergency rooms in the United States treated an estimated 8,600 fireworks-related injuries. More than half of the injuries were burns, according to the CPSC, and most of the injuries involved the head (including face, eyes, and ears) hands, fingers, and legs.


None of those people thought it would happen to them.. It's hard to do just about anything without your paws. Instead why not take in one or more of the following BootieFine events around town and let someone else blow themselves up...(they will you know).


Independence Day Music Festival - July 3rd: 5 p.m. at Salt River Fields The headliner is country singer Blake Shelton, a vocal coach on NBC's talent show "The Voice." Other performers are Crystal Bowersox, the runner-up on the ninth season of "American Idol," and Casey James, a third-place finalist on the same show. Personally, I think Crystal should  be getting top billing. She's BootieFine! Fireworks cap off the evening. Gates open at 5 p.m. $18.50-$92. Salt River Fields, 7555 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale. 480-270-5000.


***Tempe Town Lake Festival July 4th  4 p.m.*** This is the BootieBigOne. Yeah,! OK, there's going to be a ton of folks there, but so what... If you've never been get off your couch and live a little. You'll be glad you did. Bring blankets and chairs, grab a spot on the lawn and hear bands perform rock, folk, pop and country music. Kids activities include bounce houses, rock walls, face painting and relay races. VIP packages including misted seating, a barbecue dinner and two drink tickets are available. Fireworks are choreographed to patriotic and classical music. Food for sale includes hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted corn, fry bread and snow cones. Wow, this is the real 4th of July Deal! Tickets available at Valley Fry's Food Stores and various city of Tempe locations. $30-$60 VIP barbecue, $15 for two in advance, $8 for one at the gate, $6 in advance, $5 at city of Tempe locations, free for age 12 and younger and those with current military ID. Tempe Town Lake, 80 W. Rio Salado Parkway. 480-350-5189,


Or, go to Vegas, Baby!!!


Here's a little BootieBackground on Independence day, the 4th of July: During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain occurred on July 2, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. After voting for independence, Congress turned its attention to the Declaration of Independence, a statement explaining this decision, which had been prepared by a Committee of Five, with Thomas Jefferson as its principal author. Congress debated and revised the Declaration, finally approving it on July 4. A day earlier, John Adams had written to his wife Abigail:


"The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more."


Adams's prediction was off by two days. From the outset, Americans celebrated independence on July 4, the date shown on the much-publicized Declaration of Independence, rather than on July 2, the date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress.


Historians have long disputed whether Congress actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, even though Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all later wrote that they had signed it on that day. Most historians have concluded that the Declaration was signed nearly a month after its adoption, on August 2, 1776, and not on July 4 as is commonly believed.


In quite a coincidence, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the only signers of the Declaration of Independence later to serve as Presidents of the United States, died on the same day: July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration. And that's a BootieFineFact!



6-29-11 Fireworks and Bluegrass at Harold's in Cave Creek. The Independence Day weekend celebration at Harold's Cave Creek Corral will stretch over two days this year, with a bluegrass concert on Saturday and a fireworks display that draws thousands on Sunday.


The appearance by the Grammy-nominated Greencards, a Nashville-based band fronted by two Australians, marks the first bluegrass concert staged by the restaurant and saloon. The popular Valley group Rondavous will open Saturday's show. Sunday's celebration starts at 5 p.m. with a barbecue, followed by live music by local acts EastonAshe and Young Country starting at 7:30. Face-painting and video games will be provided for youngsters. Sunday's event is free, but reservations are necessary.


When: Concert by the Greencards at 8 p.m. Saturday, July 2. Fireworks at sunset Sunday, July 3. Barbecue at 5 p.m. Sunday, July 3.

Where: Harold's Cave Creek Corral, 6895 E. Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek.

Admission: Concert $5-$15. Barbecue prices vary. Fireworks are free, but reservations must be made.

Details: 480-488-1906,


BootieWarning - Joe's Grotto - This is a grunge place and isn't suited for most BootieFans. But in an effort to bring diversity to us all I present The DeViltry Dolls...Ever since Gypsy Rose Lee slid off her first satin glove in the 1930s, audiences have gone wild for burlesque -- so much so that, over seventy years later, cities are still rife with sexy dancers steaming up the stage with their mere presence.


Inspired by the classic art of burlesque, local dance troupe The DeViltry Dolls take it one step further by fusing their stage act with fashion, theatre, and pulse-pounding beats. “We are high energy, visual performance dancers who thrive merely off enhancing the musician behind the atmosphere,” says founder Miss Electro. The Dolls will break out their fantastical costumes and props and groove to the beats of such bands as Rising Pain, Hell Defined, and When Darkness Falls at the Screwed & Tattooed event at Joe’s Grotto. 13825 N. 32nd St.; Phoenix AZ.  Northeast corner of 32nd Street and Thunderbird. 602-992-1007  Anyone Bootie Brave enough? How 'bout it Tammy & Jeremy?


6-28-11 J&G Steakhouse: Celebrate the Nation's Independence all weekend with a three-course Americana-style prix-fixe dinner. Yeah! That's a Bootie Way to Celebrate for one of the prettiest rooms in town! For the first course, choose chilled watermelon gazpacho, endive and sugar-snap pea salad or jumbo shrimp cocktail. The second course features a choice of grilled lobster rolls (very very yummy!), barbecue baby-back ribs or the J&G burger. For dessert, choose "popping cherry pie", a trio of ice-cream sandwiches or a strawberry Charlotte Sunday. All for $38 per person. Details: The Phoenician, 6000 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix. 480-214-8000, Here's the full menu, including the $38 special! It's the BootieDeal of the Weekend!


6-27-11 It kind of seems like it's been sweltering forever doesn't it? But it really hasn't. I don't think that bodes well for us in BootieLand. Here are a few BootieFacts for the month. All readings come from our backyard around Scottsdale Road and Dynamite and not from weather service stations 20 or so miles away. I point that out for newer BootieWeather fans so they know the data is relevant.


We've had 11 days over 100  degrees so far this month. Six of those days have been over 105 degrees and only on one day did it hit 110 (exactly 110.0 for the real BootieObsessed like me). That day was 6/22 when it was 110.0 briefly between 4:10PM and 4:20PM. We've had two days where the dew point was above 50 degrees and you know what's coming when that start happening (OK, maybe some don't know...Can you spell MONSOON?) The dew point reached 52.6 degrees on 6/24 and 52.1 degrees on 6/25. then fell back below 50 for the past two days.


Here's a little Monsoon Info: Typically the guideline for recognizing the start of the monsoon season in Phoenix is when the dew point averages 55 degrees or more for three consecutive days. That hasn't happened yet this year. For Scottsdale, the optimum temperature for the production of monsoon thunderstorms about 105 degrees.

The prevailing winds shift from the West to the South bring moisture up from the Gulf. On average the Valley's monsoon season starts in early July and ends in mid September. If you want to know more here's a pretty cool website with some good monsoon graphics:


6-25-11 Hackers! There's a lot in the news these days about hackers. Yesterday a global hacking group, Lulz Security, broke into the Arizona Department of Public Safety's computers and downloaded and released hundreds of law enforcement files putting officers lives at risk. A few days earlier the same group of hackers broke into the CIA and the US Senate websites. They also broke into Sony Pictures, PBS and  stealing hundreds of thousands of passwords. But they're amateurs compared to Me! To those in the shadow world of cyber attacks I'm known as BootieHack! I'm the best hacker out there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not at it every day, but when I put my mind to it I am the best there is. That's just a BootieFact! Yesterday I had a target in mind and wasn't going to stop until it was eliminated! I was hacking for what seemed like hours. It took a lot of perseverance, determination and finesse, but in the end I succeeded! ... in coughing up the biggest hairball I've ever hacked up! Yeah! I'm a lean mean BootieHacking machine! Hee Hee....


In 1990 on this day it was 120 degrees, the third hottest day ever recorded in Phoenix. Today our high was 108...Not even close to the record. The average temperature in Phoenix in June is 103. July's average is 105. A little hot, yes, but no big deal.  However, June 26th, 1990 was a whole different ball game. It was the hottest day ever in Phoenix, a sweltering,

 catatonic 122 degrees. Could you fry an egg on the sidewalk? Well, that was a dumb question. Why would anyone want to fry an egg on a sidewalk? Jeez, you people... But folks in Phoenix who were here during that day of record heat scoff at those who complain when it hits a measly 110 or 115 these days. You had to be dumb as a duck to step outside that day. Even RJ is smarter than that! A few facts: An airline worker refueling a plane on the tarmac was wearing rubber gloves that started to melt.  The soles of his tennis shoes started to melt as well. Airlines were forced to delay or cancel 22 flights. Two-thirds of Phoenix Transit's bus fleet broke down.  Four people died; dozens of others were hospitalized.  It was simply the pits.


So next time Bootie Thoughts readers in the middle of June or July, when the heat makes you sick, when your head feels dizzy and your body shakes from too much burning sun and not enough Gelato, remember this. .. There was a day here when things were worse.  A lot worse.  June 26th, 1990, 122 degrees. The hottest day ever in Phoenix, and that's a BootieFact!


Q: How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?


A: Such number as may be deemed to perform the stated task in a timely and efficient manner within the strictures of the following agreement:


Whereas the party of the first part, also known as "The Lawyer," and the party of the second part, also known as "The Light Bulb," do hereby and forthwith agree to a transaction wherein the party of the second part (Light Bulb) shall be removed from the current position as a result of failure to perform previously agreed upon duties, i.e., the lighting, elucidation, and otherwise illumination of the area ranging from the front (north) door, through the entry way, terminating at an area just inside the primary living area, demarcated by the beginning of the carpet, any spillover illumination being at the option of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) and not required by the aforementioned agreement between the parties.

The aforementioned removal transaction shall include, but not be limited to, the following steps:


1.) The party of the first part (Lawyer) shall, with or without elevation at his option, by means of a chair, stepstool, ladder or any other means of elevation, grasp the party of the second part (Light Bulb) and rotate the party of the second part (Light Bulb) in a counter-clockwise direction, said direction being non- negotiable. Said grasping and rotation of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) shall be undertaken by the party of the first part (Lawyer) with every possible caution by the party of the first part (Lawyer) to maintain the structural integrity of the party of the second part (Light Bulb), notwithstanding the aforementioned failure of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) to perform the aforementioned customary and agreed upon duties. The foregoing notwithstanding, however, both parties stipulate that structural failure of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) may be incidental to the aforementioned failure to perform and in such case the party of the first part (Lawyer) shall be held blameless for such structural failure insofar as this agreement is concerned so long as the non-negotiable directional codicil (counter-clockwise) is observed by the party of the first part (Lawyer) throughout.

2.) Upon reaching a point where the party of the second part (Light Bulb) becomes separated from the party of the third part ("Receptacle"), the party of the first part (Lawyer) shall have the option of disposing of the party of the second part (Light Bulb) in a manner consistent with all applicable state, local and federal statutes.


3.) Once separation and disposal have been achieved, the party of the first part (Lawyer) shall have the option of beginning installation of the party of the fourth part("New Light Bulb"). This installation shall occur in a manner consistent with the reverse of the procedures described in step one of this self-same document, being careful to note that the rotation should occur in a clockwise direction, said direction also being non- negotiable.

NOTE: The above described steps may be performed, at the option of the party of the first part (Lawyer), by said party of the first part (Lawyer), by his heirs and assigns, or by any and all persons authorized by her/him to do so, the objective being to produce a level of illumination in the immediate vicinity of the aforementioned front (north) door consistent with maximization of ingress and revenue for the party of the fifth part, also known as "The Firm."



6-24-11 It's going to be BootieHot for the next week with temps around 110 degrees. Seems like I wrote that exact same line a few days ago. Oh well, it is summer and we are in Scottsdale so smile and remember we do live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Elsewhere in the country they're shoveling dirt into sandbags to keep their houses from flooding or dodging tornados. The only thing we need to shovel  here are some delicious dishes from some of the finest restaurants in the world into our BootieSalivating mouths! And we don't have to dodge anything in the summer since all the slow poke SnowBirds have flown the coop! Well, I do need to dodge RJ  when he charges at me as fast as he can, intent in head butting me. Fool Doggie, I'm too fast for him! Most of the time.... sometimes not...(I hate it when he does that.... it hurts! That's not BootieCool). Bad Doggie!!!


6-24-11 Chicks with Picks (be careful when you say that three times fast) with some of the Valley's top female guitarists perform tonight on the District stage at the Tempe Marketplace. They're really good and it's free! More at


The Desert Botanical Gardens "Music in the Garden "series continues tonight with The Sugar Thieves bringing delta soul to BootieLand with songs of travel and tribulation. The self-proclaimed “Meat Shakin’ Blues Band” (and RJ says how could you not love a Meat Shaking Band?) - has earned many accolades in their young career, including the coveted title of Phoenix Blues Society’s “Best Blues Band in Arizona 2010.”  In the tradition of Memphis Minnie and Bessie Smith, lead vocalist Meridith Moore lends an essence that is simultaneously beautiful and heartbreaking. And... Back by Popular Demand... you can dance under the stars on the DBG's professional ballroom dance floor to their music if you so choose. Hungry, before and during the show you could enhance your evening with a gourmet meal or spirited drink. Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events provides a chef-attended station featuring weekly specials for an additional charge. The Patio Café will also be open during the concert with items for purchase from the café menu. A full cash bar, wine flights and wine by the bottle are available for purchase. The Fine Print: Must be 21 or older to attend and must show proper identification to be admitted. No exceptions.  Children will not be admitted even if parent or guardian is present. 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM tonight, June 24th on the Ullman Terrace. Doors open at 5:30PM $21 ($15 if you're a member..) 1201 N. Galvin Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85008. For more info phone (480) 941-1225.


6-23-11 Now that it's moving towards the 110's it's time to start taking about serious stuff. Like Ice Cream and Gelato! Yeah! Yummy! :What"? you say... We've talked about that already? You're Right! And I'm going to talk about it again. The uninitiated might say why. Pity the poor fools! Loyal BootieThoughts readers know it's because we PussyCats LOVE ice cream and we LOVE gelato and really, is there anything more important or more refreshing to discuss during Summer? Don't be silly....of course not. We discuss how much we love it, what kinds we enjoy, and most importantly, where to lay our paws on some more! Here are a few spots. The first is only for PussyCats and their entourage who are over 21!


Lee's Cream Liqueur - Fat. Sugar. Alcohol. Common sense, calories, your Mom, tell us to avoid them. But our 21st-century PussyCat selves are no match for our ancient genetic hard-wiring, which makes this unholy trinity so irresistibly appealing. And all three come into play at Lee's, where the premium, adults (and  PussyCat)-only ice cream is infused with spirits. It's hard not to get in the spirit with a blend called the Godfather, a mix of coffee ice cream and scotch. The Silk Stocking combines chocolate-chip walnut ice cream with a shot of tequila. And the wonderful chocolate swirl gets you swirling with Jack Daniel's. No kidding - you'll need to bring ID. And maybe a designated driver. Details: 7137 E. Stetson Drive, Scottsdale. 480-429-5337, leescreamlique


 Grateful Spoon Gelato - The Italian artisans who owned this spot when it was called Arlecchino have moved back to Italy. That's our loss! For the past year, this gelateria has been in the hands of Jordan Lynn, whose father, Bob, runs the La Grande Orange empire. With that pedigree I have no doubt this place will soon be back to the the former owners  meteoric standard. The new owner is clearly trying to keep up, but Arlecchino set the bar very, very high. Two signature flavors, chocolate and hazelnut, (my favorite two) though still first-rate, don't have quite the overpowering intensity they once displayed. But Lynn has nailed the pistachio, which tastes like the nut in cold, creamy form. Details: 4410 N. 40th St., Phoenix. 602-955-2448,


6-22-11 There was a headline in the paper yesterday that said "Dikes in danger of overflowing." That would really be a sight wouldn't it? It goes on to say over 40 miles of Dikes are in danger of overflowing! I had no idea there were that many Dikes in China! Or that they are in danger of overflowing. Onto what I wonder? More Dikes? That would be something to see!


6-21-11 It's a Great BootieDay today! Today is the summer solstice! We'll have 14 hours and 24 minutes of daylight today between sunrise and sunset (longer if you count twilight). What's so good about that? Well that means we'll only have 9 hours and 36 minutes of darkness for me to spend guarding the house  tonight. It's like a day off almost. And, being nocturnal, I'll have over 14 hours to nap today! BootieSweet!


6-17-11 Looking for the perfect recipe for Father's Day? Dig in your claws and look no further.!On Sunday, June 19th, treat your Dad (or PussyCat) to the best Father's Day yet with a Bootielicious meal at Wildfish Seafood Grille, specially prepared by Chef Eric. Wildfish, still our favorite restaurant, is fine dining in a casual, contemporary environment. Everyone can enjoy the special steak and lobster combinations and 25 % off Wines from the Cellars list. And don't forget a side of their Lobster Fried Rice. Pure Heaven! And, you'll get a special gift, a $25 gift card to use on your next visit to Wildfish. What a deal! No, Really!


RJ wanted me to pass this along as it involves a free breakfast....A special Mayor and City Council Breakfast open to everyone will take place Saturday, June 25 – the date of Scottsdale’s incorporation. Children’s games, birthday cake, the PussyCat of the Year and a hearty helping of local history will be on the menu. OK, I'm still working on the whole Pussy Cat of the Year thing... The free breakfast buffet begins at 7:30 a.m. (and you better be there around then, because after RJ goes through the line there won't be too much left...) at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. The program starts at 8 featuring Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane, Councilman Dennis Robbins and official Arizona Historian Marshall Trimble.



I may show up for the birthday cake created especially for Scottsdale’s 60th birthday by the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. After the breakfast, at 9 a.m., the birthday cake will be served. Yum! Cake at 9 in the morning. Now that's my kind of party! Gary Sprague, the City’s Singing Cowboy, will be on hand to provide some musical entertainment. I might have to take a little cat nap during the performance.. They’ll also have activities for kids from 7:30 to 10 a.m. on the Civic Center Mall next to the center.  Kids will have the opportunity to run an obstacle course, rope a “horse”, toss bean bags, and run an egg relay during the vintage games.  The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is located at 7380 E. Second Street.  Parking is available in the Civic Center garage or in the Civic Center Library garage.


 6-16-11 RJ finally stopped thinking about food, begging for food, and eating food long enough to write something in RJ's Corner. Check it out...he's probably left gravy stains on it... and as for his snide little comment about my eating a fly, well in some cultures flies are considered a delicacy! I'm not sure which cultures, but I'm sure there are some. At least one.. Probably in Africa. Maybe in Somalia. They'll eat anything there... Even Yorkies!!! And flies! What's the difference between a Yorkie and a fly? (finish the joke please). Hee Hee. Actually, I love R.J., particularly after several glasses of 1996 Cinq Cépages. The wine is rusty in color but exuberantly expressive, with tobacco, dried cherry and spice-box notes that sail through the silky, supple finish. It has just enough tannins, refreshing acidity and an elegant balance. The wine earned a 95-point rating when it was reviewed on release, and it was named Wine Spectator’s Wine of The Year in 1999. Bootie Rules!


2011 Volleyball Festival. Thursday June 23rd through Monday June 27th. If your only experience with high-flying volleyball action is watching a greased-up, shirtless Tom Cruise roll around the beach with a pre-pudgy Val Kilmer in Top Gun, then grab your aviator sunglasses and head to the 28th Annual Volleyball Festival at the Phoenix Convention Center to see how the game is meant to be played.


More than 8,000 teen volleyball players are expected to compete in this year’s tourney, described as “the world's largest annual female sporting event.” The festival will be hosted on a series of 107 temporary indoor courts sprinkled throughout the Convention Center: In fact, the ability to host this massive event under a single roof is what led organizers to relocate the tournament from Reno, Nevada back in 2009.

Cheer on such home teams as Club Red of Scottsdale and the Northern AZ Juniors Club of Flagstaff at 100 North Third Street. Just remember to keep your Top Gun references to a minimum, Maverick. None of these kids are old enough to remember the ‘80s anyway. $8 and up.


6-15-11 I was thinking today about BootieLicious burgers. Nothing to strange about that! I frequently think about out of bounds burgers and know a lot of places to find them... Being a BootieFoodie, it's my job! Sometimes I drool and roll over on my back while day dreaming about luscious burgers. An occupational hazard. ...So, natch, my thought turned to Lush Burger. What a segue! You can't help noticing the quality beef from Harris Ranch, 7 juicy (and a bit salty) ounces. The griddled patty is infused with chilies and pepper Jack cheese, then topped with more cheese. Can't have too much cheese, a BootieRule! Served  up on a sturdy brioche bun with butter lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle, with a side of kicky chipotle mayo it's BootieWorthy. There are lots of meows being mewed here, and they all harmonize. Details: 18251 N. Pima Road (DC Ranch Crossing), Scottsdale. 480-686-8908,


The Oak Ridge Boys will be in town Friday. Yes, the show is cornball. And yes, the harmonies may be a little rough in spots. But there's no denying that they know how to please an audience. They'll play country-pop hits, like "Elvira," "I Guess It Never Hurts to Hurt Sometimes" and "American Made," a Bootie all time favorite! Then there is bass singer Richard Sterban, whose low notes will send a shiver down your spine. And along the way you can count on a dose of flag-waving patriotism that'll get the crowd worked up to a standing ovation. BootieFine! Yeah! Details: 8 p.m. Friday, June 17. Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, 5040 W. Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Gila River Reservation. $30-$80. 520-796-7777,


Also this Friday Zac Harmon's here! The Mississippi bluesman scratched his way up as a guitarist by gigging with the likes of R&B stars Z.Z. Hill, Dorothy Moore and The BootieCats. Later came success as a writer and producer, as he turned out songs for Alexander O'Neal, the O'Jays and the Whispers. That gives Harmon real R&B BootieCreds, but his own sound is a scorching sound that came from growing up hard in Mississippi. Details: 8 p.m. Friday, June 17. Rhythm Room, 1019 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix. $10. 602-265-4842,


6-13-11 HELP - Daddy took a picture of Pete the Pigeon and put it here: but he can't figure out what kind of pigeon it is! It's driving him crazy (a short trip admittedly). Please email me at and tell me what kind of pigeon it is. The name of the picture is Pete the Pigeon. You can see the names by putting your cursor on the thumbnail picture. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Many BootieThanks!!


6-13-11 Do you own a Pussy Cat? You should you know....They will protect you against bugs, scorpions, and yappy Yorkies! We're soft and cuddly, and love to curl up in your lap at night as you watch TV. You can leave us alone for 3 days while you travel without hiring anyone to take care of us. You don't have to walk us and we are housebroken the day you take us home. We will love you unconditionally! Purrrrrrrrrrr.


June is Please Rescue a Pussy Cat Month! OK, it's really Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and AAWL & SPCA has joined with ASPCA and Fresh Step to make you aware of the wonderful cats in their jails, err, shelters that are waiting for a second chance at life and love. Save a PussyCat from Death!!! They are passing on an incredible deal to cat adopters for the entire month of June and will waive the adoption fee for all cats over 6 months old. The PussyCats even have their shots! Can't make it down to AAWL & SPCA? They have adoption locations throughout the Valley. Check out the many wonderful pets available for adoption at one of their Adoption Partners. For more information about adoptions, please contact the AAWL & SPCA Adoption Manager at 602-273-6852 Ext. 103 Here's a link to their Cat Gallery complete with pictures. Please help. I'm BootieBegging! Here's their address, and at the website is a list of other locations throughout the valley: Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA | 30 N. 40th Place - Phoenix, AZ

6-11-11 Added two new Bootie pictures under Bootie and three new wildlife pictures under Weather Wildlife and More Bootie Buddies (both subfolders under the Bootie Pictures link on the home page). Hope you enjoy.


6-9-11 I'm back and I'm sooooo sorry I've not been able to write here for the last 10 days. I've got things going again with a temporary fix made up of hairballs and BootieSpit. Actually, that's a pretty powerful mixture so I don't think I'll have any more problems for awhile (knock on R.J.)!


The other day Mommy was in danger of being attacked by a Giant Fly! Well, a really big fly. OK so it was an average sized fly.. what's really important is that I sprang to her rescue while RJ sat around chewing contentedly on his stuffed lizard. I swatted the intruder out of mid air and pinned it under my paw! The giant, err, fierce, yeah, that's the ticket, fierce Musca domestica squirmed away and flew back into the air. I tracked him with my PussyCat radars and again batted him down, pinned him with my paw and one chomp later disposed of him! Daddy remark how efficient I am, detecting, tracking, destroying and disposing of intruders with no human intervention required! Yeah! I'm a lean, mean, fly eating machine!


Speaking of eating, and I'm always speaking of eating, (it's a wonder how I keep my svelte figure), I had dinner at Citizens Public House last weekend. Mmmmmmmm! It was simply delish! I had the Tender Belly Pork Belly Pastrami ($12) with rye spaetzle and Brussels sprout sauerkraut as an appetizer and the Lamb Burger with Serbian lepinja roll, pickled cucumber onion salad, tzatziki, fries & house made ketchup ($13) for dinner. The Lamb Burger, I had mine medium rare, was moist and bursting with flavor. The Serbian lepinja roll stood up to the burger and delivered the burger perfectly to my watering lips! Meowwwwwww! The room is beautiful, modern with white table cloths covered with butcher paper and our waiter couldn't have been nicer or better informed. Can't wait to go back again! Try it, I give it 4 paws out of 5. 7111 E. 5th Ave, Suite E, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. (480) 398-4208. It's on the corner of 5th Avenue and Craftsman Court, one block West of Scottsdale Road in Old Town Scottdale.  

6-5-11 Disaster struck and I was unable to pen my thoughts here for the past week. So much to say and unable to say it. A PussyCat's nightmare! But, it's fixed and I'm back! Stay tuned for a tale....


5-29-11 What Bootieful days we have in store today and tomorrow! Sunny, highs in the mid 80's, low humidity but not too low (around 20%)... just gorgeous! We do have a high wind advisory in effect for today between 2PM and 9PM. That means sustained winds from 30 - 40 mph. Ours will be closer to 30. See the complete text by clicking on Full Advisory Text under Weather Advisories (top left of our Home Page ). If the National Weather Service issues an advisory that includes BootieLand you'll always find it there...


People generally think RJ is a smart little Yorkie, but I'm here to tell you that Doggie is  dumb as a dog biscuit some times. Yesterday Daddy was in his office and called him. He came, but stopped 3 feet away and no amount of cajoling could get him any closer. Now if Daddy had said "Turkey" or "Treat" instead of "come" he would have been there in a flash (he's such a little pig..). Then Daddy called me. I was busy napping in the other room but understanding I had been summoned came quickly and hopped up in Daddy's lap. I mean, how hard is that. I do understand English. The Doggie apparently only understands Pig Latin....


The Guy Fiere Road Show is in town Tuesday Jun 1st. Food Network star Guy Fieri's spiky hair and extrovert personality compliment the off the chain dishes he samples, so it's fitting that his summer tour is modeled after a rock concert. We caught hit show last June in Tahoe. It was a lot of fun!


His one-of-kind cooking demonstration relies on audience interaction. It's much different than Guy�s TV show where he enthusiastically chows down at some really neat Drive Inn's, Dinners & Dives. When we travel we always try to have lunch at a spot featured on one of his shows. Guy will cook dishes from his recent cookbook, Guy Fieri Food -- though only the VIP ticket holders will be lucky enough to get a taste. It's at the Mesa Arts Center. Tickets $40 and up. Details: 1 E. Main St. Mesa, AZ 85211 Mesa 480-644-6500 Map |


5-26-11 I've been thinking about gelato lately. A lot. OK, all the time... Mmmmmmmmm, that's BootieFine stuff. Instead of going out to dinner perhaps I should just go out for a Gelato Dinner! I could have Chocolate Gelato as an appetizer, Deuce de Leche Gelato for the entre, and Hazelnut Gelato for desert! Perhaps that sounds a little decadent to you, but it sounds purrrrrrfectly yummy to me! If you want to indulge I suggest "That's Amore". The intense flavors whipped up by two Italian sisters from Milano and their husbands will have you falling in love with the place. Everything about That's Amore is authentically Italian gelato: Except for the milk and sugar, the ingredients all come from Italy! 7605 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. 480-419-6280.


5-25-11 Here's a deal for the weekend. At Renegade Canteen, a real BootieFavorite, from 4-7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday you can get the 12 oz Bob's Big Burger for $5. Now that's a deal! You'll save $10! It's all Nebraska beef with Cheddar cheese, poblano green chile, onion, tomato, and romaine lettuce on a challah bun. It came with fries when I was there. I've had it twice and it's spectacular! There's an additional $5 charge if you split with with a friend. Machiavelli, in the Prince, the definative primer on how to be a Dictator said "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." No word about if you have to pay that $5 if you split it with an enemy.... 9343 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale. 480-614-9400


For Friday fun how about Stargazing at Spur Cross? Learn the names of stars, the history of constellations, and hear star stories at a workshop hosed by Tony LaConte, owner of Stargazing for Everyone. Bring your binoculars, telescopes, chairs and blankets for a nice night out. The weather will be Purrrrrrrfect! 7:30 p.m. this Friday, $3 per person, Spur Cross Road, Cave Creek. 480-488-6601


5-22-11 New pictures under Bootie Pictures/Bootie Pictures Menu/ Bootie and under Bootie Pictures/ Bootie Pictures Menu/ Weather, Wildlife and more Cutie Bootie Buddies....


Uh Oh, We're still here... Don't know whether to be relieved or worried. Guess we'll find out October 21st.


5-20-11 What a great day today is going to be! Shopping hard all day, eating everything in sight ect. Why? Well because those in the know (?) say tomorrow is Judgment Day, and all the righteous will be whisked to eternal bliss and the rest, well, the rest will suffer 5 months of hell on earth before the Earth is destroyed on October 21, 2011. Apparently Pets aren't invited to join those in bliss, so I wonder exactly how blissful it will be for all those that had to leave their PussyCats and Doggies behind for the 5 months of suffering... Does something sound a little screwy with all that.... you think? Look around tomorrow. According those who know (???) all that will be left are the sinners. Think anyone you know will be missing? I think my friends will still be here. Hummmmm.... Think we'll forget the shopping, save some money for more Cat Treats and perhaps not eat that whole coffee cake after all.... somehow I think he'll still be here to pet me tomorrow..


One place I can't wait to try is Citizens Public House,  7111 E. Fifth Street, Scottsdale. 480-398-4208 It's getting rave reviews from people who know. It's even open late, till 1:30AM Thursday - Saturday. I'm kind of under the weather so I won't go on about the place now. Nap  time. Just trust me and try it out. I know you won't be disappointed. Details and menus at


5-18-11 It's 7:30PM and it just started pouring. So I missed my prediction by a wisker. Ok, maybe by a bunch . Sorry. Can't win 'em all. At least I'm willing to take a position. Check out the Live Lightning Strikes link and replay the last 60 minutes of lightning strikes. Do it now! It's BootieCool.. Now it's 9:30PM, the rain has stopped and we had .20" here. A nice little drink for the plants... No more rain for the next week folks.


5-18-11 We had some BootieWeather problems with the site yesterday and although it was up the weather data wasn't updating from about 8AM to 5PM. Sorry about that. Bootie said R.J. must have snuck in and sabotaged it, but I don't think that was the case.. Anyway, Bootie is sticking with his prediction for no rain in North Scottsdale today. We'll see if he beats the TV weatherfolks again... I suggest you put down your outdoor umbrellas today. I think we'll see some high winds, winds over 30 MPH, this afternoon.


Restaurant week runs through this weekend. See the 5-5-11 post for details and a link to the list of restaurants. Make reservations, not dinner, and save a bunch of money!


5-16-11 Once again Bootie bucks the trend and predicts No Rain for North Scottsdale Wednesday, and the rest of the week. In fact the weather is going to be Bootieful this week, with highs in the mid 80's except for Wednesday when a "cold snap" comes through and the high will be about 75. We're not going to boo hoo about that are we... it won't be too long before we're up in the 100's and the only 75 degree days will be over in San Diego.


Did you hear The Donald announced he won't be running for President? What a surprise. He's pretty smart though and got the free publicity he was after with that Birther bit. Too bad though. I kind of liked him and his publicity stunt made him look like a huckser. With only Romney standing between Newt and Sarah for the nomination it looks like 4 more years of ObamaNation. They better keep their paws out of my pocket...I mean, jeez, they've already taken everything but the lint!


5-13-11 Here are 19 restaurants to avoid. The are all BootieBadNews since they are all, gasp,Doggie Friendly!


Hemophobes, BeBootieWarned! Body Worlds & The Brain ends May 30th. It's at the Arizona Science Center. Being a Cat of Science I'm going this weekend. There's so much to learn! I wonder if they have any Yorkie Brains there. They'd be hard to spot, being so small and all......The controversial exhibit ends it's 6 month run in two weeks. Using a technique called Plastination -- which may or may not be a snooty word for human taxidermy -- actual deceased human bodies, and maybe Yorkie Brains (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) are preserved, sans skin, for the viewing pleasure of the living. Despite some ethical objections to the displaying of human remains, PussyCats of Science are dead serious about the educational benefits to be had by visitors of all ages and species. Go, no really, go and learn! It's BootieCool to learn.....


5-12-11 That Doggie is too much. Several weeks ago he jumped off the bed and "hurt" his paw. Actually his "knee" if punk Doggies really have knees.. He started hopping around on three legs for awhile and then on all fours except when he was running. Recently I HAVE SEEN HIM running, fast, on all four paws, but when Mommy or Daddy are watching he starts up with that three legged hopping again! He will do ANYTHING for some attention. It's really the pits. Makes me want to cough up a big fat hairball! Suck it up Doggie! He'd never make it as a cat... cats are tough~


Of course the big news for the next 10 days is Restaurant Week. It starts tomorrow. If you've been hiding out in an Abbottabod Compound and don't know about it see the 5-5-11 write up below and don't make dinner, make reservations!


Chelsea Hanndler - It takes a set of big brass you know whats to call Angelina Jolie a �%^&* bitch� in a stand-up act. Comedienne Chelsea Handler is one of the only pros who�ve had the cojones to do just that.

The author and late night talk show host brings her brash and sassy trash talking to Phoenix for the Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me tour. She's is considered one of the sexiest acts in the comedy circuit. She�s also an equal opportunity insulter: You can expect her to rip on everyone from celebs to her own friends, ex-boyfriends and spoiled Yorkies! She doesn�t care whether she�s met someone in person or not -- you�re fair game!

She'll be here Friday for an evening of standup, then sign copies of her book in the lobby of the Dodge (I still can't wrap my paws around that new Comerica Theatre name...) Brad Wollack, Josh Wolf and Heather McDonald round-table regulars from her TV show, also will appear, I guess to share some of the lies that Chelsea told them. Why don't you go to dinner at a restaurant participating in Restaurant Week and then take in this show? Sounds Purrrrfect! Details: 7 p.m. Friday, May 13. Comerica Theatre, 400 W. Washington St., Phoenix. $55-$85. 602-379-2800,


Or, you could take the kids, or the PussyCats, or if you really have to the Doggie(s) and go to the Peach Festival and celebrate the peach harvest at Schnepf Farms with train rides through the orchards, pie-eating contests, peach-pancake breakfasts (Mmmmmmmm!) and samples of peach culinary creations. I wonder if they'll have some Peach gelato there! I love Peach gelato. I also love chocolate gelato with butterscotch topping. And cookies and cream gelato (PussyCats love cream, natch.) Actually, I love all gelato. And most ice cream (18% + fat content - why do it if you're not going to do it right). I do practice portion control though, and eat no more than three portions at one time... Mmmmmmmm.

Details: 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through May 22. Schnepf Farms, 24810 Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek. Free. 480-987-3100,


Sinbad's in town Sunday. Details: 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 15, Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, 5040 W. Wild Horse Pass Blvd. Gila River Reservation. $25-$75. 520-796-7777,


Bret Michaels, the bad luck good luck kid is here tomorrow. Michaels headlines Rock the Waterfront, a charity concert benefiting Phoenix Children's Hospital and the Boys & Girls Club of Scottsdale, hosted by Executive Council Charities. Q&A: Bret Michaels

Details: 4 p.m. Friday, May 13. Scottsdale Waterfront, 7135 E. Camelback Road. $35 for general admission, $125 for "Golden Circle" tickets, which include food and six drinks as well as access to VIP seating, bars and nicer restrooms. 480-420, 3270,


Catwalk!  Scorpius Dance Theatre, whose "A Vampire Tale" has become a Halloween tradition in Phoenix, is bringing back last year's hit Catwalk inspired by the world of fashion (and music videos). The show by choreographer Lisa Starry, also highlights local designers. The show's played to great reviews. It fuses funky local fashion with sexy athleticism (I like sexy...) and local fashion. Staged on a runway it features 18 dancers, 10 choreographic works, four independent designers and one urban boutique! Being a BootieFashionista you know I have to see this! Very BootieCool....

Details: May 12-21. Phoenix Theatre, 100 E. McDowell Road. $25. 602-254-2151,


5-5-11 Big BootieFoodieNews, and you heard it here First! It's the Arizona Restaurant Association first Arizona SPRING Restaurant Week! It runs Friday, May 13 through Sunday, May 22! Channel your inner BootieFoodie and make a reservation at bunches of the Valley�s premiere restaurants! It�s the perfect chance to discover a restaurant from the list on the link below you've never tried for un poco dinero (pardon my PussyCat Spanish)!  There are already a number of very good chef driven restaurants (and some ho hum chains) on the list.


Every BootieFoodie loves Arizona Restaurant Week, an event you know is held each fall . This September  will be the fourth one. It's one of our most highly anticipated culinary events! Now you get a second shot at it! You can check out some of Arizona's finest food at at about half of what it regularly costs. Each restaurant will offer a three-course dinner menu of signature dishes for $30 or $40 per person. That doesn't include your beverage, tax or gratuity. If you see a wine glass icon next to a restaurant listing that means a beverage is included.  Other icons: "GF" means Gluten-Free, a "V" means vegetarian options are available. A "PF" means Pussycat Friendly.... Don't wait to make reservatons. The best times at the best restaurants fill up fast. Heres a list of the restaurants that are participating: Aren't you glad you read BootieThoughts! Now go make a reservation or two, or three, or five! BootieFine!


Cinco de Mayo, of course, is today. If you're big on that here's a link that will tell you about all about the events, the top ten Mexican restaurants in the city and the best Cinco de Mayo partys. More than you could ever want is at:


The Lucky Duck Derby is Saturday down at the Waterfront! It's so nice down there, you should go just to walk around and take in the sights. Through May 7, you can adopt a duck for $5 at any Leslie's Swimming Pool store or by visiting Each duck will be given an identification number and entered in the duck derby Saturday at the Scottsdale Waterfront. At 1:30 in the afternoon, up to 40,000 ducks will be dropped into the canal from a crane about five stories high. The person whose adopted duck wins the race will receive $10,000! That's not BootieChumpChange!


Before the drop, there will be a family festival including carnival games, a photo booth, face painting, live music, and fingerprinting by the Scottsdale Police Department (what!) It's a fun event that doesn't cost the (benefiting) organizations a penny. Ducks can also be purchased in packs: five for $20, 15 for $50 and 30 for $100. They can be purchased the day of the festival, up until drop time.

5-4-11 Daddy been letting me prowl around the back yard lately as he keeps an eye on the sky for hawks, owls and preditor drones to keep me safe. I had a very exciting time the other evening stalking a fierce looking birdie by the back fountain and would have had him if Daddy hadn't called me back to assist the SEALS in the attack on Osama bin Laden! BootieStalking! Can't really talk about that though other than to say you know what happened :) A big Win for the USA!!!!! BootieFine!!!


The weather in North Scottsdale is about perfect these days and even though it's going to heat up over the next few days it will still stay in the low to mid 90's out this way. What with the humidity around 12% it'll feel wonderful for Mother's Day Weekend! I'll be talking about some things to do with your Mom over the next few days but here's one idea:


Take Mom to a Scorpion Hunt this Saturday at 7PM at the Cave Creek Regional Park, 37019 N. Lava Lane, Cave Creek! You get to take a night walk to find and learn about scorpions. I suggest if you're not a PussyCat that you wear shoes... closed toe shoes! And long pants. And perhaps some body armor.... Bring water and a flashlight, and your Mom. Oh, you say your Mom told you that you're were out of your mind when you mentioned this to her? Well... I just bet she did. Why would you EVER suggest this to your Mom? Jeez...Never the less, for the BootieBrave of you out there I bet this will be something you'll brag about for a long time. I stalked and killed a huge scorpion last year just outside our front door. It was a great adventure, one that I recounted below in an earlier BootieThoughts comment ... you should search for it! $6 per car. Meet at the Nature Center. Details 623-465-0431.


Gram & Alex will be in from Orlando for Mothers Day Weekend. I'm very excited. She's a BootieWeather fan and a great Cat Lover, having had the fortune to have had PussyCats in her home for most of her life. I'm looking forward to  the extra Pets I'll get from her! Purrrrrrrrrrfect!


4-30-11 There's lots to do this weekend BootieFriends, and the weather will be great! A quick rundown follows:


A Taste of Greece: Opa! Head to the south bank of Tempe Town Lake and taste Greek food, like lamb, spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves and baklava. Yummy! Beer, wine and coffee will be available. Greek dance performances and lessons will keep you amused and, of course, vendors will be glad to sell you all kinds of stuff! Proceeds benefit St. Katherine's Foundation and related charities.

Details: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30; 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, May 1. Tempe Town Lake, 80 W. Rio Salado Parkway. Tickets for food are $1-$2. 480-899-3330, more at


Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Fest: The two-day multicultural family festival at 200 EVB Plaza (that's 12 News' trying to put a better spin on East VanBuren St.) near the 12 News broadcast studios features Ballet Folklorico, live boxing and entertainment from local bands and artists. The Ohio Players perform at 10 p.m. April 30 and Little Joe y La Familia perform at 8 p.m. May 1. There is a jalapeno-eating contest (ouch), product samples, Mexican food and family activities.

Details: 2-11 p.m. Saturday, April 30, and noon-10 p.m. Sunday, May 1. Republic Media, 200 E. Van Buren St. Phoenix. $5, free for age 5 and younger. 602-444-8000,


MIM First Anniversary Weekend: The Musical Instrument Museum is such a BootieCool place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The celebration features a larger variety of music, dance and workshops. Jordin Sparks will perform a benefit concert Friday to kick off the MIM's first anniversary weekend, which also will feature Marshall "Soulful" Jones and Maurice Kirya. Check out a screening of MIM documentary "Listen to the World" on Sunday, May 1. | FULL SCHEDULE | PHOTOS

Details: 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 29, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, April 30, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, May 1. Musical Instrument Museum, 4725 E. Mayo Blvd., at Tatum Boulevard south of Loop 101, Phoenix. Concert tickets: "Jordin Sparks and Friends," $75-$95. Museum admission: Adults, $15; seniors ages 65 and older, $13; youths ages 6-17, $10; children 5 and under, free. or 480-478-6000.


4-29-11 I think I'm in big trouble.... Mommy & Daddy and that obsequious RJ went to San Diego for a few days with friends Jon & Andrea. Andrea is a real pussy cat lover and so before they left I spent a lot of time around the two of them begging, I mean, making myself available for some nice petting! I mean, it's the least I could do for them as they missed their pussycat Phoebe. There's a picture of Phoebe in the BootieWeather page if you want to know what he looks like... OK so you don't care... hummmmmmm. Anyway, I digress! While they were gone I knew it was my duty to guard the house! So I jumped up on top of the new fireplace and then up on the adjacent shelf. From there I was able to view a good portion of the house and keep watch! BootieFine! Daddy & Mommy had told me not to do that but what do they know... hee hee. I made a mighty leap and landed with aplomb atop the fireplace. A short hop later and I was high above the ground on the granite shelf itself feeling pretty proud of my accomplishment if I do say so myself! A few seconds later all *(*$%^&* broke loose! A screaming siren almost deafened my PussyCat ears. As previously practiced I took off to my back up position, under the bed... But that screaming sound pierced my panic room and turned it into a fortress of no solitude! Then the police showed up, surrounding the house, peering in the windows, moving swiftly to find the perpetrator (me!) I held my ground and protected the area under the bed... Daddy later told me he watched the whole thing on the BootieCam! I think he knows it was me. He did say he wouldn't turn me in to the screws if I'd be good and stay away from all the motion detectors from now on... I really was very scary. I'll never do that again. Well... now that I know what it's all about it might be kind of cool to...NO I will stay away. Yeah. That's the ticket.... I will, I promise! Maybe.... hee hee!


4-21-11 It's going to be a BootieFine Weekend weather wise, in fact the next 7 days will be Bootieful with highs around 87 in North Scottsdale and lows about 60. I'd say Pool Weather for Easter except you know how PussyCats feel about water. About the same way they feel about Doggies! So.... what's to do this weekend. Let me look in the BootieBook!


Well, this is very cool. Cooler than it may sound at first blush. The Spring Butterfly Exhibit is in full swing at the Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix. 480-941-1225 or $3.50 after you pay the garden admission fee that  $5-$15. Unless you're a member of the DBG like I am! That shouldn't surprise you. If you follow my column you know that Bootie is a Cat of Science! Anyway you go into this huge outdoor fenced area and are surrounded by thousands of butterflies! All kinds of butterflies, I can't believe it's not butter butterflies, Land O Lakes butterflies, Promise butterflies, Oh... ahem, that's not right is it.... Ok, some featured species are giant swallowtails, zebra swallowtails and painted ladies. There are over 50 different species of butterflies there. You walk down a path and they land on you and fly all around mere feet away. Bring your camera and the kids! Or, leave the kids at home and just bring your camera. Or forget the camera, but you'll be sorry.... just don't forget the kids or Child Protective Services will be knocking on your door....


ChickStock Festival- the finals are Saturday with the gates opening at Noon. It's outside at Harolds Corral 6895 E. Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek. 800-745-3000. Country singers jamie O'Neal, jessie Colter and Sarah Darling are headlining this year's ChickStock Music Festival. Many others will be performing too. Everyone's welcome with kids under 12 admitted free. $20 Details It should be a meowzing good time! The winner gets $1000, 8 hours studio time and a paid gig at Harolds Corral!


Easter Bunny Photos: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. At the fountain outside of Barnes & Noble for free photos with the Easter Bunny. Barnes & Noble, Desert Ridge Marketplace, Loop 101 and Tatum Boulevard, Phoenix. 480-538-8520. If your there on Friday night there's free blues, country and pop rock music by Los Guys at the fountain so you can make an evening of it. If Metro Brasserie hadn't closed down you could have headed over there afterwards for some delicious Rabbit Stew.... though you might have had a little problem explaining that to the kiddies... I miss that place!


They're also shooting pictures with the Easter Bunny at Kierland by their fountain outside Barnes & Noble. I think you have to pay for them there. Let's see... free in Phoenix, not free in Scottsdale. Well, it is Scottsdale so it's got to be a more upscale bunny, right?


For all the Single Ladies in BootieLand there's the Single in the City 2 Bachelor Auction Tonight! Party for a good cause and maybe win a date with a single, sexy bachelor! If you don't win one just buy one! Cadillac Ranch and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society team up to host the second annual Single in the City bachelor auction. Go early and mingle with the eligible bachelors during the bar's happy hour. Then watch the men hit the catwalk, and bid on your favorite. Proceeds from the auction and what you spend at the bar will go to the organization, as well as donations at the door, in memory of 12-year old Josh White who passed away from Leukemia. Details: 7 p.m.-2 a.m. April 21. Cadillac Ranch, Tempe Marketplace, 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe. $10 donation, $25 VIP. 480-894-1111,


Don't forget about the Art Walk every Thursday evening in Scottsdale. The galleries are all lined up down Main Street and on Marshall Way. It's from 7-9 tonight. If you go stop by one of Bootie's favorite galleries, Ostrovsky at 7048 E. Main. He's got a new exhibit featuring a style that different from his normal pictures of beautiful female agents (spies).  If you go why not stop for dinner first at Malee's Thai Bistro, or as we call it in BootieLand, Malee's on Main. 7131 E. Main Street, Scottsdale, right dead center in the middle of all the art galleries! The food is BootieFoodie worthy, getting a 4 paw rating, and you know I don't give that out lightly!


4-19-11 It's all very exciting. Heidi, the Property Manager for Saguaro Highlands is going to let their Board know about BootieWeather! I hope they share it with their homeowner as we're always looking for more BootieFriends!


The beta test of the BootieWeather High Wind Speed Alert System is over and this new feature is now live. If you would like to receive an email alert (not more than once every 2 hours no matter how often the wind speed exceeds 25 MPH, so as not to flood your inbox) when the wind exceeds 25 MPH (so you can consider lowering the umbrellas in your back yard to prevent damage) all you have to do is send an email to and put ALERT in the subject line. You may unsubscribe any time you wish. Remember, this is a personal website run by a PussyCat and we will not be responsible for any failure to generate alerts. This offer is meant as an aid only and should not be the only source you use in making umbrella lowering decisions! Jeez... the language the lawyers make you put in. Well, actually, I don't have any lawyers. My BootieBuddy is RJ the Yorkie. He yaps on and on just like a lawyer but doesn't charge me $300 an hour.  BTW, what do you call 25 skydiving lawyers? Skeet... Isn't it a shame how 99% of the lawyers give the whole profession a bad name? Actually I do have a couple of lawyers. But maybe not after they read this... (smile Barb).


4-19-11 The Saguaro Estates Springtime Hoppy Hour 2nd Annual Spring Potluck (wow, that's a long name Sheri...) is this Saturday, April 23rd in the Oberlin cul-de-sac. Right outside BootieLand!!! It's from 4pm to 6pm with the Easter Egg Hunt at 4:30 sharp! It's a BYOB (bring your own basket) event! Please bring your favorite main dish, appetizer, salad or desert. Water, tea and lemonade will be provided. And BYOB again (this time bring your own bottle if you prefer a different beverage). Please email Sheri Hodges at or call 480-816-4499 with what food item you will be bringing, how many people will be attending, and if any children will e participating in the Easter Egg Hunt. Please park on 68th Place. If kids want to ride their bikes or little motorized vehicles we don't want to worry about traffic. Bootie (me) and RJ will make a special guest appearance sometime during the event! They will give autographs to the kids and RJ will probably try to eat, well, everything!


4-19-11 Wow! Jane Hull vetoed the Guns on Campus bill and the Arizona Birther bill today! I didn't think she had it in her! She has a whole lot of Tea drinkers really mad at her but I think it's great she had the guts to do the right thing and not get us embroiled in another expensive lawsuit we can't win. Some time ago I thought she'd let SB 1070 become law without her signature. I didn't think she'd dare sign it. I misread her on that one too...Oh well, what do you expect, I'm just a PussyCat! I might have to start calling her "Sane Jane". That would imply she's reasonable, sensible, judicious and level-headed. Hummmm, think that might be a bit of a stretch?


4-16-11 Our State Legislature is pretty amazing. It only took them 6 months past the deadline to pass a budget for our State. I guess that's because they were too busy passing really important bills, like the one that lets anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. I guess too many of those that wanted to pack couldn't figure out how to fill out the form for a permit..., or just couldn't wait the few days it took to get one (maybe they were in a big hurry to plug someone that really needed it that afternoon), or just couldn't be bothered taking the required gun safety course - I mean why in the world would anyone want to do that? Comforting huh? Oh, and then they passed another really important law. One that lets anyone who wants carry a gun into a bar . A gun in a bar. I mean what could possibly go wrong? Good thing we passed that one... I mean you just can have enough people getting liquored up, packing guns, in your favorite bar at one in the morning huh! I'd feel nice and save in that bar... And now they're off passing yet another law, our own version of what documents a person has to produce to be President. Forget about the fact that Federal Law lays that birth certificate stuff out. I'm sure our little State law will supersede the Federal law.... Right! We the people will get to finance that littie fiasco and the resulting the court fight right up the Supreme Court where we'll lose faster than RJ downs his dinner and then the legislature will raise our taxes some more to pay for the legal costs. It's a good thing I'm a PussyCat, cause if I was an Arizona tax payer and voter I'd probably just have to shoot myself... Sorry for the rant. I am a Conservative PussyCat who's I'm trying to figure out where my Party went. Out for Tea I guess .... and left their brains at home.


Right now - today- at this minute (3PM) - there's a very cool car show going on all up and down Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek. You don't even have to get out of your car to enjoy it if you don't want to. The cars are all lined up, up and down both sides of the road, and everyone's motoring by at about 5 MPH looking at them. Very BootieCool.


*** Did you know there are 86 pictures in the 6 albums under the Bootie Pictures link? Take a look if you want. Four more were added today. New pictures are added often. I'm replacing some I don't like as much with ones I think are more interesting. Striving for purrfection! I'm fur from it now, but getting better :) The pursuit of excellence makes life interesting, why would anyone settle for anything less? Most are shot with a Panasonic Lumix FZ100 14 mega pixels camera with a 24X optical zoom.


4-14-11 It looks like the weekend is going to be Purrrrrfect, weather in the high 80's to low 90's in North Scottsdale with sunny skies. Perfect for a PussyCat to stretch out and take a nap in the sun! Anywhere else in the country the humidity would make you moan at those temps, but not here in BootieLand. Don't we live in the best place in the country! Daddy bought me some new food and I can't stop eating it. Mommy is making fun of me and RJ, who eats everything in sight 24/7, is glad to have someone else catching heat for a change. What they don't realize is that I pace myself. Say RJ eats his bowl of food in 45 seconds, and I eat mine over a course of 18 hours. Well, I'm consuming many fewer calories per minute that he is, so it must be OK, right? Well, that may not stand up to rigorous scientific scrutiny, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Pass the cilantro lime shrimp and lobster newburg please! BTW, last night I tricked Mommy into giving me treats twice! Hee hee...


If you aren't going to the Phoenix Pride Festival this weekend, (right).... the annual festival to celebrate the Valley's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (what!!) and allied communities festval (I'm afraid I'm going to have to miss this one...) the list of events is a little thin this weekend.


Here's an idea. Go have a delicious sandwich! Yum! Head to NOCA, 3118 E. Camelback, Phoenix, 602-956-6622 for their Not your Father's pastrami sandwich. Open face and stunning, it's made with Wagyu brisket cured and smoked in-house and served with pickled cabbage, red onions and Dijon cream on a MJ pumpernickel slice. Mmmmmm.


Or, you could go to Goldie's Sports Cafe, 10135 E. Via Linda in Scottsdale, 480-451-6269 for their juicy tenderloin focaccia. They pile on the grilled onions. What's not to like?


Or.. if you feel like taking a short drive for a "destination" sandwich head to Los Reyes de la Torra, 9230 N. Seventh St., Phoenix, 602-870-2967 for their signature sandwich, the torta del rey. Fit for a BootieFoodie it's a monster two hander filled with pork, ham, thin sliced breaded beef, chorizo, cheese, fried egg, avocado, beans, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno, stuffed into a crusty Mexican roll. Better let out your belt before tackling that one... Mmmmmm!


The third Sunday of each month there's a Farmers Market at City North. That's this Sunday. It features fresh, locally grown produce, Train and Pony rides for the kids, Free face painting and balloon animals, flowers, crafts, ect. Sounds a little lame, but it's close by. Why not check it out. You might pick up a nice Kumquat or two... hummmmmm. Do you know you can also spell that Cumquat. That's a fun word. I think I'll make that the BootieWord of the Day! Don't go getting all excited...


The Maricopa County Fair is in town. It's a crappy fair. For newbies, here are some ways to differentiate the County Fair from the State Fair: Cheaper admission, no country-music concerts in the Coliseum and hotter weather (the State Fair happens in the fall). Otherwise, expect the standard carnival rides, livestock and lots of fattening foods.

Details: Wednesday, April 13, through Sunday, April 17. Times vary. Arizona State Fairgrounds, 1826 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix. $8. 602-252-0717,


The Zen Garden Music and Arts Festival is this Saturday at the Japanese Friendship Garden. This might be a best bet. Kind of shows you the caliber of entertainment this weekend... just kidding, this would probably be fun. The garden is so beautiful and includes performances by daiko drummers, jazz musicians, Celtic-country bands and folk rock groups. Valley performers include Mesa singer-songwriter Jim Pipkin and flutist Scott Schaefer from Surprise. There's an arts marketplace along with food and drink vendors. Details: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, April 16. $20, $15 in advance. $5 for ages 6-12. Japanese Friendship Garden, 1125 N. Third Ave., Phoenix. 602-256-3204,


The Phoenix Improv Festival goes on for the next few days. The 10th annual festival celebrates the growth of improv in Phoenix. Performances include plays, musicals and genre-based performances from audience suggestion. Separate tickets required for each performance.

Details: Thursday, April 14, through Saturday, April 16. Herberger Theater Center, 222 E. Monroe St., Phoenix. $10-$15. 480-389-4852,


4-9-11 5:25PM - If you click on the Full Advisory Text line under "Weather Advisories" on the upper right hand side of this sites home page you will see this warning from the National Weather Service:


Warning Description: Special Weather Statement
Warning Date: 5:08 PM MST on April 9, 2011
WarningSum:...Periods Of Small Hail Possible Through This Evening...
Warning Message:Showers will continue to move through the greater Phoenix area
through the evening hours. Very cold temperatures in the upper levels
of the atmosphere will allow the strongest showers to produce pea
sized hail and breezy winds. Widespread severe weather is not
anticipated however a few of the strongest showers could produce


The statement goes on...This is another public service offered BootieWeather fans to help keep our homes and property safe. Meow! I predict the rain that just started up again half an hour ago will end by 10PM tonight.


4-9-11 The rain started this morning a little after 2AM and as of now, at 7:22AM, .31" of rain has fallen in Saguaro Estates. My BootieForecast predicts this current round of rain will move out by 11AM. It's going to be BootieCold today with the high only reaching about 52 degrees. BootieBundleUp, and wait till tomorrow to go to the Great Arizona Picnic (see below) when it'll be Sunny and 70 degrees. Maybe it's good day for a good book, or to take in a movie at the IPIC in Scottsdale Quarter. I'd like to see Limitless, Hanna or Arthur... Or you could take in the BodyWorlds exhibit, it's BootieCool for sure. BODY WORLDS & The Brain is at the Arizona Science Center through May 30, 2011. This all-new version of the world-famous exhibition looks at the body in a previously unseen way, with over 200 authentic human specimens, and highlights on recent neuroscience findings on brain development. No PussyCats were harmed in the creation of this exhibit!


4-7-11 It gets even better! We had .05" of rain last night. From 9:10PM to 9:55PM it drizzeled and at 9:55PM enough had accumulated in the rain gauge to finally register .01". From 10PM to 11:15PM another .04" came down for a total of .05" yesterday, ALL of it after 9PM  , so my BootieForecast of 4-5-11, below, was super dead on! Hee hee...!!!


The BootieWeather High Wind Email Alert System - BHWE - is up and in beta testing. It's very BootieCool! If you would like to receive an email when the wind speed hits 30 MPH or more so you can take down your umbrellas and secure your patio against damage send an email to and I'll add you to the list. If you want to drop off after trying it out just send another email and I'll take you off the distribution list.


This weekend Scottsdale Culinary Week culminates with The Great Arizona Picnic! Saturday & Sunday from 10AM to ? I think it's going to rain on Saturday so I suggest you plan to go on Sunday.

The Great Arizona Picnic always attracts the big crowds - up to 40,000 people - to the Scottsdale Mall to nosh on samples from restaurants and sample cocktails and wine. About 75 restaurants are participating in the April 9th & 10th event. Rows of restaurant booths will be spread out on the 22-acre site. Taste samples will range from $2-$7.  I hear 16 gourmet food trucks will be there for the first time. It should be a wonderous site, and I know it will be a lot of fun. It's the Bootie Pick of the Weekend event! Details: 480-945-7193, Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza, 7380 E. Second St., Scottsdale


Country Thunder! This is a four-day festival for Country Music fans and it starts today! You can see Sawyer Brown (Thursday), Jason Aldean (Friday), Martina McBride (Saturday). The Dixie Chicks' nemisis Toby Keith brings the weekend to a finish Sunday with what I bet will be a rowdy blend of greatest hits and songs from last year's "Bullets in the Gun."Details: 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 7; 1 p.m. Friday, April 8-Sunday, April 10. Canyon Moon Ranch Grounds, 20585 Price Station Road, Florence. $24.91-$65.93 single-day tickets, $140 four-day pass. 866-802-6418,


The Great Arizona Dog Show is this weekend. From Yorkies (but not RJ - though I have to reluctantly admit he would probably win - he's decided not to enter - thinks it's beneath him) to German Shepherds dogs of all breeds will compete at this annual show. Categories include conformation, obedience, flyball, rally and agility trial. There are a variety of pet-centric vendors and activities for guests.Details: 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday-Monday, April 7-11. $8-$10, children 12 and under free. University of Phoenix Stadium, Loop 101 and Glendale Avenue.


Sunday it's the Fiesta Days Rodeo and Parade. Great for the whole family! There will be barrel racing (my favorite), mutton bustin' (whatever the BootieHeck that is) and the Miss Rodeo Arizona Horsemanship Competition. Plus, the parade on Saturday is led by grand marshal actor Steven Seagal. The parade will include floats in 18 categories ranging from Best Western and Best Marching Band to Best Comic and Most Patriotic.

Details: 3 p.m. Thursday, April 7; 8 a.m. Friday, April 8; 9 a.m. Saturday, April 9; and noon Sunday, April 10. Admission to Saturday's parade is free, but guests are encouraged to arrive early in order to find the best seats on the route along Cave Creek Road. Admission to rodeos at the Cave Creek Memorial Arena, 37201 N. 28th St., are $10 for adults, $5 for kids ages 5-14, and free for children 4 and under. Parking is $3 or $1 with two or more non-perishable food donations., or call 480-488-4043.


Saturday is the Sunnyslope Art Walk. I've never been but I bet it will be fun if the rain holds off ... a big if...More than 150 painters, photographers, sculptors and crafters will showcase their original works at this annual artwalk in Sunnyslope. They will set up their wares along Central Avenue from Dunlap Avenue south toward the Arizona Canal. Live music is featured by The Swamp Coolers, Jump Back Brothers, Hacksaw's Blues and the Russell Allen Experience. | ROUTE MAP Details: 5-9 p.m. Saturday, April 9. Free. Parking is available at Sunnyslope Village Center at 115 E. Dunlap Ave., Sunnyslope High School at 35 W. Dunlap Ave. and Cowden Center at 9202 N. Second St. 602-870-6060,


4-6-11 Ah Ha! It's 9:50PM and there is no, zero, nada rain on the official BootieRainGauge in the back yard! Bootie beats all the weather forecasters in town with his 4-5-11 prediction (below) of no measurable rain in our subdivision! I'll undoubtedly be picked as the NWS PussyCat Forecaster of the Year this year! Yeah! Well, I bet no other PussyCat gets more votes then me... OK, name one... see! BootieYeah!


4-6-11 Our home was invaded last night! A desperate call was placed to the BootiePhone seeking my assistance. I sprang into action! It took hours of hunting, tracking and stalking before I was able to confront the invader! And when I did a furious battle ensued. Dodging its attacks, leaping into the air, twisting and swiping with my paws I finally crippled the intruder. It fell at my feet and I ate him!!! Our home is once again safe! And that fly tasted delicious! Bootie Rules!


4-5-11 Bootie Bucks the Trend! All the weather forecasters in town are predicting rain for Wednesday. Bootie says No Rain. At least no rain before 9PM. So there! We'll see who's right. PussyCats don't like rain and it's wrong of those amateurs on channel 12 to scare us like that!


Last month was a great month for the site, with 586 visits from loyal BootieFans! Not bad for a PussyCat, huh.. and the site's only been up for 7 months. Thanks so much for visiting! A lot of folks like the Bootie Pictures link. If you go there be sure to click on the menu in the upper left which will then open up into 5 sub-folders of pictures. There are over 100 pictures between the 5 folders. When you click on a folder thumbnail pictures will appear. Click on a thumbnail and a slide show will start. Move your cursor down to the bottom of the screen and you'll see some controls that allow you to move forward and back, freeze the screen and on the far right an option to make the picture go full screen. After you've done that move the cursor to the upper right of the picture and more controls appear that allow you to download the picture, print the picture or zoom in on the picture. If you click the zoom in plus sign a few times the picture will fill your entire screen and the slide show will continue to play. Move the cursor down to the bottom of the screen again and more controls will appear. Put the cursor over one of the thumbnails at  the bottom of the screen and a description of the picture (if I typed in one) will appear. Master all that and you'll be in the CatBird Seat! Wow, what a thing. Being in the Catbird seat! BootieFine! I'd love to be sitting on a Catbird right now! I think I might have to reach under me, whip it out and had a nice little BootieSnack...... yummy!


A little BootieOrinthology - This is an American phrase - The grey catbird which is the probable source of the phrase is a North American species (there's also an Australian catbird). It's one of a group of tasty little birds called the mimic thrushes. They include mockingbirds and, as you might expect, they are excellent mimics. RJ is a mimic. He tries to mimic a good Doggie, but he doesn't fool me! The catbird is named for its ability to mimic the sound of a BootieCat's meow. Catbirds seek out the highest perches in trees to sing and display, ie, the best seat in town! The allusion to that is most likely to be the derivation of the term. It may also be the source of an earlier term with much the same meaning - 'sitting pretty'. Another BootieFine phrase in the lexicon of BootieSpeak!


3-31-11 The big news is the remodel in our Family Room, 6 weeks in the doing, is finally finished and I'm once again able to claim my rightful place on the couch. The top of the new granite fireplace looks like a very inviting spot for me to camp out on from time to time too, especially since Mommy has strictly forbidden me from going up there...hee hee!


The big event this coming week doesn't start until Tuesday. I'm referring to, of course, My Birthday!....No? well it is a big event.... actually I'm speaking of the Scottsdale  Culinary Festival which begins Tuesday April 5th and continues on through Sunday April 10th. There are special, somewhat pricy, events each week night but if you haven't already got your tickets to those you're probably OOLD...Out of Luck Doggie! However, the least expensive and most fun event is Saturday & Sunday April 9th and 10th. It's called the Great Arizona Picnic. It's on the Scottsdale Mall on Drinkwater. Over 40,000 people will be there. R.J., the Doggie that never met a piece of meat he didn't like, will undoubtedly attend... the picnic is the festival's signature event, with rows and rows of restaurant booths spread out over 22 acres. It's $10 to get in and tastings range from $2 to $7. We're not talking about corn dogs and Pizza here BootieFans (although I do like a good corn dog :) This is mostly tasty upscale fare from smoked rock shrimp gazpacho to smoked brisket tortas with  Peruvian fried rice topped with Coca-Cola crispy pork belly. BootieYum!! Details at


Of course that next weekend. This weekend head down to Tempe Town Lake (and it'll be a BootieFul Beautiful Day) Saturday, April 2nd, for the My Nana's Best Tasting Salsa Challenge! $10 Taste more than 100 salsa by some of the valleys best chefs and vote for your favorite. Live music from 5 bands on the Main Stage and a KidsZone for the, More at


I think I'll check out a new patio or two in the next few weeks. New to me, but not new in town. It's PostinoWine Cafe, now with two locations: 3939 E. Campbell Ave, Phoenix, 602-852-3939, and 5144 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, 602-274-5144. One specialty is bruschetta and I love to graze on bruschetta. The newer one is called Postino Central in the Medlock district of Phoenix. Must be the one on...wait for it...Central! In both you'll find sleek high top tables, wood wine racks, comfy sofas and plush chairs. I like plush chairs! and in them will be business folks, ladies who lunch, fashionistas and oenophiles ( your word for the day...look it up if your inquisitive - like Judy). See


You might want to head over to the Harkins 101 between tonight and April 7th for the Phoenix Film Festival! The eight-day festival showcases more than 150 independent short and full-length films. Sally Kellerman, Peter Weller ("Robocop"), Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Jerry Maguire") are scheduled to appear. Make sure to catch Phil Rosenthal, creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond," who appears on Friday to present "Exporting Raymond," a documentary about an attempt to adapt the quintessential American sitcom to Russian. Plus, check out Keanu Reeves in "Henry's Crime" and Rachel Weisz in "The Whistleblower." More at Prices are $10 to $250 - wonder what you get for $250! Better be more than popcorn and White Castle hamburgers...


Tomorrow is First Friday in Downtown Phoenix. First Fridays brings people from across the Valley into downtown each month, making it the nation's largest self-guided art tour, and you can take your PussyCat or, if  you must, your Doggie! From Portland Street on the north end to Washington Street on the south, and bookended by 15th Avenue and Seventh Street, the First Fridays area is filled with art, music, live performances and thousands of culture lovers. From Grand Avenue's Paisley Village indie shopping and dining courtyard to Roosevelt Street's Tamie Coe bakery to Adams Street's Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center, there's quite a diversity of art to see, foods to try (BootieYum!) and music to hear. It's Free! There's lots more info at and or call 602-256-7539


It's Arizona Bike Week now through Sunday. This event is one of the largest motorcycle events in the Southwest. Wonder if I should ride the BootieChopper over there! You'll see bike displays from top-name builders, vendors and manufacturers. Several events are held around town, including a bike rally. This year's BootieMusic features musical performances by Skid Row, Warrant, Heart and Buckcherry: All loud!
10 a.m. daily through Sunday, April 3. WestWorld of Scottsdale, 16601 N. Pima Road. $40. 480-644-8191,


Wow! Ziggy Marley, the oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley, the Jamaican singer-songwriter is in town He has some mighty big Bootieshoes to fill and hasn't done bad, picking up five Grammy Awards. His latest album is "Family Time."Details: 8 p.m. Friday, April 1. Fort McDowell Casino, 10424 N. Fort McDowell Road, Fort McDowell Reservation. $20-$40. 480-837-1424,


More later.... have to take a nap!


 3-25-11 Barbecue! Mmmmmmmmm... one of life's most BootieLicious pleasures! There are two big BBQ festivals in town this weekend, and I'm going! The Arizona Barbecue Festival is tomorrow, Saturday, 10 - 5PM at the Scottsdale Waterfront, 7025 E. Via Soleri. It's $10. Cats under 12 get in free! It's the second year for this festival and over 10,000 'BootieCue lovers will be there! $20,000 in prize money will be handed out so it's no wonder that over 100 teams will be competing! There's not only great food but also hourly demonstrations by top valley chefs like Beau MacMillan from Elements (I know he'll want to pose with me, knowing I write the BootieFoodie restaurant reviews for this site) and TLC's BBQ Pitmasters star Harry Soo of Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ in LA. That's a catchy name. I could call my BBQ place Slap your Doggie Cue! You can also ride a mechanical bull (like I'd really do that...), watch the Daisy Duke Beauty Pageant (I would do that), booze it up at the new this year Boutique Whiskey Expo, listen to live music and prowl through all the cool BBQ equipment and accessories in a special exhibitor area.


The other BBQ event is the Great American BBQ & Beer Festival in Chandler at Dr. A.J. Chandler Park, 3 S. Arizona Ave. It's from Noon to 8 p.m. $10. Over 20 local BBQ restaurants will be represented . You can sample smoked pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket and ribs. BootieFine! There'll also be over 100 kinds of Beer. Better not sample them all or instead of eating Cue you'll be eating green bologna courtesy of Sheriff Joe! There will be a kids zone play area, custom Harley show, a bratwurst-eating contest (I could win that!) a farmers market and music from groups like One Pin Short, Reel Big Fish and Take Cover. Who thinks up those names and what are they on when they do? Dog Food? More details at


Looking for a new Foodie restaurant? Try FnB at 7133 Stetson Drive, Suite 2, Scottsdale. It's on the Waterfront at South Bridge.  Sit at the U shaped counter and watch your food being cooked. These folks really know what they're doing. I haven't had time yet to do a review in BootieFoodie but I've been there and it's worth the trip. 480-398-3020.


I hear that April 2nd at the Phoenician the Arizona Humane Society presents Compassion with Fashion, a fundraiser that's a mix of catwalk and compassion. It starts at 10:30 a.m. with an auction and then a gourmet lunch. Then the Doggies, all dressed in costumes, I pity the poor fools.. (the theme's "Wizard of Pawz: There's No Place Like Home) take to the catwalk. Now I ask you, is that fair? Doggies walking on a CatWalk? (Yeah, I know you get it). Just another example of Doggies aspiring to all things Cat. They're all really PussyCat wantabes! Tickets start at $125. It's for a good cause. I hear there'll be some PussyCats there too, someone has to keep those Doggies in line...


3-24-11 It was Cataclysmic! Extreme SuperMoon...right! Extreme SuperClouds is more like it. And 18 years until the next one. What a gyp! I was all set to go with my telescope, camera, cat treats, Dog Be Gone spray... all ready. Then clouds messed up the whole thing.......... OK, actually I took a nap, and by the time I got up and had a bite to eat it was way past moon rise, but there were clouds all over the sky! And I'm sure if  I'd been up at the right time those clouds would have been there, right in my way! Probably good I slept in then, huh... Yeah! That's the ticket! BootieClever! Glass half full......and all that.


Maybe the biggest arts festival, if not the one with the highest quality art, is here this weekend. The Tempe Festival of the Arts on Mill Ave. in Tempe. It's free and lots of fun! There are over 400 juried artist (for the uninitiated that means perhaps 1000 artists wanted to set up booths but a selection committee narrowed that down and invited only 400. Normally the committee would try to make sure a variety of styles and subject matter is represented, not just, say, western art or just paintings. There will be lots of good food, fine weather, pets are allowed, reasonably priced art and great people watching to be had. All prime BootieReasons for attending! More info at 602-997-2581.


The Desert Botanical Garden presents Agave on the rocks. Southwestern and Mexican delicacies are paired with specialty margaritas. The garden is a BootieFavorite, just so beautiful. Go have some good food and listen to entertainment by Roger Clyne and P.H. Naffah of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. You've heard of them right. Well, maybe not, but it should be good. It's this Friday night. 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix. 480-941-1225 and costs $55 - $60. Not cheap but the food will be very good and the Margaritas great. Assign a designated Pussycat to drive back as we don't drink. Well some do, but not most. OK, a lot do, find one that doesn't. Jeez...


At Tempe Town Lake this Saturday and Sunday from 8-5 each day it's the Dragon Boat Festival. This is no small event. 50 teams of 20 people per team with 1200 competitors from around the world compete in a variety of races. The races are sprints and only last a few minutes each. The boats are 45 feet long and weigh 550 pounds! They're decorated in bright colorful designs and each has a dragon caricature on the bow. There will be drummers, live entertainment, food and souvenirs. It's at Mill Ave. and Rio Salado Parkway. And it's Free! Not the food and souvenirs silly, the admission. Details at 480-350-8625. Dogs and PussyCats are welcome! Even the Mayor will be there Saturday morning when they put the "eyes" in a big dragon head and "awaken the dragon". Pretty BootieScary!


Have you been to the MIM? If you don't know what that stands for you're really missing out.  It's the Musical Instrument Museum at Tatum and Mayo - 4725 E. Mayo Blvd, Phoenix. 480-478-6001 You've got to take your out of town visitors there. It's like nothing you've ever seen. There are thousands and thousands of instruments arranged in huge modern rooms by the country of origin. You put on headphones and as you approach an instrument a video of someone playing it in their native land starts playing. BootieCool! 


This Saturday the MIM presents the Experience Brazil: Carnival and Beyond. There will be Brazilian and Arizona performers and artists in costume. The program focuses on Carnival but theres so much more, including Samba dancing. The musuems main courtyard will host an art exhibit and artists will be creating are as you watch. Food and Fun for all. That museum is like something from the 22nd Century! It's unbelievable! BootieTrust me you will love it if you go. The event this Saturday is free with admission to the museum ($10 - $14. Kids 5 and under are free.



3-18-11 Being a PussyCat of science and an admirer or the moon (as most pussycats are) it gives me great purrrleasure to bring you this news. There will be an "Extreme Supermoon" tomorrow night in the Eastern sky. The moon won't just be full. It will be the closest to the earth it's been in 18 years and as such will appear 10 to 15 percent larger than normal! ToBootieFine! Tides could be unusually high from now through Sunday - BootieBad...( Don't want to get my paws wet). Ying and Yang...sigh. The best time to view is at sunset (6:39PM) when the moon will be closest to the horizon and will appear "huge and orangey" according to astronomer Arnold Pearlstein. Get your camera, take a picture and email it to me (the email link is at the bottom of  the menu bar on the left. I'll put it in the BootiePictures album on the site and give you credit! The person submitting the best picture gets a can of tuna!!!


3-17-11 It's St. Paddy's Day today, no doubt named for ME as I like to pad around the house surveying my domain and, of course, I'm a Saint! Tradition has it I should wear a little green today so I've been pondering the best way to go about that. I've decided that my Green will take the form of making the Doggie "Green with Envy". So R.J...., think about this. You are relegated to a view of our home from about 12 inches above the floor. I have no such restriction, being able to elegantly leap on window sills and such, gaining a perspective you can only achieve by putting on your disgusting "Cute Doggie Act" and getting someone to pick you up. What a lack of independence that demonstrates and how you must aspire to be a Cat! To make matters worse, You spend 84% (a Bootietistic) of your day begging for food. That's the pits... where is your dignity! I, on the other hand, have trained Mommy and Daddy to fill my food bowl each morning and nosh throughout the day at my leisure. BootieFoodieFine!


So, what's to do this weekend? A very BootieCool art exhibit, AMOCOCO, opens today and runs through this Sunday at the Mesa Arts Center, 1 E. Main St., Mesa. $5. info at You take off your shoes and walk through this HUGE inflatable luninarium made up of many geometric shapes and a spectrum of illuminated colors! Take the kids if you're inflicted with them...


Here are a few restaurants to try. They all have the BootieFoodie paw of approval: Barrio Cafe - best Mexican food in the State. Cowboy Ciao on Stetson - everything's great. Try the pork belly. A Different Point of View - and it is different with a beautiful view of the Valley from its restaurant and patio. Try the ravioli stuffed with lobster and pancetta and topped with a morel mushroom. BootieYum!


Luke Days starts Saturday. See my 3-12-11 write up about it below. I was asked to give the Thunderbirds some pointers, but they are the ThunderBIRDS. Think about it... why should I help them with pointers on how to evade me?


3-12-11 Here's the BootieWeather forecast for the weekend. Warm. Sunny. How BootieBoring! Be sure to check out the BootieWeather Sunburn Calculator to see how long you can be in the sun without burning. The link, near the bottom of the page, has a big "new" sign flashing next to it. Even R.J. could find it....


OK, what everyone's been waiting for all year started yesterday. The Chandler Ostrich Festival! Right. So if you're really into really big birds, and don't have a life, and like a midway with games and booths and sideshow acts, Ostrich races, magic shows, Wild West Dog Shows, Pig Races, a Classic Car Show, whew... (and really, who doesn't) head on out. Rocker Eddie Money will be on stage at 8P.M. Saturday. I'd go just to eat an Ostrich burger! Then I could say I ate the World's Biggest Bird! (They are, you know).. That would be BootieCool!  It's at Tumbleweed Park, 2250 S. McQueen Road. $7 to $10 to get in.


More than 200 artist, selected from more than 1000 that applied, will be at the Scottsdale Arts Festival today through Sunday. It's at the Scottsdale Civic Center Park, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale. It's one of the good ones so if you like arts festivals, food ( 11 Gourmet Food Trucks replace all food options except the KettleCorn booth this year. It's worth going just to try them out), wine & the hard stuff that's the place to be this afternoon. More at It's $7 to get in. No Dogs Are Allowed! Except R.J. since he's a Service Dog. Yeah, he serves me! Hee hee.... well, actually he doesn't. He head butts me. I hate that...... Bad Dog!!!


You can vote for the Chef extraordinaire, the Pastry chef extraordinaire, and the Most exceptional restaurant at My BootieFoodie votes went to Chris Curtis of Noca for best chef, Eugenia Theodosopoulos of Essence Bakery in Tempe for best Pastry Chef (it's sooooo BootieGood), and Binkley's Restaurant in Cave Creek for Best Restaurant. There are some nice Bio's on the site. Voting ends March 18th.


Next weekend is LukeDays 2011 at Luke Airforce Base. Flying starts at 10:45 Saturday. You can see the Air Force ThunderBirds and the Army Golden Knights They are soooo BootieFine! And there will be tons more really BootieNeat fighter planes and groups out there. They are soooooo BootieCool! Tickets at Free general admission.


3-11-11 Hummm.. that looks like a lucky and unlucky date doesn't it (at least if you're a craps player) I do have some experience with crapping (pardon the BootieCrude language) but I stay away from the tables and use a pan... :)


We're putting in a fireplace (just so I'll have another cozy place to nap..) and doing some other things in our family room and so it's been kind of noisy lately. I've been supervising the construction (I have a Catractors license you know...) from under the bed in the guest room, keeping a close eye on things through my secret BootieCam. It'll all be done, finally, in about a week!


It's all very BootieSad. I'm going to miss one of the top two culinary events of the year! It takes place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at the Phoenix Art Museum and is called the Devoured Culinary Classic, now in its 7th year. It used to be held at West World. Over 40 of the city's greatest chefs will be there serving up their signature dishes. You'll find about 20 restaurants represented on each (different ones each day-at least 20 a day) of the two days. Which day to attend, what a BootieFoodie quandary! I think perhaps Sunday as that's when Kai, the only 5 star restaurant in the state will be there. I think that's the only top restaurant around we haven't been to. And after this weekend, due to circumstances out of this PussyCat's control, still won't have sampled! OK, I'll stop catplaining and get on with it... Here are a few of the restaurants that will be there. J&G's Steakhouse, Postino, Chelsea's Kitchen, Arcadia Farms, Bibo, Barrio Cafe, Cowboy Ciao, Petite Mason, Prado, Becketts Table and Kai. The list really does go on and on. Signature drinks are also featured as is something new, the desert lounge! Mmmmmmm.. There'll be music, fun and a BootieGoodTime! Come very hungry! Tickets are $69 at the door or $59 though today. To find out more and for a link to buy your tickets go to:


3-3-11 Boy it's Bootieful out there this morning! And it's going to stay that way for the next week! I was reading an article in the paper this morning. The headline said: Earth Risks Mass Extinction. I thought it had something to do with R.J. and his stinky poo poo, but it was about something else considerably less toxic... hee hee....


I'm still trying to get to the Arizona Science Center for their Body Worlds and the Brain exhibit, now through May 30th. It features more than 200 body parts! For info go to The Great Arizona Beer Festival is this weekend at Tempe Beach Park, 80 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe. It's a $50 general admission ticket so you better be thirsty! They features over 200 beers, food and live entertainment from Crown Kings. Crown Kings??? They really pulled out all the stops, huh.. Details 480-774-83  or at Natch...


Remember Huey Lewis and the News? They're at Talking Stick Resort March 10th. Call 866-877-9897 for tickets.


How many of these Gourmet Restaurants have you been to? If the answer's none then shame on you. You're not a BootieFoodie...yet. Binkleys, Kai, Nobuo at Teeter House, Elements, Posh, Noca, Quiessence, Vincents on Camelback (new menu there!), Atlas Bistro (didn't really like it but others love it), T.Cooks at the Royal Palm. BootieFoodie has been to 8 of the 10. Speaking of BootieFoodie, check out the link right next to the BootieThoughts link on the Home page. I've got about 7 reviews in so far. It's kind of time consuming, and I have a hectic nap schedule, but many more will come!


The Scottsdale Art's Festival is next weekend  The Carefree Fine Art & Wine Festival is this weekend. They put the same festival with the same artists on three times each season. This is the third one. Don't bother if you went to one of the first two cause it's the same thing, but if you haven't been this season it's nice thing to do on a pretty day. Admission is about $6. 101 Easy Street (I love that name), Carefree, AZ 480-837-5637


Spring Training has started and what a great weekend to take in a game! Go to for tickets and packages. There are about 8 stadiums all around the valley!


The Prada del Sol Rodeo is going on at WestWorld this weekend. In addition to the rodeo there's food, dancing and things to buy. 


Best to buy your tickets for the April 5-10 Scottsdale Culinary Festival events now. Tickets to the chic cocktail party and other big events during the week go fast.


2-28-11 Here's why we live in Scottsdale. For about the next 10 days we'll have blue skys with fluffy white clouds and temps in the high 70's. Bootieful!


That Doggie's been getting on my nerves lately. Everytime I go into the bedroom he charges at me barking like a fool, disturbing my peaceful aura. I'm going to come up with a way to sneak by him and get into that room! Hee Hee... After all, there's more than one way to skin a ............... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What am I saying!!!


2-25-11 Here's the official BootieWeather forecast for the Weekend! Today will be BootieNice, sunny with some fluffy clouds and a high of about 68 degrees. No Rain. Saturday won't be bad with a high around 65 in the afternoon. Pretty late Saturday night the rain will roll in and It'll rain until about 1PM Sunday. Sunday will be BootieCold! A high in the low to mid 50's! BootieBurrrrrr.... So, if you want to go out to the Big arts festival in Fountain Hills (and what better way to spend the day) go today or mid day tomorrow and you should be fine.


The big races start today at PIR. I've never been but I know about 200,000 people attend! Some rent campers and camp out all weekend. I  wonder how much beer they drink in a weekend. Probably about a keg. Good thing they aren't driving...


BootieSad... One of my all time favorite restaurants, Metro Brasserie, on Stetson in the South Bridge area closed Wednesday. Funny how the Scottsdale section of the paper feature it as one of the 5 top dining picks this weekend. BootieFoodie always has the latest scoop!!! They had fantastic food at very reasonable prices. While I've yet to catch any of the rabbits in our back yard (I confess  I really haven't tried that hard) I loved eating the rabbit there. It was sort of a BootieKarma kind of thing...


Spring Training starts next week. I bet that new stadium at 101 and Indian Bend is something to see. It'll be great having the Diamondbacks here in town! Once again the scouts have been after me to show up and pitch. I No one yet has been able to hit my BootieBall! I'd go, but it's really too much work for a pussycat. I prefer to lounge in the stands and eat a couple of dogs (yeah - that's right RJ...a couple of DOGs!) Hee Hee.....


2-24-11 We were attacked by a vicious snake last night! I was on patrol around 11:30 last night, keeping the house safe from all manor of attack when rounding the corner into Daddy's office there it was! Never even pausing for thought of my safefy I immediately sprang into action! I went into a crouch, bobbing my head to hypnotize the intruder I quickly assessed the situation.  After 5 lightning minutes of assessment I pounced! A furious struggle ensued. I tossed it into the air, jumped back and attacked again when it hit the floor. Such an uproar was raised RJ came flying out of the bedroom. He saw me engaged in the epic struggle and shrank away. I expected no less! Pathetic Pooch! I conquered my foe! Closer inspection revealed it to be the cardboard strip pulled off a FedEx envelope.... hummmm. But the point is I was on the job!!!


The Fountain Hills art festival is this Friday - Sunday at the park by the Fountain (the Avenue of the Fountains). This is a big one with 575 artists in all genre. The weather looks beautiful for Friday (sunny and 70) but not so hot for the weekend. If you go on Saturday go early before the rain comes in. Sunday looks like it'll be cold and rainy.


On a slightly more esoteric note, the UFO Congress meeting will draw over 1000 fans. It's at Fort McDowell Casino so if no UFO's appear you can at least watch your money disappear... There will be more than 20 speakers including authors and people who claim to have seen aliens and UFO's. Details are at


Matsuri, a Festival of Japan is at the Heritage and Science Park, 115 N. Sixth St., Phoenix. Lot's of food vendors with Japanese crusine. You can watch a tea cerimony, martial artists with swords. Read more at


Lweis Black is at the Orpheum Theatre. BootieFunny!!! My favorite comedian. You'll howl! No, not howl!!! You'll laugh so hard you'll have PussyCat Tears rolling down your cheeks! Tickets at Ticketmaster


Sandwiches are An absolute BootieFavorite food! You might try one at: The House at Secret Garden 2501 E. Baseline Rd, Phoenix , 602-243-8539 or the Havana Cafe, 6245 E. Bell Rd, Scottsdale 480-991-1496 (lots there besides sandwiches - great dinners too. Or how about Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, 3510 Baseline Rd., Mesa 480-497-0308 (try the Bobbie, on sub type bun stuffed with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo...yummy!) or Port a Subs (a Bootie Favorite because they slice everything fresh in front of you and bake their own sub rolls each day). It's in Desert Ridge.


NEW Weather Advisory: click on the Full Advisory Text link under Weather Advisories on the upper left of the Home Page for the latest warnings from the National Weather Service. There's one there now for this weekend as I type this. It warns of snow levels droping to 2000' in Eastern Maricopa County. We are at 2061' in Saguaro Estates... still, I'm not predicting snow in Saguaro Estates..



2-20-11 Well, it's almost 1PM and the rain is over. We ended up with .65", very close to my prediction. Yes, I know... it did rain another .15" this morning. RJ's been giving me some lip because last night I bucked the NWS and declare it wouldn't rain anymore. Get over it Doggie! At least I'm not a "follow the crowd, never take a stand so you don't ever make any mistakes kind of PussyCat. Do you know people like that? I feel sorry for them. (Pretty tough talk, huh!) Yeah! The sun's will be coming out shortly. Think I'll find a patch and take a well deserved nap!


2-19-11 5PM - We had .42" of rain today! A great day to curl up with your Kindle (BootieTech, natch, did you expect any less) and read the three Mouseketeers while snacking on Milk and Mice! I think the rain is over for the evening. Well, we may get a little bit more overnight. Could be a little in the morning but I don't think so, maybe, and even if there is the skys should be clearing up by Noon. (Ever notice how the weather girls and guys on TV are always hedging their bets.... OK, I won't play that game, I'm BootieBetter than that! The rain is OVER! There! I said it! And I'm proud I said it! Book it Danno, I'm BootieOutOfHere...


2-17-11 Did you see what RJ wrote about me in RJ's Corner? If he's going to be such a Disagreeable Doggie I might have to kick his Yappy Yorkie little butt off the site! I must have had a little too much Calypso Catnip the day I let him get a pawhold in BootieWeather!


The weather's been purrfect lately, but big changes are in store. To see continuously updating weather bulletins from the National Weather Service go to the Weather Advisory section in the top right corner of the Home page and click on the "Full Advisory Text" link.  It's going to get colder and wetter with a pretty big storm coming in Saturday and Saturday night. I predict a little less than an inch of rain. Although we Pussycats are water-phobic Scottsdale is running (BootieFact!) a deficit of 1.17 inches of rain for the year so this storm could just about catch us up to normal.


There was a problem uploading weather data to the site from about 11PM last night until today around 6PM. The site was up but the weather data wasn't current. Sorry! I'm sure it was all RJ's fault. Yeah, that's the ticket! Blame it on the Yorkie! Hee Hee. I knew there was a reason I let him on the site! Have you read his comments in RJ's Corner? No? You haven't missed much....See the link on the home page just under the BootieThoughts link. He thinks he's hot stuff...


Daddy and Mommy went to Vegas last week and had a BootieFine time! They saw a sexy show and in the spirit of BootieFoodie (I'm going to start putting restaurant reviews in that spot very soon) ate at two restaurants in the Encore - their favorite place to stay. One was called Switch. About every 20 minutes the place transforms into a different restaurant with walls moving, lighting changing and the ceiling morphing. It's really something! The Butternut Squash soup was pretty good though not as thick as we PussyCats like it. Mommy lapped up the Lobster Bisque though.. it was yummy! The place features prime steaks. The rib eye was flavorful but not nearly as melt in your mouth as what we make at home. Mommy had a delish Veal Chop. The four Mini ice cream cones (which actually were decent size) for desert were BootieCool and mmm mmmm good (what BootieFool doesn't like ice cream)! The other restaurant was Bartolotta. AAA four diamond the last for years in a row, chef Paul Bartolotta won  the James Beard award in 2009 for best chef in the Southwest. I had the loin of rabbit wrapped in smoked pancetta with smoked pancetta, crispy artichokes and a balsamic vinegar ($21) and the "rags" of pasta, lobster, shrimp, crab in a white  wine tomato sauce ($28) both were appetizers. Mommy had 2 appetizers too. We didn't have any entrees (they start at $58) as we'd eaten a little something before the show, and the bill with tip and one drink still came to $150. The dishes were heaven. I guess you get what you pay for...


BootieFun for the weekend: The Home and Garden Show opens Friday at Noon at the 101 Shopping Center (Scottsdale Rd. & Mayo Blvd - the NW corner) and runs through the weekend. See Cooking Demos from Donovan's  Steaks and Salerno's Italian. Friday there's a fundraising luncheon for fallen Arizona Police Officers and the first 100 people that donate $15 get filet mignon sandwiches and mac and cheese from Donovan's and baked mostaccioli and chicken parmigiana from Salerno's Italian restaurant. Please come out and support the Police that keep BootieLand safe for one and all! There will be over 100 vendors there including Catalana Custom Pools, the best Pool Builder in the World (they built the BootiePool and it's gorgeous)!  Go by and say Hi to Tony and Marjorie Catalana and ask them to custom design and build a backyard paradise for you. I'm not kidding, they'll do a great job at a nice price! You can also find out about the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and desert plants. They're giving away free samples of prickly pear cactus fruit lemonade...I've never heard of such a thing!


At the Arizona Wheels of Italy car show at the Scottsdale 101 shopping center from 9am to 1pm Saturday you can BootieDrool at the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseeratis and Panteras. It's free to dream... If you love horses the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show starts this weekend at WestWorld, 16601 N. Pima Rd. that at 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. Admission is $10 and there's a free ice cream social there Saturday at 1PM. BootieCat & Ice Cream... bet I could eat $10 worth! I'm there! The Sonoran Arts  League presents the Festival of Fine Art this Friday - Sunday at StageCoach Village, 7100 E. Cave Creek Rd. in Cave Creek. It's open from 10AM to 5PM each day. This is it's 10 year and this isn't the "other" arts festival that the Thunderbirds put on 3 times each season. The will be over 100 artists presenting work in all mediums and styles.  Find out more at  Should be fun!  The Renaissance Festival at 12601 E. US 60 (in its 23rd year in Apache Junction) has started and runs for the next 2 months. Details at Not my cup of milk, but lots of folks I know love it. If you love Rodeo the Tucson Rodeo starts Saturday and runs through the following Sunday. I like to watch the cowgirls in the barrel races!


Here are a few more restaurants to check out. Havana Patio Cafe at 6245 E, Bell Rd, Phoenix 480-991-1496. Cuban food that's Bootielicious. The last time I was there on the weekend they had a guitar player playing Cuban music. It was great! Reasonably priced too. If you're adventurous try Posh. 7167 E. Rancho vista drive, Scottsdale. 480-663-7674. You check off on a sheet the foods you don't like and chef Joshua Herbert then makes you a 4 or 5 course meal. You don't know what's coming out so each course is a surprise! It's great fun. Want a great burger? Try The Grind at 3961 E. Camelback 602-954-7463 and another BootieFavorite, Deluxe Burger, 3146 E. Camelback 602-522-2288. Both feature a full bar and I promise you won't be disappointed with the burgers. They're to BootieToDieFor. Promise!


If you know of any BootieCool events going on around town please click on the Contact Us - Email Bootie link and let me know! If I think they're BootieWorthy I'll put them in BootieThoughts. If I have time. And if I'm not taking a nap. And if I feel like it.... try me... Hope you have a great weekend (and stay dry Saturday)!


2-11-11 Two new links have been added! Bootie Foodie (which is moving from the Bootie Pictures pages) and RJ's corner where that yappie Yorkie will finally have a place on my website. It will be a duel of wits. Or in his case, half wits. Hee Hee...


2-10-11 Mommy & Daddy went out to the Phoenix Open Saturday with friends and had a purrrrfectly wonderful day! VIP tickets to the Club House, good friends and delish food didn't hurt anything and the weather was great (as I predicted)! Daddy told me I would have enjoyed it, though I'm not quite sure why... something about their being a lot of Bootie out there....


Valentine's Day is Monday. If you haven't made plans yet you're in big trouble! Here are some very romantic restaurants, probably none of which you can get into at this late date. BootieFool... Kai at Wild Horse Pass 602-225-0100, the only 5 star restaurant in the State. Don't forget to clean out your 401-K before heading over there. Quiessence at the Farm at South Mountain 602-276-0601 (had lunch this week at the House at Secret Garden that's owned by the son of the folks at Quiessence - they're both great. T-Cooks 602-808-0766, always called the "most romantic". Not in my book. Maybe the most over hyped... Elements 480-948-2100, had lunch there and wasn't wowed. J&G's Steakhouse at the Phoenician 480-214-8000 drop dead views of Camelback Mountain and the city lights at night, great food, a BootieFoodie favorite (see my review in the BootieFoodie section under BootiePictures - leave the curser over the thumbnail picture for the review. Lon's at the Hermosa Inn 602-955-7878, great patio, very romantic, excellent food, you can't go wrong there. Different Point of View, 602-866-6350, another favorite. Excellent food and a fantastic view. Vincent's on Camelback 602-224-0225. Love the SW food by a James Beard award winner. For a less expensive taste of Vincent's food there's Vincent's Market Bistro right behind Vincent's. No reservations, but usually a short wait. It's a relatively unknown BootieDeal!!! Orange Sky above the Casino at Talking Stick Resort 480-850-8606. A really nice restaurant. It has private booths seating 4 that look out though floor to ceiling glass from the 11th floor (I think) with a view of the city. You could fool around in one of those booths and no one would know! BootieCool!


Too bad there's no place to eat around this town...


The weather is going to be drop dead gorgeous this next week, getting into the mid to high 70's with lots of sun. Perfect for PussyCats!


2-4-11 We had 65 BootieWeather fans visit the site yesterday, a new BootieRecord! Purrrrrrrrrrr..... We've already beaten the record low for February 4th of 27 degrees set in 1955. It was 24.5 degrees this morning at 3:57AM.  It'll be warmer today than yesterday by about 10 degrees, but I'm not jumping in the pool. Well, actually, I'm never jumping in the pool. I'm a Pussycat! But RJ jumps in the pool. Well, actually he jumps on a raft and floats around the pool eating chunks of carrots, cheese, sausage, cat, ..... wait! NO! No cat! Just Peppers, other veggies and any bits of meat that come his way. But definitely NO CATS! Whew.... Stay warm!


 2-3-11 BootieWeather News - we set a new record low for Feb 3rd today. That's NOT the kind of record this PussyCat likes to see! This morning about 20 minutes after the sun came up the temp in the backyard was 20.3 degrees! The old record for that day was 28 degrees set in 1922. It was Freeeeeezing! I stayed in all day and watched the fountains outside turn into a thousand icicles. Very BootieCool. RJ was a real wimp. Daddy had to put a sweater on him and his leather bomber jacket before he'd walk down the street and poop in the neighbor's yard (we pickup poop, being good citizens). I put some new pictures of the weather, RJ and me in the BootiePictures link today. Hope you enjoyed the live streaming video of our fountain in the courtyard. The water in the base froze over into a sheet of ice 1 13/16th of an inch thick! You could walk on it. You. Not me. You think I'm crazy?


The Phoenix Open is in town this week. We're going! It'll be great! We have seats at the Club House and the food they're putting out makes a BootieFoodie's tougue water! Glendales having their Chocolae Affaire for everyone not afraid of pimples. Personally I've never been to Glendale and don't plan on going. Mommy says it's the pits...Did you know they have an Ostrich Festival in  Chandler  the weekend of of March 11th and people actually pay to go to it. And some of you think Pussy Cats are strange! I'm looking forward to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival April 5-10th. A whole week of BootieFoodie events. It'll be great! If you haven't seen Indian Hoop Dancing and eaten frybread you should go. It's way more fun than it sounds. It's going on down at the Heard Museum this Saturday and Sunday.


Looking for someplace to eat when your out prowling after Midnight. I know I always am! Try Delux at 3146 E. Camelback (602-522-2288) They have one of the best burgers I've ever eaten made with Harris Ranch beef, great sweat potato fries served in a cute little shopping cart, really good shakes made with Haggan Daiz ice cream and have tons of different beers on tap (along with all your favorite ... cocktails.


Finally, take your wife / lover / cat to Lon's at the Hermosa for Valentines Day. Better call quick for a reservation on one of the best patios in the valley. 602-955-7878. Later..


 1-31-11 So sorry for the issues with the BootieCam for the past few days. It's been mostly down, but it's all fixed now and running like a pussycat in a room full of Yorkies.... Got the "Full Advisory Text" link under Weather Advisories on the top right side of the home page working. There's a freeze warning out for the next three nights so you really should click on it and read it.


The Doggie headbutted me again yesterday! Jeez! It's not fun being accosted by a Porky Yorkie! It's a good thing for him I'm a lover, not a fighter.  I'm in great shape though (I work out seven days a week at my food bowl) so I was able to absorb the blow and spring to safety! I'm planning my revenge...more on that later.


We had 166 different folks visit BootieWeather 370 times this month. That's a record and darn good for only being up 5 months. There's lots more content coming. Thanks for visiting! You're BootieCool!


 1-21-11 BootieAlert! BootieWeather is now part of the Southwestern Weather Network! You can visit their site by going to BootieWeather is listed as Scottsdale in the list of member stations. If you click on that it will take you to my (this) site! You'll also find us on their interactive station map listed as Scottsdale. That's BootieFine! While you're there check out some of the other weather websites listed in Arizona and California. Data from BootieWeather is uploaded to the Southwestern Weather Network every 30 minutes. Being a Pussycat and not in charge of that site I'm not 100% sure how often they update their info.


I seldom complain since that's just not my BootieNature, but that Doggie is trying to boss me around again. I guess that's really not news though is it. WhataDog headbutted me when I went in the bedroom this morning. He has a 1 in 10,000 chance of walking without a limp if he pulls that on me again! I'll swat him! Oh, that right, Mommy had my claws pulled out - thanks a bunch! Well, I'll run into him and see how he likes it! But that might take a little too much effort. I usually move at a more measured pace. I think I'll just sit on him. Yeah! That's the ticket! Then instead of calling him Fat Doggie I can call him Flat Doggie. Hee Hee... So much for a more "civil discourse". People must think politicians are stupid, oh wait...


1-20-11 BootieTech Talk - A day ago I started uploading data to StrikeStar and added a GlobalSat BU-353 GPS unit to my PC to enable "Precision Timing". Because of this in a month I'll be able to add a WASP 2 display (WASP2 stands for Wide Area Spectrum Probe) to my station array and upload it's radar map every 60 seconds to BootieWeather. Lightning strike data which is detected by differnet Boltek sensors (like the one at home) in a StrikeStar network is sent over the internet to a central processing server which triangulates this data in order to determine the approximate geographical postion of the lightning strike. The StrikeStar output is relayed to a companion server application, LDStream, which in turn feeds this data  over a TCP/IP network and serves as a network access point for the WASP 2 display that will soon be on this site. BootieCool! What all this really means is you will soon have another very cool lightning display to look at with triangulated strike data (more accurate data). It will take about 60 days to get this going.


Five auto shows are in town now. If you want to buy a new BootieMobile go check them out this weekend. Russo Steele is at Scottsdale Rd. and 101 and "the big one", Barrett Jackson is at WestWorld. The other big Art Tent at Scottsdale Rd. and Jomax the Arizona Fine Art Expo, opened yesterday. I'll prowl over there this weekend. I went to the other one at 101 and Scottsdale Rd last weekend and had a BootieFine time even though I didn't find anything that set my Pussycat heart beating as hard as it beats when the Doggie is after me... This Sunday and every Sunday through April 3rd the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts puts on a free outdoor concert from Noon - 4PM at 3839 E. Drinkwater Blvd in Scottsdale. Call 480-874-4666 for info.


Daddy & Mommy ate at Atlas Bistro last weekend. They said it didn't live up to it's reputation and the semi-snotty waiter that served them needed a BootieSwat across his smart mouth! Much better was the dinner at WildFish and happy hour at PrimeBar with it's delish $5 appetizers from 5-7PM. If you want a real Old West experience check out the chiliburger at Greasewood Flat in Scottsdale. It's an old stage coach stop and bunkhouse that's over 130 years old! You eat at picnic tables and there's live entertainment and campfires. It's at 27375 N. Alma School Parkway, Scottsdale. Check it out at Wear jeans.


1-13-11 Some BootieUpdates: Fixed the BootieCam time out settings. The BootieCam will now stream live for 15 minutes before requiring you to refresh your browser. Directions for using StormVue (click on the lightning map on the bottom right of the home page) have been added to that page. StormVue updates every 60 seconds and replays the last 30 or 60 minutes (your choice) of lightning activity. Try it, it's very cool! Especially try it while we're having a storm. In addition to showing the strikes it tracks lightning storms. On 12/22 and 12/31 you could see the  storms move right over our subdivision and see the hundreds of lightning strike. BootieCool! Added Video Today's Top National Forecasts link with a picture of me thrown in prowling the courtyard! I look BootieFierce don't I? Just making sure no Mountain Lions sneak in... Click on the link to see the latest weather forecast videos from The Weather Channel. Fixed the Contact Bootie link so you can email me. I'd like to get your comments and suggestions and I promise I'll write back (I'm a pretty fast typist considering I only have four pads on each paw..)!


Big News! I understand the Saguaro Estates newsletter will be sent out later today and will probably start ariving Friday. It features a big article about BootieWeather! Can't wait to welcome some new BootieFans!


I love living in Scottsdale! It's going to be 70+ degrees here for the next week. Purrrrrrrrrrrrfect weather! And that while the rest of the country is freezing and trying to dig out from the snowstorms! So much to do this weekend. The Carefree Wine and Art's Festival, PF Chang's Rock &Roll Marathon - events all weekend - The Home Show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds, and a real BootieFavorite, the Celebration of Fine Art opens Saturday 1/15 at the SE corner of Scottsdale Rd. and Mayo Blvd. It runs through 3/27 and features over 100 artists. I know Mommy & Daddy will take RJ. That Doggie gets to go everywhere! Two years ago they commissioned artist Meg Harper there to paint a portrait of him on a piece of tin roof that came from Northern Arizona and then put that in a niche above the outdoor fireplace. Now everytime I'm patroling the backyard I have to pass by that intrusion to BootieLand! Actually, it's a pretty neat painting but it's not of me so who cares...


Next week the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event and 3 other car auctions are in town. I predict excellent weather for the whole week! If you're in from out of town and want a few restaurant suggestions from me I'm a Foodie. BootieFoodie. Try NOCA (outstanding, all the Foodie buzz), WildFish on Camelback at Scottsdale Rd. (my all time favorite - great patio), Renegade Canteen (a James Beard award winning chief cooking comfort food at very inexpensive prices), Metro Brasserie on Stetson in the South Bridge area - it features Country French food, sinful beignets, a great patio and live music just off the patio on Friday and Saturday nights,  and Lon's at the Hermosa Inn - great food and one of the best patios in town. I've got lots more... stay tuned! Got to go... the Doggie's coming!


1-7-11 News Flash! The Bootie WeatherCam is up and running at long last! Oh joy!!! Could the Academy Awards be in my future? Hey, it could happen! The camera is pointed to the Southwestern sky (240 degrees). The view is of the sky and the fountain in our courtyard so all of you weather wonks living in all that ice and snow up North (really, how could you, no really!) can see what life is like in warm sunny BootieLand. We do have 300 days of sunshine here after all. Now I know how all this sounds after all the caterwauling I did in my 1-2-11 post about the freezing cold a few days ago, (hey - I'm a Scottsdale Pussycat - I've never even seen snow and darn right I'll wail about those kinds of temps..) but it's 64.7 degrees here now, I'm lying on my back on the living room rug in the sun and life is good! Matus (who is responsible for all the programming that's gone into this site - he's my hero) worked very hard to get that live BootieFeed going and did an excellent job!


What's next you ask with baited breath (hummm, if you have breath that smells like bait I might just give you a lick..). Lots! I'm going to get the weather warning feed working, fix the Channel 12 feed and (best of all...) add lightning storm archives to the site so you can replay the December 22nd big storm and the January 2nd huge lightning storm. You  won't believe how cool they look! Thank you for visiting the site - the number of BootieVisitors to this site hit an all time high last month and is on pace this month to surpass December! Got to go swat the Doggie now.. see you later!


1-2-11 Happy New Year to all from a frozen Pussy Cat in North Scottsdale. OMG has it been cold! If you don't belived me take a look at the picture of the frozen fountain Daddy put in the Weather pictures folder in the Bootie Pictures link. It makes my little pussy cat teeth chatter just thinking about it. We had temps at the house that fell to 26.5 degrees at 7am 12/31, 27.2 degrees at 8am on 1/1, and 32.8 degrees today at 2am. I think we're finally out of that nasty little cold snap!


On New Years Eve Mommy & Daddy had a big party and BootieLovers from near and far attended. Usually I stay away from events like that but when I saw what a good time everyone was having on the BootieCam I just had to come out and say "Hi"! It was so much fun and I reaped so many nice pets that I purred the night away and stayed up to see the Ball Drop! It was Purrrrrrrrrfect!


12-18-10 Boy, talk about taking one for the team! The other day I was under the bed keeping an eye on the goings on in BootieLand through my BootieCam, as I am often apt to do, when I noticed unusual activity going on! Mommy was dressing up RJ (nothing unusual there - that doted on Doggie has more clothes than Lady Gaga) in an outfit I'd never seen before. A red and white fur trimmed suit and a red and white hat! He was so crammed in there I swear his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly...hummmm. The next thing I knew Daddy was down on his knees peering into the BootieCave! That's not nice! Then he reached under the bed and dragged me out by my paw. He was holding another of those red and white suits and had a decidedly evil look in his eyes! Before I knew what was happening he poured me into it, slapped the hat over my ears, grabbed his camera and plopped me and RJ down on the mantle in front of the fireplace. Despite the ignominy I quickly realized what was going on. The public demanded  my picture on the family Christmas Card! Natch I was game!


Oh joy, a photo shoot! I do so love showing off my svelte figure, quick flicking tail and Bootieful green eyes! I wonder how much the gig pays. I think I'll demand a trailer  on the set with extra treats on the table and a "No Doggie" sign on the front door! Yeah! After several thousand snaps in front of the fireplace (OK, maybe 10, but it seemed like a thousand ,stuffed into that suit and all..) Daddy picked me up and stepped into a land I'd never seen before! I've come to learn it's a very scary place called "The Front Yard", whatever that means! Being a Pro I quickly adopted to the strange surroundings, realized we were going on location and hopped into the proffered sleigh. I instinctively moved through a series of poses I'm sure will propel me to supermodel status (watch out Heidi Klum)! Mommy put RJ in the back of the sleigh (yeah, back of the bus Doggie) but I'm confident the shoot was really all about me.. The shot that made it on the Christmas card was one of me precariously leaning over the side of the sleigh inspecting the runners for possible damage sustained during takeoff. I wanted to make sure we wouldn't have any trouble re-entering the earth's atmosphere for landing after delivering the presents to deserving little Pussycats and greedy little Doggies around the world. Hope you like the pictures. They can be found in Bootie Pictures/Bootie Pictures Menu/Bootie. Write me if you'd like an autographed picture. It might be worth a lot of money some day. could happen!


12-11-10 BootieBulletin! Today while perusing the newspaper (of course I read the paper each else to stay a well informed pussycat? I mean how well informed are you if you get all your news from snippets on TV, the internet and talk radio and don't do any in-depth reading on the subjects of the day - sorry for getting off on an editorial rant, but hey, it's my blog...) I came across an article about FEMA redrawing the flood maps for Maricopa County. If you're in a "high risk" area you're required to get kind of pricy flood insurance if your mortgage is federally insured. Being a pussycat and a cat of science I'm particularly concerned with anything that might get me wet and so went quickly to the Maricopa County Flood Control District interactive map at and found that Saguaro Estates, my subdivision, is NOT in a designated flood plain. HOWEVER, the far western parts of our adjoining subdivision, Saguaro Highlands, are! Who'd have known? I certainly will avoid those area when taking my morning constitutional, can't be too careful when it comes to getting my paws wet! Legal disclaimer - do not base any decisions on information found in my blog! After all, I'm just a pussycat. Do your own due-diligence!


12-3-10 I've started receiving fan mail from folks. It's all very exciting. I promise to write back to all that write to me. I have to admit it's a little easier typing since being declawed, though I wasn't very happy about having that happen at the time. In fact, since it was Mommy's idea I rewarded her with a nice poo poo in the middle of her office the day after the operation. Hee Hee!!


11-30-10 I'm purring again. Mommy, Daddy & RJ are back from their adventure in New York! I hate to admit it but I missed RJ, and while Kim took good care of me it wasn't the same without the rest of my entourage around. They spent a fair amount of time with Phoebe, a very nice kitty that belongs to Andrea & John. Phoebe likes to get up on the center island in their kitchen and eat whatever she finds there (smart pussycat). Andrea's not to crazy about that and squirts Phoebe with a deadly water pistol whenever she catches her up there. That's not nice! Phoebe is like a little vacuum cleaner, devouring every chunk of food in her path. I don't see how she keeps her cute figure with the amount of food she consumes! She was about to descend on a delicious beef tenderloin Jon made when Andrea, acting like Laura Croft in Tomb Raider, whipped out her water pistol and blasted her! Not fair! Daddy took lots of Phoebe pictures so look for them in "Bootie Pictures" soon.


I don't think I'd have liked the trip. They saw Chicago on Broadway and there wasn't one Pussycat in it! And RJ received way too much attention from Laura, Neil and Christopher. Daddy did, however, spread the word about BootieWeather and passed out BootieWeather cards to anyone he could get to listen to his weather site geek talk so maybe some new visitors will come my way!


Daddy has the Boltek lightning detector up on the site now. Click on "Live Lightning Strikes". It's very cool and even allows you to change the map view from far to near and play a look of the last 30 or 60 minutes of lightning strikes. It updates every minute so the loop is always right up to date. He also got the "Contact Us" "Email Bootie" link working so please send me your thoughts, suggestions for improvement and ideas for other things you'd like to see on the site. You can reach me at  The WeatherCam isn't working yet, but he'll figure it out soon and get it up for you to enjoy. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and saved a little Turkey for me!


11-17-10 RJ got his cast off today. Great! The first thing he did was start chasing me around again. Maybe I need to get some of the "Boys" to break his other leg when he's up in New York. Just a little BootieJoke.... Yeah, that's it, a joke....


11-12-10 What a rotten thing to do to a pussy cat! Last night I strolled into the kitchen as is my habit around dinnertime. I gave the requisite meows to one and all greeting them quite nicely I must say. R.J. was in there hogging all the attention, per usual, begging for his dinner (as if he needs the extra calories! I wonder if he's been on a scale lately!) It was time for my "treats" and naturally I waited patiently (good breeding will out) flicking my tail now and then in a controlled display of mild annoyance while King R.J. was feted.


 Finally it was my turn! There was some commotion around the BootieFood pantry then more commotion and finally treats were laid out for me. Hungry as I was (you can probably tell from my pictures I'm kept in an almost anorexic state) I gobbled them up. They tasted a little strange but were disturbingly satisfying. Later in the evening a second (very unusual - in fact down right suspicious) helping of treats was left out for me. Not wanting to appear unappreciative I woofed those down too. Gasp! Did I say woofed? Oh no, it's already started! I heard Mommy & Daddy talking this morning about how they had run out of my treats and instead had given me some of R.J.'s dry food! And now I'm saying woof! OMG, what's to become of me? Am I cursed to go from cat to canine? From omnipotent to obsequious? I think I need a Xanex.....


11-6-10 Mommy, Daddy & RJ are back from Orlando. The went to celebrate Gram, Alex, Pam, Sharon, Natalie and Jeff's birthdays. Whew, that's a lot of birthdays! I'd have gone except I'm watching my weight and that much birthday cake would have made me catatonic! R.J. said they had a real nice time visiting with everyone. They even went to a musical, Pump Boys and Dinette Dolls. I understand there were no songs about PussyCats so it couldn't have been that good... even though they said it was. The Doggie is still hopping around, milking his broken toe for every pet and treat he can finagle!


 Daddy installed a Boltek lightning detector and is spending way too much time configuring it and not enough time petting me! Once he gets it just like he likes it he's going to put it on my site and everyone can track storms and watch lightning strikes in real time! He's not real happy about the fact we have had no rain, and no storms since he bought it! Hee hee, BootieJustice! If he'd pet me more I would put in a BootieCall for a nice storm and he could have lots of fun! It will detect lightning all the way over in San Diego. Now why would anyone want to do that? Daddy is a little nuts... just my Bootiepinion... but I suppose that thing will help me avoid approaching storms and anything that keeps me from getting wet is a Bootieworthy endeavor! I wonder if it will detect when he's about to give me a haircut. Now that would be something! I'd hide under the bed and he'd never find me! He thinks it will be live on the site in about two weeks... Breaking BootieNews!!!! Daddy is adding a "contact us" link on the site that will let you send emails to me at! I can't wait until I start getting your mail! Don't send them yet. I'll let you know when it's working.... Last month 119 different people visited my site! Purrrrrrrrrrr. Thank you from the bottom of my BootieSoul! 


It's about 2 AM, time for me to patrol the house again and keep us all safe from mountain lions, unicorns and other ferocious beasts. I have a purrrfect record... Not a single one has gotten in while I've been on duty!


10-21-10 It was wet today (.46"). That got us to 11.02" for the year. That's 3" over our yearly average! But That Isn't what's got me purrrrring. Joy of joy! I received my very first letter! It came from Gram and was so cute I just have to share it with you...



Dearest Bootie,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your news. Maybe someday you can write a book and become a famous feline  author!


You are worlds more handsome than the cat in the enclosed picture (which I stole, err, removed from a magazine in my doctor's office today), but I agree that you have the defense system (or at least the heart) of a lion!


Alex brings me your stories from his computer and we read them together.


We are so very sorry that R.J. got  himself into trouble and feel quite sure (well almost sure) that you are terribly upset about his bad fortune and are doing everything possible to help him get over the trauma and return to his former frisky self.


We are sending a note to him, and are hoping for his complete and hasty recovery.


Please let us know if we can ever help you in your new career as author in any way.


I had another thought after talking with your Dad on the phone today. You are smart and handsome (purrrrrrrrr). You could be an entrepreneur. Like why not open a restaurant called The Cat's Meow? R.J. could be the greeter! What fun! Your signature dessert could be "Meow Mousse." Note - mousse, not mouse. Let me know what you think.


Sending lots of love

Gram and Alex


What a great letter! Gram is my biggest fan! But she's wrong... "Meow Mouse" would be so much tastier, don't you think? 


She had a beautiful white Persian cat named Posha. I've seen pictures and wish I could have met him... Posha was deaf. I could have snuck up on him from behind and scared him! Hee hee... That would have been great...for me. Maybe not so great for Posha.. hummmmm..


10-20-10 It's going to get wet today! And you know just how much I like the rain! Sounds like a good day to take a nap (but then isn't every day?) The rain should be here around 1PM and stay into Thursday. Better put your umbrellas down and give the Pussy Cat extra treats! We may pick up over a quarter inch...


10-17-10 Had a great dinner at Wildfish before heading to the Herberger last night with friends. The weather was pure purfection, purrrfect for eating outside! You can read my Wildfish review under the Bootie Pictures tab. Once there click on menu and then BootieFoodie. Postion your cursor over the thumbnail pictures that appear to see the review. When the big pictures are rotating move your cursor to the bottom of the page and the thumbnails will appear. Lots of new pictures added to Bootie Pictures yesterday...


10-15-10 All's purrfect again and the catastrophy has been resolved. Bootie Pictures is back in business and even better than ever! Thanks Daddy! The folders under the menu are lined up like I always wanted them to be (BootieCats are notoriously neat and orderly...except for an occasional little slip on the edge of my box) and a few new folders have been added! One is Weather, Wildlife & More Cutie Bootie Buddies. Another is BootieFoodie where you'll find restaurant reviews of our favorite places to eat around Scottsdale. If you click on one of the thumbnail pictures the review will pop up. There are only four there now so don't get your tail all puffed up...I'm just  getting started with this and it'll takes some time. Another new feature is when the larger pictures are rotating if you put your cursor in the picture a menu bar pops up on in the upper right of that picture and gives you a few options. One option is to download the picture to your computer where you can then view and / or print it out. It's BootieCool!




On another note, RJ is hopping around at lightning speed. Never thought that Doggie could move so fast on three legs. Sometimes he forgets and runs on all four! Then when he sees Mommy or Daddy watching he sticks his hurt left front paw straight out and starts hopping again. He's working it for all it's worth. What a punk Doggie! I of course see right through him, not that it does me any good. Daddy and Mommy are too busy catering to his every desire. His every desires usually goes something like this: Please feed me! Please give me a treat! Say, do you have a nice rack of lamb bone for me to gnaw on? I'd like a new toy to play with. Not much depth there huh.


10-13-10 A Bootie catastrophe! The Bootie Pictures link is down. No more pictures of me! Daddy screwed up! Bad Daddy! He assures me that its not a Catastrophic (I do so like that word) event though, and that he'll get it back up... he better or I might have to bite him kind of hard ...


10-11-10 It's all very sad!! RJ, my Bootie buddy is down for the count! See what happens when you mess with the Bootie too much! Well...that's not exactly what happened. Yesterday while I was taking a well deserved nap RJ went shopping as he is wont to do on Sundays. He soon found himself in Nordstroms, one of his favorite stores. Tired of all the puparazzi hanging around the women's shoe department he decided to slip out for a quick pee pee break. Reentering the store the flashbulbs temporarily blinded him and he somehow got his paw caught in the door (perhaps I'm taking a little poetic license here..)! He was quickly whisked away to a 24 hour Doggie emergency room and three hours later emerged, all bandaged and drugged up. Today he visited his regular vet and x-rays determined he has a broken bone in his little paw! He's in a splint now for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Poor little Doggie! I gave him a lick this morning. He'll be OK. Of course, Bootie philosophy dictates I always see a glass as half full so...the bright side to all this is he won't be chasing me around the house for awhile! However, as if he didn't already get ENOUGH ATTENTION, he will be getting even more time with Mommy and Daddy, and probably more treats and more toys! Jeez.... a pussycat just can't win!


10-5-10 The hot weather is gone! Such joy for the pussy cat! Most of yesterday was in the 80's, just purrrrrrrrrfect! RJ tried to make some comments here a couple of days ago but the net went down and they didn't take! Bootie-fate strikes again! They say cats have 9 lives so that means I have 7 left. One day if you pet me just right and give me treats I might tell you how I lost the first two... It makes my Bootiehair stand on end just thinking about it! The Doggie just got up. What a sleepyhead! I've been up for hours guarding the house!


10-1-10 RJ came after me this morning. I sat down and when he circled over I reached up and bopped him right on top of his head...he he he.... a strategic Bootie strike!


9-30-10 There was lots of excitement on my site today! Gram & Alex logged on and what an adventure that was! They had a Bootie-lishous time exploring and eventually found what they were looking for (pictures of me - natch)! Gram was amazed at all the Bootie info that's here. She really hasn't spent any time on the web so it was all new to her. She promised to come back soon! Purr... Later that night RJ head butted me again and ran me out of the bedroom. I'll get my revenge



9-28-10 The picture above is of RJ visiting Bloomies last September. Is it really fair that I didn't get to go? RJ is a good Bootie Buddy, but sometimes I think he gets to have all the fun while I do all the work! I mean, who's up all night long guarding our house against invaders? Me, that's who! And I do an excellent job. For example, whens the last time you saw a coyote in our house? Never! Did that Bobcat that was in our yard yesterday get in the house last night while I was on duty? Absolutely not! Scorpions in the house? Not while I'm on the job. I'd go on but I'm too modest and it's about time for my nap...


Just so we're clear, I do love RJ. Even when he head butts me. Well, maybe not then, but most times. Except when he chases me out of the bedroom. I hate that. And except when he rats me out to Mommy, and when he tries to eat my food, and then there was the time he... hummmmmmm.... perhaps I'm having second Bootie thoughts...